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[Archived] Salgado

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Michel Salgado needed some place to send the women he was done with, so he created Playboy. Soon one magazine wasn't enough, so he created Penthouse. And then Hustler. Eventually the load became so overwhelming that he invented the Internet.

EDIT: Lol. Oops!

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Salgado has a soft spot for Madrid, and knows that playing against them would mean almost certain death. For them.

Michel Salgado can kill 3 birds with no stones.

Chuck Norris wears Michel Salgado Pyjama's and has a Michel Salgardo Duvet set.

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Is this technically Blackburn's biggest ever signing when you consider what he's won in his career and where he came from?

The only other players that spring to mind are Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke for what they achieved at Man Utd. I've got a strange feeling I'm forgetting someone else but i'm sure others on here will remind me.

Steve Archibald & Ossie Ardiles.

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At 33? I would say he would be lucky to get 30k, probably less.

I'd guess £40K+. He has a standing in the game, won the lot and would've been on £50-£60K at Madrid at a guess. Yes he's older and not quite the player of say 4 years ago but would still command top dollar (in our terms anyway).

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ive always liked salgado.

everytime ive seen him play, he does it with determination and aggression. Certainly an improvement, whether we are talking RB or CM.

im guessing he´ll become a fan favorite rather quickly, with the tenacity and determination he brings, spiced up with his technical ablilities. Hopefully he hasnt lost too much due to age

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