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Summer Transfer Window - Part 2


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Well let's face it the next target will either be miles out of our range or a let down. Most probably not a wise choice and what we need.

You can't help but just look back to last seasons transfer window, talks of signing Papis Cisse that soon turned into signing Goodwillie for a couple of million

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Despite Venky's having made the most horrific decisions since their arrival, it does seem as if last seasons Barclays situation might have had a bigger effect on the transfer plans than any of us actually believed possible. Now, i'm not saying i'm happy with saddling the club with debt, but it does seem that this arrangement with the Indian bank has significantly freed up cash for squad improvement. Well, freed up the potential to borrow money anyway. I don't for one minute believe that we would have ever seen Witsel, Cisse or that Vucevic bloke. But it might have allowed us to spend enough last January to keep the club on the gravy train. Such a shame.

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because people dont eat or meet friends for at least 48 hours before moving to another country.

That made me laugh quite a bit.

So we are looking at getting Rhodes, Richards and McEachran, tying up Rosado. Then exploring the loan market for some form of defense cover( Hutchison fae Chelsea would be great).

If that all comes off, then I would honestly say this has been the best window in a long time.

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New article about Formica - after translating with Google Chrome some of it says:

Basualdo, Formica representative, warned that the player's intention is to continue in football in the continent.

Although there is a downside: Mauro longs continue linked to Europe. "The idea is to continue in Europe. The issue of de-dollarization (?) is a major drawback. Want to go there. Has two years left on his contract with Blackburn, "said Fabian Basualdo, representing the player, in dialogue with Olé.

Anyway, Basualdo said that since River not contacted to inquire about the conditions of his client along these days. "He spoke with Diego Turnes when he went to England. They never called me later, "he added. However, the representative, who was put on the shirt of Millo in his time as a player, said: "River is tempting, regardless of the situation that is living. One who has been through it knows how important it is. "

Basualdo not close the door, although the situation is complicated and, above, looks like a utopia that Formica return to Argentine football.

......Make of that what you will - can anyone shed any light on Formica's situation to make it a lot clearer?

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Looks like his agent is just making noise, probably wants some more business passing his way.

Perhaps he expected to be called upon in this window and nothing materialised because of the ongoing situation at Rovers.

Clearly not a happy chappy.

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On the surface this transfer window looks to be a very good one. Kazim could be a good signing IF played on the wings, But we still have the same problem in Kean.

Pre-season he has already been played people in positons they cant play - Dunn at cm, Rochina at cm and rm.

I just dont understand why he doesnt have the ability to learn from his own decisions In the few cup games last season where he had goodwille/roberts up top with Rochina behind, Rochina looked like a real talent but when played in the league games Kean put him anywhere but up top, Kean shouuld have also known he could play behind the striker with how he had performed there for the reserves.

Even though it was against leyton orient I think, I thought at times the way the strikers in Roberts and Rochina and the wingers in vuckevic and Hoilett played we looked really strong with Roberts doing what he does Rochina getting time and space and running at the defence and with Vuckevic and hoilett regually swapping wings and causing lots of problems. Our midfield was pathetic as usual but it looked like there was a lot of potential in the attacking line up.

The annoying thing is Kean had it set up by Big Sam, the only problem was if Dunn wasnt fit there was nobody else so we wouldnt play the more attacking stuff we could play and we would pack the midfield and play more "hoof" football because thats al our team would allow.

So when "Kean" brought in 2 attacking mids in Rochina and Formica I saw it as a positive sign that we would be playing attacking football more often with the huge burden being taken off Dunn - But alas Kean just didnt do that he just made a complete mess of everything that was put in front of him and has carried on in that vein to our relegation.

He should have seen under Sam that Dunn was either behind the striker or not on the pitch at all definatly NEVER at cm, Goodwillie on the wings???

My first fear of the coming season is the hash he will make of setting this team up again! Pre-season has done nothing to help my confidence!

I expect to see Rochina on the wing, Dunn at cm with Murphy, Kazim as a lone striker which IMO is asking for disaster!

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