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[Archived] Talksport Jim White

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Just now, Leonard Venkhater said:

JHC! Where has that idea come from? Has it been suggested anywhere? 

I have noticed attempts to rehabilitate his reputation, but I thought that was just normal, oily agent stuff.

I was just joking LV.... but you can imagine it being fairly plausible.

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31 minutes ago, sirobozne said:

If this info is new or not, it is still an important development. Someone said they'll have someone who tried to buy the club on at 12, could this be Currie or Battersby talking about how Venky's said they didn't put in an offer for the club when they obviously did? I hope it isn't.

Called it. Arghhhh

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Just now, sirobozne said:

He's not even having a go at Kentaro/JA even though the presenter essentially set it up for him! The guy's a complete moron.

Yep he teed him up even mentioning Kentaro and SEM and he just totally brushed it off.


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