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[Archived] Fans Forum meeting, plus new website


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Can you ask how the club are proposing to create maximum revenue (including alternative income sources), whilst remaining compliant with the FFP requirements.

Can you ask what plans the owners have regarding placing UK based senior executives?

Can we have this answered in terms if short, medium and long time frames?

Also can you pass on my thanks for the backing of Gary Bowyer and the retention of Jordan Rhodes.

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Can we have a whip around on here so that at the next Fans Forum the Forum can present the club with a box full of Royal Blue shorts of assorted sizes? We look like a right rag tag schoolboy outfit when we wear the blue and white shirts with navy shorts.

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We've just spotted an error on the minutes. The AOB item on the proposed Fan Zone should read "behind the Blackburn End" and not the Darwen End. The minutes have been corrected on the club website.

Andy - can you change them on the FF site or do you need me to send you a new copy?

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"5. Match Day Pricing


JW also asked whether it would be possible to introduce a cash turnstile. GC replied that the club were not aware of any demand for a cash turnstile. There had not been huge queues before home games at the ticket office this season. There would also be cost issues in converting existing turnstiles to accept cash."


Whatever next? I despair of this modern world. Folk making up excuses to avoid taking cash!!! Wouldn't have happened in the old days would it? ;)

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I see that the non-smoking announcements are now including e-cigs. Looking at the Fans Forum minutes of 16th December it ssems that E-cigs have been banned because of the complaint of ONE fan.

Quote from Fans Forum Minutes - 'After a recent fan complaint it had been decided to ban the use of e-cigarettes in the ground. '

This seems massively draconian and over the top to take this decision without any wider consultation after only one complaint.

Could you please re-raise this at the next meeting as I am sure there will be at least a FEW HUNDRED E-cig users who are now being penalised because of a seemingly knee-jerk reaction to the complaint of one person about a perfectly legal activity?


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I'm a Vaper myself and disgusted at this. Anything that gets people off cigarettes is to be encouraged. Let's face it if you want a smoke inside the ground just go to the toilets. The stewards don't do much about that! To ban them because one person complained is ridiculous.

Totally wicked who manufacture e cigs in Blackburn are also one of the (few) club sponsors. I wonder if they are aware if this decision?

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It's just spite to complain about E cigarettes. They don't bother anybody and whoever complained is just trying to spoil other people's pleasure.

Incidentally I don't smoke at all myself.

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