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Summer Transfer Window - Part 2


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Kazim-Richards? No thanks! Useless player. Surely only a trial?!

I'm a member at KUMB.com, West Ham forum (don't ask why), and almost all of the message board members have been impressed by his performances in his recent trial at West Ham. Wouldn't turn my nose up at someone with 35 caps for Turkey - at least not seeing as we're in the Championship and not the Premier League.

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Agent_itk on twitter mentioning Charlie Austin fram Burnley.


if agent_itk told me the sky was blue and grass was green I would still look out the window to check, he only tweets to make himself happy I think, I remember in January him tweeting for a few days how Darren bent to Liverpool was a done deal. Just ignore him.
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I can't believe people are still following that fool nevermind posting what he tweets

People see "itk" in his name and somehow believe that.

The way I see it is that anyone who calls himself ITK probably isn't.

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Having watched a Wolves friendly yesterday I would push to sign Adam Hammill, quick and direct with a good work rate. Berra is a very good defender and would be useful if Dann leaves.

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