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[Archived] Bristol City

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I live 55mins from the ground, but I'm not wasting my time watching this shadow of a club that my family have 3 generations of fans stood on the terraces.



Why not go and watch Bristol City instead?

" Anthony Stokes misses out due to food poisoning " well some folk do class Guinness as food I suppose.

As the saying goes "Guinness is food in a can".

Is this game live on Indian TV?

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Isn't it a sad commentary on the alienation caused by Venky's ownership of the club that, with less than 3 hours to kick-off, we're still on page 1 of this thread?

Absolutely. Is nobody interested in the football any more? This is supposed to be a football site but all that anybody appears to be interested in any more is ways of protesting and boycotting. I've been on holiday for two weeks and it took me less than 15 minutes to read up the football section of this site. I'm fed up with reading about how everyone is going to protest. Nothing ever seems to come of it and I want to talk about my football team.

Maybe it's time to leave this forum alone for a while until it becomes a football forum again.

Come on Rovers let's get 3 points against Bristol this afternoon.

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Was delighted/horrified (:-) ) to find out the game would be shown on Swedish Viasat - rushed home to see a minutes silence followed by a Picture of the clubs logos and "apologies for loss of Pictures"...

Not sure if i'm annoyed or relieved... ;-)

Worked a treat - Picture came back straight after i posted :tu:

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Be interesting to see how the game progresses. From other games - most have commented that we started Bright and with energy Before tailing off in the 2nd half. So far i can't complain about effort, some decent play (for this level) and everyone seems "up for it"...

Though Marshall should have used his head there!!!

(edit: sorry about random capitalization - something my pc has started doing for no apparent reason other than that i'm writing in English)

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