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[Archived] Salgado

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Brilliant signing. One of the exciting parts about having Allardyce is that we get these sort of signings, although I must admit I thought this summer was going to pass without it happening.

I wonder where he'll play? I just think he'll be in a more important position than right back.

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Just got back from Madrid, went for a tour of the Bernabeu & they still had him as one of their players (even had a mock up picture taken with him for a laugh!!!)... Told a Real fan on sunday night he was signing for us & he knew nothing about it... But he said he would be excellent for us, still a good player even at 33, was top class in his day, but no longer fits the mould of a Real Madrid Galactico...

Welcome to Ewood Michel Salgado... I hope this turns out to be one of Sam Allardyce's old player masterstrokes... I hope we get to see this weekend at Sunderland!!! :D

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Oh yes. Quality signing. I watched him at Real, and although he isnt the player he was, he hasnt looked out of place for them to do a job. For us, without exagerrating, he should be an excellent signing, who will only improve the starting line-up whereever he plays.

What does he say on his Rovers World interview?

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I was just too late again :mellow: Story of my life!

His English is surprisingly good but he's been learning from his English sister-in-law.

He had a chance to come to Chelsea 5 years ago but turned it down. Seems like a nice enough guy - but I believe this isn't the case on the pitch.

I think this is a great signing for the club. This guy is a superstar and even if he never played a game he would pass on his positive, winning mentality to those around him.

As Sam showed at Bolton, once you sign one big name (old or not) it makes it less unusual for big names to follow in the future.

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Hopefully he will be a decent signing and a fans favorite also.

I think the board should be applauded for making the funds available for the manager to pay Salgados wages. Clearly its outside what they budgeted for and that has caused some problems, but they’ve backed the manager here and that should be applauded.

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