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Witty/Funny Player & Manager Nicknames


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Plymouth fan in peace here....hoping we have finally got our season going....but whilst in the optimistic haze of a summer holiday and a home win over Charlton I started looking at player nicknames that amused me.


The likes of One Size for Fitz Hall,  Kris for Kiki Musampa and classic ones like Anfield Iron, The Gentle Giant to the more obscure Afghan Hound and Split Pin...and I finally found one whose nickname links him too and Indian takeaway ( and not in a Paddy Kenny way)_


So may I enquire of any classics from Ewood?   I am also interested in the traditional nicknames as each club over time seems to have a Rambo/Psycho/Beast/Trigger etc etc.

I know you had a debate re Bowyer using nicknames for players 

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Dunn's nickname here is the absolute height of originality.

I'll start with one of my most recent nicknames. Mowbray Magoo though I did get that idea from a "Mr Magoo" inspired nickname (not football related) on twitter. Admittedly so far its only been me who's used the actual nickname though quite a few certainly agree with it.

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Bret Emerton became affectionately known as Bert

Scott Sellars = Scooter

And of course Ian Miller was 'Windy' - not always in affectionate terms I don't think :lol:

Danny Murphy, Bradly Orr, Leon Best and Steve Kean had some really interesting nicknames as well .............

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9 minutes ago, Hanks said:

Barry "Dumper" Endean. due to his appearance in court over a Dump truck he borrowed.

Ally "Noddy " Mcleod, when he ran down the wing he kept nodding his head (as I was told by my Grandad many times.

:lol: what was the story there ?

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1 hour ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

I don't know wether it still happens but in the past anybody who missed a real sitter was greeted with the chant of. " Beamo, Beamo ".

In tribute to Ken Beamish a 1970's striker who put a few over the bar back in the day.

I still sing that when a see a shot go sailing over the bar......i do get some funny looks from the younger supporters ...

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What about owners? There's the obvious one of course though initially it was "Big fat Jack" which wasn't very respectful and he quite rightly requested something else.

Some people refer to Balaji as "Barry" or "Bling" not to mention some words we can't use on this forum! I haven't really used those nicknames but I have referred to Desai as "madame" which is intended to be condescending obviously. I've also referred to Venkatesh as "third wheel" though nobody else does. I just get the impression he does whatever his Brother and Sister say.

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