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10 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

Even they must notice they have to write out a cheque for £20m every year to keep us afloat though.

I dunno, bling looks like the type who could forget what he did yesterday. 

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10 hours ago, bazza said:

Wasn't that down Pleasington?

That’s a very good point Bazza. The hill behind the river didn’t look just right for that leading up to the Manxman but I put that down to the fact that it’s now covered in trees. You may well be right as I always remember the river down at Pleasington being wider and carrying a bit more water.

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14 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

If memory serves me there was a violent downpour immediately before that Wimbledon game. 

There's nothing you can do about a flash flood but when it has rained today it's been steady rather than torrential so I don't think that with a well maintained pitch in good condition with reasonable drainage it'd be a given the game would be off.

Given the current state of the pitch and the weather over the last 24 hours it was fairly inevitable however and it probably won't be the only time.

I remember a game in the late 1960's against Charlton Athletic going ahead on a day like today. I walked up to the ground from the Boulevard and I was like a drowned rat when I got to Ewood. I used to have the programme for the game, that was rain soaked as well. As the first half went on the pitch got worse and worse with the ball really sticking in the mud. The game was called off at half time with Rovers losing 1-0.

My abiding memory is one of a Rovers player getting away down the right wing and putting a great cross in. It was heading straight for Alan Gilliver who was completely unmarked right in front of goal. He took an almighty swing at were the ball should have been but it stopped dead in a puddle, he lost his balance, slipped, and fell over into the puddle ! 

Everyone including the ref was laughing at that one.

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13 hours ago, bazza said:

Wasn't that down Pleasington?

I don’t think it’s Plessy. There are too many houses at the top of the hill for there. They did have a net on a long pole for retrieving the ball from the river, obviously out of reach on this occasion. Although it does seem a little contrived that there just happened to be a photographer on hand to snap Ally taking a dip.

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On 19/01/2021 at 19:40, bazza said:

Without taking away the neglect of our pitches and the shambolic running of the club, the reason for this postponement IMHO is not Rovers fault.

The weather, the weather forecast, and the flood warnings are the genuine and good reason. If the River Darwen gets so full as to be nearly bursting its banks and the rain continues to fall (as forecasted) there is nowhere for the water on Ewood to drain to.

This happened in Uncle Jack's days when the Wimbledon Crazy Gang did belly flops into the Ewood lake when the match was cancelled before KO.

Henry Fonda, I presume.

I agree with you that the neglect of the pitches and the Storm Christoph are separate things. I honestly don't know if the weather would have caused a postponement without the neglect etc.

What is clear, though, is that the postponement has provided a channel for all the pent up frustration and anger from the last few months (if not the last 10 years!)

I think this is a very serious moment because it shows that the whole club is losing credibility even with the hopelessly committed.

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