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[Archived] West Brom v Blackburn Rovers


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Right. Welcome to the broadcast. Our final game of the first decade of the 3rd millennium sees us travel (hopefully) to the snowy West Midlands. Currently separated only by a single goal scored (24 to 23), Blackburn and West Brom are firmly squashed into the middle of the Premier League table at 12th and 11th, respectively. As of Dec. 21st we are 2 of 5 teams on 22 points - 5 points out of 5th place, and 6 points above relegation. With half a season left to play, anything (well, most things) are still possible. Lots to play for.

And now, the weather.

UK Outlook for Sunday 26 Dec 2010 to Tuesday 4 Jan 2011:

Very cold, but generally quiet conditions are expected to give way to outbreaks of rain and sleet, preceded by snow for many areas in the period between Christmas and New Year. Blizzard conditions are possible. Over parts of southwestern UK it is likely to become less cold and any snow will probably turn to rain at times as we approach New Year. This unsettled weather with rain, sleet or snow at times may continue spreading slowly and erratically north and eastwards later next week, although perhaps not reaching the far north and east. Thereafter, a gradual transition to more settled conditions is possible, with temperatures around or a little below normal, especially across more eastern and northern areas.

Returning to the sports desk, some historical figures to mull over:

- We have played 108 times in the league. 44 wins, 26 draws, 38 losses.

- Looking through the history books a few matches stand out. Our first match was in the FA Cup in 1885, a 2-0 win for us. Albion did one better than ManU in an 8-1 Division 1 victory over us in 1936 - that's a scoreline I really don't need to see anytime soon.

- 5 of our last 8 PL clashes have been draws.

- The remaining 3 games all finished 2-0 (2 wins for us, 1 for them).

- The last time we beat them was in 2005.

- West Brom finished 20th in the PL in 08/09. We drew both matches that season.

- Our last match at The Hawthorns required a late 89th minute equalizer from our favorite midfielder Mr. Keith Andrews to earn us a 2-2 draw. Benni Mac was sent off in this game in the 36th minute after scoring the opening goal. Ince's starting lineup: Robinson, Simpson, Samba, Nelsen, Olsson, Emerton, Andrews, Grella, Warnock, McCarthy, Roberts

West Brom have gone LWWLDL in their last 6 in the PL and are away to Bolton on Sunday. Of course, they've also lost to Ipswich recently.

We have gone DLWLWL and have the Stoke game coming up.

Checkyourodds tells me that the chance of Blackburn collecting 3 points is 28.48%. The most likely result is supposedly an Albion victory at 44.01%. That leaves an unlikely draw at 27.51%. I have no idea how this is calculated.

Our next segment is the interview portion of the program. How exactly are Baggies supporters feeling these days?

1) First of all, what's the weather like? Is this game going to happen on Tuesday as planned?

Not being local anymore, cannot really answer that, but our last home game was called off, so do not be too suprised if this also is called off.

I live in Sussex where the weather is starting to improve, but it sounds as though there is still heavy snow forecast for the Midlands. I would hope it is on, purely because the club have known this snow has been forecast for quite a while now!

Snowing like buggery again at the moment and most main roads treacherous.

They have forecast dry but cold for a few days after today,so fingers crossed.

2) What is the vibe amongst West Brom supporters right now - what is the prevailing feel about your team's performance so far this season?

Way better than expected, after having 3 of the top 4 away in our first 4 away games, to sit in 11th place at Christmas is a great effort from all concerned at WBA.

The vast majority of supporters are absolutely delighted with how we have played so far, there is a real belief that we are capable of shaking off our 'yo-yo' tag if we continue to play as we have done so far.

Better than expected for the halfway point of the season.If we carry on playing like we are and with a new face or two in january i am confident we can stay up this season.

3) Who is in form and will be causing us the most trouble?

We have players all over the pitch who can cause trouble (unless Fortune plays) but Brunt, and Odemwingie are getting most of the plaudets, although the whole squad is playing really well.

I think Chris Brunt and Peter Odemwingie are the two obvious threats in our side, both of them have been outstanding so far this season.

Chris Brunt,Yousuff Mulumbu and Odemwingie are the in form players.All our players can cause cause trouble though when in the mood.

4) Who is out of form yet seems to make it into first team time and time again?

Fortune, Jara

Gonzalo Jara and Marc-Antoine Fortune, even though we have better players who could play instead of them.

Scott Carson and Scharner seem to be immovable however they play.Can't really say either has been right out of form though.

5) How's Roberto Di Matteo doing?

RDM is doing a fantastic job,....he is destined for bigger and better things,....just hope its not too soon.

He has done an absolutely outstanding job since joining the club and seems to have found the right blend between good football and a solid defence. He is undoubtedly destined for bigger things.

He's doing a great job.

6) Do you have special recollection of any past Rovers-Albion matches?

Went to your place in mid 80's, we were going through a sh1te patch, quite a long one as it goes !!!!!, but we won 0-3.

Not really, to be honest! Having said that, I thought it was class when all of our supporters wore Tony Mowbray masks on the last day of the season at Ewood Park two years ago!

Not really, but i always like to see games between founder league members.

7) What are your thoughts about Rovers' season so far?

Rovers seem to me to be just one of those teams who just plod on, you can be cr@p one week, then beat one of the top 4 the next,..an average premiership team,..hope we can say that about Albion in a few years.

