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[Archived] Christanval?

Hi Mack

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Christanval is currently on a weeks trial with Rovers!

Heard alot about this guy a few years ago went to fulham..............and?

Anyone any views or knowledge about him?

Monaco, Barcelona, Marseilla then Seems after his time at Fulham he dropped off the planet in 2006, to appear again at Brockhall.

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A french international centre half, who can play defensive midfield, with 6 caps to his name, played for marseille, monaco, barcalona and fulham.

He has seemed to be plauged with injuries through out his career, one of the reasons why fulham let him go.

Even if he could overcome his injuries, I can't really see why we would need him in the side. Yet another squad player!!

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It seems we just sign anybody if they cost next to nothing. No ambition. Filling up the place with has-beens, cripples and lower league junk. Come on Newcastle - take Ince off our hands before we do a Kidd.

Yes yes, spot on!!

Before we do a Kidd!!

Kidd signed Gillespie for £2.25m, Ward for £4.75m, Jansen for £4.1m, McAteer for £4.25m, Carley for £3.75m and sold Sherwood for £3m.

To be honest, Ince couldn't be further from Kidd, so keep your knarley statements under wraps, unless they can be somewhat justified.

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Most Prem clubs run with five front line central defenders. Since Henchoz left, we have been down to four and one of those is playing makeshift right back.

If the guy comes through OK, I can see him being signed.


I'm with you on this. We need five defenders, and Samba's recent lack of form suggests maybe we need more depth. Plus I think Ooijer is keen to fly the nest so we need a replacement in January.

Has Christanval got any pace? If we drop Samba we need a defender with a bit of that about him....

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We have Eddie Nolan and Dean Winnard in reserve. Warnock played centre back in pre-season. Ince has hailed Mokoena as a centre back option. If we're desperate Grella could probably drop back.

There's only so many sketchy but experienced squad players a club can sign. There comes a point where you have to let the youngsters and existing utility players back up the back up, if you get my drift.

Signing another dubiously talented squad player is not what we need at our club. Our first team squad is unnecessarily huge. Christanval, like Henchoz, would barely play, if signed. He'd just be another deadweight in the squad and another hurdle for the long-suffering reserve players to hope to overcome.

If we want to go down the Allardyce-ist route of a short-term transfer policy, snaffling itinerant desperates to patch up the squad, then we may as well abandon the academy and reserves right now.

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I doubt it's all Ince. 3 words could easily sum up our transfer budget and thus the kind of players that we go after: Pot, Pee, In.

Christanval has been sent packing!

Apparently he was the biggest of all big heads!

His agent was also trying to big him up as the best defender around!

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