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[Archived] Mastered Final Version Of Seven - Blackburn (rovers In His Heart)

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I got great news for those interested in Blackburn Rovers and/or music today! You might have catched the early version of "Blackburn" earlier this year at the forum. The Norwegian band named Seven has made a song which involves Blackburn Rovers very much (the chorus is MASSIVE Blackburn, and might be included by the singing supporters at Ewood).

The song is now finished and mastered together with the other tracks included on their new album entitled "The Fifth", due for release medio october! It is track no. 8 on the album.

My very kind contact in Blackburn Rovers Supporters Norway, Morten S. Helgerud (also known as mohelger), will make the high quality mp3 available for free download at their internet pages, including both Norwegian and English instructions for downloading. This will be ready soon, we'll let you know at this thread when it's online!

I made a VIDEO for this though, and that is online as we speak! I did a picture video, including a lot of Blackburn Rovers pics, which fits the song quite good to be honest. I hope you will enjoy, this is also the final version of the song, but not 320kbps I'm afraid.

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think! We are excited over here about all the feedback given on this song, both from Blackburnfans and music fans. It has already been arranged that this song will be played at both Ewood Park and Rovers Radio, only formalitys left before "Blackburn" is streaming through some speakers near YOU!

Best regards,


Promotion, Seven

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Being deaf, it's kinda hard to work out the lyrics. Any link to a site displaying the lyrics? Cheers.

Thanks to everybody who responded already! Nice as ice to see that it's not slept on, spread the word and enjoy! As you can read further up this thread, you can now download the top quality mp3 for free following that link. Your replys are appreciated, I pass them on to the band.

mellison24 asked 4 the lyrics, here they are:

I know he`s really trying to let his feelings out

But he close his eyes and he close his mouth

And he just won`t listen to scream and shout

`cause he`s a football-supporter

And that`s what life is about


Blacburn rovers in his heart



Blackburn rovers in his heart


Blackburn in his heart

He visit a good friend football`s on tv

But his favourite team is loosing and now he won`t see me

He’s far to broken all he want to be

Is Colin Hendry-the man of his dreams



And the girls just gossip about other girls

While the boys go mad about football players

So we sit in different sofas try to understand

Why the boys don`t cry unless they see a man on the pitch

Blackburn rovers in his heart


Blackburn rovers

Blackburn rovers in his heart

`cause the boy`s from Norway

And he lost his heart to UK UK

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I love it. When you hear some of the tripe that is played at some stadiums this song is heaps better. The LT was reporting a couple of months ago that a fellow from Chorley had written a Rovers song, but don't know what happened to that, I've never heard it.

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