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[Archived] Steve Kean signs new deal?

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I simply cannot believe it. Steve Kean I think has damaging knowledge on Rovers and he's getting this contract knowing full well we are gonna go down and that venkys are gonna asset strip then walk away and no one in their right mind will buy us and kean has his little toy thing to pretend to play a manager whilst his contract runs down and nobody is in place to sack him. Absolutely disgusting this.

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Talk about flipping the finger at fans!!! I'm so f angry !!!!!!

Venkys and kean you are scum of the lowest order and you to jerome .You mf are killing us and now you rub the fans nose in the ###### again !!!!!'

PLEASE someone buy our club off these fkg gangsters!!!!!

Roversmum looks like they lied to you to? Sacked by results? Well he's won less than 9% and gets another contract??? Sounds dodgy and corrupt event IMHO !!!!!

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