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[Archived] The Blame Game


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Where does the buck stop in the overall picture?

I know it's at Berg at the moment but the REAL blame ... Brothers Grimm, The failed pundit, the owd hag or the poison of nobenders ?

They sacked berg because of bad run of results but wtf did kean have.

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Berg has to take his share of the blame for the time he was here, but he was always fighting a losing battle.

Venkys are the source of all of our problems. It is their decisions and lack of decisions that have got us where we are.

Kean and Anderson (yes, you Jerome) for stripping the guts out of the squad.

Singh for being the buffoon that he is.

Agnew for being himself.

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In terms of Berg's appointment and the subsequent disaster it has been - Shebby mostly, possibly Shaw and Agnew as well.

The overall picture though? Venky's(Desai, Balaji, Venkatesh), of course. 100%. All of the above are just extensions of the owners.

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No doubt the Walkers mob are sat in their stately homes knocking back the cognac and having a good chuckle to themselves as Jack looks down in disgust and anger.

get over it FFS, the vekys are in control the buck stops with them

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I have no doubt that a Burnley fan couldn't have run the club any worse than they have, but the Trustee's sold us up the river here and there's no hiding from it. Surprised you can't see it.

I can see it alright but its gone, the lunes are in control, that is where the focus should be

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