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[Archived] Champions league final


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Just now, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

Brian Clough used to say " I want the best goalkeeper money can buy, nobody can lose you a game quicker ".

As the famous football fan Oscar Wilde once said "to suffer one catastrophic error in a champions league final can be considered unfortunate. To suffer two of them smacks of carelessness"

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57 minutes ago, Claytons Left Boot said:

In the 2011 Challenge Cup Final, Wigan’s prop forward Lee Mossop dislocated his shoulder. He went off, his shoulder was ‘put back in place,’ he was given a pain killing injection and carried on. As a prop forward, his main role is to tackle/defend and to make the yards when your team is going forward. His upper body and shoulder would have taken a right hammering. No tears from Mossop. Could Salah not have at least attempted to do the same? 

You're talking about men there CLB, these are just boys. What about Sean Edwards playing 75 minutes of a final with a fractured cheek bone.

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