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  1. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Someone make a joke about this being the closest Jordan Slew has ever got to a Rovers first team side.
  2. Their can design is blue and silver quadrants not that far away from blue and white halves... I think all Rovers fans would welcome any new owners and investment with open arms at the moment, can't be any worse than what we have to had endure under the current regime. Lets face it football is hugely commercialised anyway there days it's only a matter of time before sponsored team names become even more common.
  3. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Probably meant to be about the Walsall game a week on Saturday that has been postponed due to International call-ups.
  4. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    To be fair Stoke chairman Paul Coates is a director at Bet365 and Brighton chairman Tony Bloom runs one of the most successful gambling syndicates in the world. So it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for the betting world to have an involvement with football clubs.
  5. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    Thought we actually played well tonight, created more than enough chances to win the game just didn't take them. I don't know what more Chapman has got to do to get a start, he was terrific again when he came in and that late burst forward should have seen us get the winner but for the inexplicably tame side foot finish from Gladwin which gave the defender a chance to clear it off the line.
  6. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    I wouldn't be surprised if he started with the exact same line-up that played Saturday to be honest. The way I see it is there'll be two changes maximum, think the likeliest change is Dack coming back in for either Conway or Antonsson. Then Nyambe might get the nod over Ward or Caddis. Personally could change half the team and it wouldn't be undeserved but I doubt that's going to happen. But if you aren't going to start the youngsters like Chapman and Harper at home to the bottom of the league side on the back of Saturday's poor performance I doubt they are ever going to get a start in the league.
  7. Checkatrade Trophy

    It seems nobody cares about this competition. Fans, players or even the manager! The introduction of youth teams and group stages to the competition makes it an even less appealing option. But I'm sure if we manage to make it through to the later stages of the competition you will see some more interest. One positive to take out of the night is surely that this defeat and performance confirms that Mowbray has at least been starting our best eleven in the league.
  8. Gillingham - Home

    Might be sensible in the long-run if it helps prevent a possible injury. Thought Whittingham was excellent first-half and warranted his selection above Evans to be honest. What I did find bizarre was that Mowbray was clearly trying to solidify the midfield in the second half by moving Bennett into centre midfield when he had Evans sitting on the bench.
  9. team for rotherham

    Fair play to Mowbray he kept faith in more or less the same team who had failed to win the last two but they didn't let him down tonight. Thought the team was fantastic, Antonsson had is best game for us and seemed a yard or two quicker, don't know whether that's was fitness, confidence or just from playing the wing give him more time on the ball. It's not just an easy lazy Scandinavian comparison to say he does actually reminded me a bit of MGP, he attacked the back post from the left very effectively tonight. Rotherham just couldn't handle us going forward, the game should really have been out of sight by half-time with the number of chances we had. It only got a little nervy when we seemed to sit back slightly towards the middle of the second half, luckily the introduction of that man Chapman again who created and scored the goal all by himself to seal the win. Would keep the exact same team for Saturday.
  10. Shrewsbury Away

    Worst performance of the season and we still managed to pick up a point away against the league leaders. Just imagine how well we'll be doing when we start playing well. I think the knives are out here a little prematurely on Mowbray, 13 points from 8 games, taking into consideration we've played five of them away (three against teams who currently sit in the top 5) isn't a dreadful start. If the Blackpool game gets cancelled we'll have six of our next eight games at home as well as a trip to bottom of the table Oldham. That's a big chance to create some momentum, put right our poor home form and build on the solid, if unspectacular, start we've made to the season.
  11. ROVERS v MK Dons

    First game in a long while I've felt confident we would go onto win the game comfortably after the first 15 minutes. Nice to see us get an early goal for a change. Even after they equalised I felt we’d shown more than enough to suggest the result wasn't in any doubt if we carried on playing in the same way. That proved to be the case and the final scoreline was a fair reflection on the game I thought. Whether this was an indication of a vast improvement in performance or whether MK Dons are just a really poor side or perhaps maybe a bit of both remains to be seen. But the old adage is you can only beat what is in front of you and we did that today with plenty to spare. A simple 4-4-2 at home looks the way to go, most players I imagine have been brought up playing this way and are most comfortable with it. Compare it to the lethargic possession play against Doncaster we was a lot more probing and direct in our play with two wingers and two strikers on the pitch. Pretty much everyone had a good game even our two fullbacks. The only concern for me was the performance of Antonsson, who put in a good shift but was constantly pushed off the ball too easily and missed that chances that came his way. Gladwin came on and didn’t look any better. Presumably Graham’s lack of involvement recently means he’ll be out the door before the transfer window shuts otherwise he must be wondering why the hell he can’t get on the pitch ahead of those two. Overall though got to feel positive after that performance we looked more like promotion favourites on the back of that.
  12. Rovers v Burnley

