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[Archived] John Jensen Appointed Assistant Manager

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Good luck at Rovers John, just keep away from the strikers!!

I wouldn't mind more strikers AND more midfielders... if that's what u were getting at ;)

I remember his goal against germany... class strike!

All the best John!!! Onwards and upwards!!!!

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Quite amusing that the assistant has more managerial credentials than the manager. Oh well... good luck to him! Judging from his brief experience in management in seems he's more suited to the assistant role.

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And why is she deciding?

Errr........ because she and her family paid 20m for the Club and own it?

When she said "we" I take it she meant the owners, the rest of the Club hierarchy and Steve Kean.

Welcome to the Club Mr. Jensen. As someone else said - stay away from the strikers please!


(Happy now Den?)


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So owners making direct footballing decisions, is that the best way to run a club? Of course they can do as they like, I was not debating/questioning that, plus that is what worries me.

Glad the appointment has made you sit up and take notice.

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