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[Archived] Forests new owners

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Our Steve must be a candidate, was on the shortlist for manager of the year last season according to the media.

Go on Steve, you know it is the job for you!

Forest have wealthy new owners to back you in the transfer market, and it would exciting times ahead. The salary on offer is bound to be higher than at Ewood too!

You know you'd be certainty if you applied, after all, Harry, Alex etc all said what a marvellous job you were doing last season, and you know you were robbed of that Manager of the Season award.

Just think, the commute from Surrey would be much easier to Nottingham than it is to Blackburn.

Only one obstacle though - Forest's new owner will never pay compensation to poach a manager from another club, and all the rivals for the job are unattached.

Perhaps there is a solution though. If you were to RESIGN, everyone (even perhaps the 1% who protest against you) would say how dignified you were and how you were much too good for Blackburn anyway, and you'd be free to take over the reigns at Nottingham Forest.

A positive result all round!

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If there was ever any use of this 'promised' fund by the group trying to buy the club - use it to pay off Kean's contract, leaving him free to join Forest or whoever else would be stupid enough to take the bald chancer.

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In their press conference the other day, Forest new owners said they were being advised (have got consultants) on football matters - wonder who they are using......whoever it is has suggested an experienced manager to take over.

CNN article here - http://edition.cnn.c...ball/index.html

using an experienced manager not the cones + bibs man cos he has a certain agent

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First act selling Gunter to Reading, an ominous sign.

That chap from the coffee house in Friends?

Shrewd bit of business, I reckon.

Except Portsmouth are in L1.

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Still fancy 'em to finish above us...

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