    I honestly don't think it was down to a lack of commitment, just a lot of the players playing tonight simply not good enough in comparison to the level of the opposition. Found it a bit baffling Burnley took their foot off the gas in that second half when they could have really put us to the sword like West Ham did a few seasons back. Player watch: Raya, good shot-stopper needs to work on aspects of game. Whittingham, Gladwin and Antonsson all looked poor. Smallwood is a battler, Chapman and Samuel both lively. Feeney is still naff, Williams seems to be getting worse, Caddis is a trier but limited, Mulgrew is still a class above. Going forward I feel like our full-back problem is such that if we can get away with playing three at the back, and having Evans & Smallwood shielding them. It may very well be the way forward. For me these are clearly the best eleven players we have at moment, although I wouldn't be too quick to write off Graham but it does seem like he's been frozen out at the moment. --------------------- Raya ------------- --- Nyambe -- Lenihan --- Mulgrew --------Smallwood ---- Evans ---- Bennett --------------------------- Conway ---------- Dack -------- Chapman ---- ----------------- Samuel -----------------
  13. Previous Game: Brentford v Rovers. 7th May

    Cannot fault the performance the players put in today, just a shame how the other results went against us. To go down on goal difference is especially annoying as you can rack your brain and think back to all the games this season where we could have had the extra point that would have kept us up. In fact another three goals somewhere over the course of the season would have been enough, I felt like we could easily have had at least another two goals in the game today alone, there was the clear penalty that wasn't given before the one we actually got add that to the glorious chance Graham had. That could have easily made it 1-5 which would have set-up an even more frantic last 10 minutes than what took place. The home performances against Barnsley and Bristol City were both under-par in two crucial games in the run-in. If only Gallagher had took the ball to the corner Preston may never have got that equaliser. If only we hadn't let a 2-1 lead slip against a ten men Norwich, If only Steele hadn't let in so many soft goals in, If only Mulgrew and Graham had been fit all season, If only we hadn't conceded all those late goals under Coyle that cost us so many points. If only we had sacked Coyle a month earlier, If only we hadn't appointed Coyle in the first place, etc. However all this pales into insignificance for me because we all know the real cause of the problems and that's Venky's. The demise of this football club falls squarely on their shoulders. For me at least this relegation doesn't hurt as much as the other ones, perhaps I've become desensitized to the suffering after the years under their ownership. Like as already been said before, relegation was inevitable when you continue to downgrade the squad by selling your best players and replacing them with frees and loans the way we have. You might get away with it if you appoint a good manager but no we compounded our problems by appointing "outstanding candidate" Coyle and then waited too long to pot him. Not many people come out with much credit for this season but I think Mowbray and his staff working with him did a valiant job of trying to rescue our season but it proved not to be enough. WE WANT OUR ROVERS BACK! VENKYS OUT!
  14. Previous Game: Brentford v Rovers. 7th May

    The time to go for more goals was last weekend against a Villa side that didn't turn up but we took our foot off the gas after we scored and was happy to sit back and make sure of the three points, I really hope we don't regret that as it could easily come down to goal difference. If both Birmingham and Nottingham Forest win we'll need to win by a minimum of three goals (could be even more if Forest win by more than one) and as already mentioned on here the only time we've won by more than one goal this season was against Rotherham at home. I expect us to play in the same 5-4-1/3-4-3 shape we've been playing with recently and I fully expect the same starting line-up as well. We'll try and grind out a 1-0 and hope that either Forest or Birmingham fail to win. One good thing is we are likely to have plenty of attacking options on the bench to bring on if we need a goal or two, maybe it could come down to a Emnes, a Joao or a Mahoney coming off the bench and making themselves a hero. One things for sure it is certainly going to be tense, just watched the League Two relegation battle and I was getting anxious watching that and it wasn't even involving Rovers! Gut feeling is Forest will win at home to Ipswich and it will be one of us or Birmingham to go down.
  15. It is a defensive line-up no doubt, looks like we might be setting up with five at the back again.Guess the idea is to keep it tight and try and nick a goal from somewhere. Worked against Forest but back-fired against Bristol City. At least we have plenty of attacking options on the bench, bit surprised Emnes isn't starting though.