I think you have done fairly well and are in a very respectable position in the table.

You were one of the clubs i was hopeful of finishing above.I still am.

8) What are your thoughts about our recent organizational issues (new ownership, firing Allardyce, etc)?

Bloody disgrace sacking Sam like that,....no offence mate, but i hope it backfires on them, would not be sorry if you got relegated because of it,.....we moan about our chairman, but if we ended up with owners like yours it would rip the soul out of our club.

New ownership seems to be becoming a necessity, but sacking Sam Allardyce was a disgraceful decision, in my opinion. He is one of the most experienced managers in the Premier League and although his style of football is not particularly popular, he has achieved good results with every club he has been at. With all due respect, I'm not sure whether you are going to be able to attract a better manager than Allardyce.

Shocking the way Allardyce was sacked,but perhaps no real surprise when new owners take over.

9) Who is winning the league this year?


Manchester United or Chelsea.

I had Chelsea nailed on,but they have disappointed recently.I will stick with them however as i think they have the best squad player for player.

10) Who do you reckon are the bottom three at the end of the season?

West Ham, Wolves, Wigan

West Ham United, Wigan Athletic and Wolves.

West Ham,wolves,Wigan

11) Any recommendations for where an away fan can get a good pint before or after the game?

The Vine,...come off M5 at Junction 1, turn away from the ground towards West Bromwich,..1st left is Roebuck Street, Vine is down there on the left, and some limited parking if you get there early,....away friendly, good beer, and great food.

I don't normally go into West Bromwich before a game, so don't know which pubs allow away fans and which ones might not.

The Vine if you want a GOOD pint. Recommend the Bathams.

12) Care to predict the score?

I say 2-1.

I think it will be a close game, but hopefully we will edge it 2-1!

2-1 Baggies.

Thanks to those Albion fans, whom I found to be most sensible.

And finally, the editorial.

Lots going on for us Rovers supporters. Hard to say which way the wind is blowing really. This run of holiday matches against beatable opponents was looking to be imperative to our season and now we are dealing with a plethora of distractions at the worst of times. I feel like we've blown a lot of chances already this season - we really could be as high as 5-7th if only for a few moments of poor individual concentration. But it is what it is and we sit in 12th place with (maybe) a new permanent manager coming off a lacklustre debut, in command of an injury-riddled team who seems to know about as much as we do about current proceedings. New management seems to be coasting to the end of the season before unveiling 'the way forward' - however, safety is far from assured at this point. I'm hoping for the best (a top half finish) but will be extremely relieved when safety is guaranteed. We need an offseason to collect our thoughts and figure out what the hell is going on. Hard to do that mid-season. Regardless, this remains a very winnable game, and make no mistake we need a win desperately. Winning solves all other problems.

I'm visiting family in Bristol this holiday season. This will be my first live match in aprox 2 years. I usually watch Rovers on grainy feeds from Costa Rica, so I'm understandably quite excited. Everyone here are rugby folk so I'm traveling up alone for the day. Hope to enjoy the warmth only a Rovers victory can bring. This will be the 5th time I've seen our boys on the field, and the previous 4 have all been victories. May that streak continue! Up the Rovers!

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As I am back in Staffordshire I am off to this game.

Last time I saw Rovers at the Hawthorns was back in division one, when it finished 2-1 with Kevin Kilbane(!) running the show with 2 goals.

Not much hope for this one, there needs to be one hell of a spirit instilled in the team.

My prediction...3-0 and a thoroughly depressing day!

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Our allotment for the match is 1429. When I bought mine last week there were 'plenty left'. No idea how they are selling by now.

Anyone know what the attitude is like towards away fans there? If I'm walking around in red/black halves all by my lonesome will the reception be reasonably friendly?

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Right. Welcome to the broadcast. Our final game of the first decade of the 3rd millennium sees us travel (hopefully) to the snowy West Midlands.

Superb post!!!

On a pedantic note, did this not happen when we drew 2-2 at home to Sunderland last December? :wstu:

I think the result/performance in this one hinges on what happened against Stoke at Ewood. Think we might lose by the odd goal.

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Our problems eminate from poor purchases over the last two years and an over reliance on players who have been at the club quite a while. In a few cases, Souness signings from 7 years ago.

We need a clear out of about a dozen players and if we are to play football we need attacking full backs. Injuries to Nzonzi, Grella and Jones causing problems in midfield.

1. Robinson

2. Emerton

3. Ollson

4. Samba

5. Nelsen

6. Givet

7. Dunn

8. Diouf EH

9. Diouf M

10. Kalinic

11. Pederson

4-4-2 Samba defensive midfield player

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Every where I look says this game kicks of at 15.00. Is this correct? I can't remember ever going to a match at this time on a Tuesday. Daft as it sounds I'm thinking of going if the KO is at 3.00.

Can anyone confirm please?

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Every where I look says this game kicks of at 15.00. Is this correct? I can't remember ever going to a match at this time on a Tuesday. Daft as it sounds I'm thinking of going if the KO is at 3.00.

Can anyone confirm please?

Bank holiday Tuesday as Xmas and Boxing Day fell on a weekend. 3PM

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Phoned their ticket office. You can but tickets on the day. Why the hell I would want to I have no idea but this is the closest Rovers play to me all season and I may aswell waste some time and money. Us football fans really are daft!

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