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[Archived] Rovers Have Today Signed Up A New Fan!

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Hi guys

Its got nothing to do with football YET, but just to let you all know that at 11am South African time, my wife gave birth to a healthy boy. One more to add to the Rovers fan base. Thanks to all for their well wishes with a big thank you to Roversmum in particular. Special mention to the 2 irish lads Eoin and Brian, thanks for all the well wishes guys.

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Im sure Modes will be happy that i will be posting less lol. Bottle feed, nappy changes long nights. Perhaps i could send him to you Mrs Gumboots for the summer lol.

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All the best to you and yours.

Get him a brick bought down at Ewood like I did for my lad. At least that will give him something to keep him interested when you take him to his first game "go on son, go and find your name'


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Congrats to both of you and the family.

Don't forget though is target men we need, not goal scorers. :lol:

If he follows in his dads footsteps, then he will be a goalkeeper. :-)

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Congratulations mate! Any names yet? Should have a Rovers connection to it if you ask me :P

Seen a few baby grows down at the store the other day, one saying "born to play for the Rovers"!


I wanted my baby-boy to have the name David after - David Bentley.

I am very happy she refused it and we went by the name Jacob instead

Lars Jacobsen may fit now.

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Congratulations Iccers.

Not for the baby, but for getting laid. Who'd have thought it.


Lol. T4E, if you as cool as me, maybe just maybe you might get laid as well. Hahaha. Cheers anyway mate.

Very good news, Isgak! Hope Muneera is okay and not too sore. Lots of hugs to you all.

Thanks Mum. Muneera and baby are fine thanks. How much do those baby things cost? The one that said about the ABC?

I got one for mine ' My mum taught me ABC ,my dad taught me BRFC'

Congrats Iceman -

Yeah thats the one? How much does that cost?

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