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  1. ROVERS V Rochdale

    It wasn't exactly an exciting, attacking display of festival football but we did enough to get the job done. Can't help but think our impressive spine of the team in Mulgrew, Smallwood and Dack is dragging us through a lot of the games and making up for a lot of limited play elsewhere throughout the side. I think I've said it before but at this level you don't need to be an especially super side or play brilliantly to win games. Key is to keep it tight at the back and defend well. Do that and teams will always likely make a mistake or two you can capitalise on going forward and as it proved again with the two errors that led to our goals yesterday. The central midfield besides Smallwood is still a worry for me, Evans wasn't the player he can be yesterday (never seems fully fit these days), Tomlinson had one of his poorer appearances from the bench, Whittingham hasn't stamped his name on that position and Harper is a young lad on loan. We really need one of them to step-up or perhaps Mowbray will try Lenihan in midfield when he's back from injury. It feels a bit harsh to criticise with the team on such a good run of results but I think we all know we can play a lot better than we did yesterday. Plus there's still a worry if we lose one of the big players I mentioned we could start to struggle. Outside of Dack there's very little flair or creativity in the side and I would like us to sign another player to strengthen in this area in January.
  2. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    I thought the rules were if the player makes an obvious attempt to play the ball and commits a foul then it's only a yellow card and penalty. But a cynical pull back or foul clearly stopping a goal-scoring opportunity is a red card. Personally thought it was very soft, Harper's barely touched him and he's gone down very easily.
  3. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Corrected it for you
  4. Yeah I'm not a fan of Whittingham out wide, think we've tried it three of four times now and it's never really worked. If he did want to give Bennett a rest we've not got many other options out wide at the moment though with Conway and Chapman out. Samuel and Graham looked like completely different players when they came off the bench to what we've seen for a lot of the season. Probably fired up by the fact they are being left out of the team by a player who wasn't even in the first team squad until a few week ago. One thing you can never criticise for Mowbray for is that when he does get starting line-ups wrong he often makes the correct subs to change the game and get the win, and ultimately that's the most important thing.
  5. I think the officials probably thought it flicked off the Bristol Rovers player but it clearly hits Nyambe and then bounces down for either of them to slot in from close range. The one player in an offside position does make a motion towards the ball but I don't think it affects the outcome in any way but maybe that could be deemed as "interfering with play" and therefore offside would be the correct decision. Personally think we got very lucky there, no one in the ground thought it was offside and everyone was equally mystified and shocked when it was ruled out after all the players had already lined up back to kick-off.
  6. People have been clamouring for Mowbrary to give Nuttall a chance. He gives him a start for the first time in the league and we win comfortably 3-0 and yet people still complain! Personally think we might have finally found our best eleven. Antonsson looks twice the player playing from a wide position and he should stay there. Back four looks settled, and our defensive record when Downing has played is ridiculously good.
  7. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Someone make a joke about this being the closest Jordan Slew has ever got to a Rovers first team side.
  8. Their can design is blue and silver quadrants not that far away from blue and white halves... I think all Rovers fans would welcome any new owners and investment with open arms at the moment, can't be any worse than what we have to had endure under the current regime. Lets face it football is hugely commercialised anyway there days it's only a matter of time before sponsored team names become even more common.
  9. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Probably meant to be about the Walsall game a week on Saturday that has been postponed due to International call-ups.
  10. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    To be fair Stoke chairman Paul Coates is a director at Bet365 and Brighton chairman Tony Bloom runs one of the most successful gambling syndicates in the world. So it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for the betting world to have an involvement with football clubs.
  11. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    Thought we actually played well tonight, created more than enough chances to win the game just didn't take them. I don't know what more Chapman has got to do to get a start, he was terrific again when he came in and that late burst forward should have seen us get the winner but for the inexplicably tame side foot finish from Gladwin which gave the defender a chance to clear it off the line.
  12. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    I wouldn't be surprised if he started with the exact same line-up that played Saturday to be honest. The way I see it is there'll be two changes maximum, think the likeliest change is Dack coming back in for either Conway or Antonsson. Then Nyambe might get the nod over Ward or Caddis. Personally could change half the team and it wouldn't be undeserved but I doubt that's going to happen. But if you aren't going to start the youngsters like Chapman and Harper at home to the bottom of the league side on the back of Saturday's poor performance I doubt they are ever going to get a start in the league.
  13. Checkatrade Trophy

    It seems nobody cares about this competition. Fans, players or even the manager! The introduction of youth teams and group stages to the competition makes it an even less appealing option. But I'm sure if we manage to make it through to the later stages of the competition you will see some more interest. One positive to take out of the night is surely that this defeat and performance confirms that Mowbray has at least been starting our best eleven in the league.
  14. Gillingham - Home

    Might be sensible in the long-run if it helps prevent a possible injury. Thought Whittingham was excellent first-half and warranted his selection above Evans to be honest. What I did find bizarre was that Mowbray was clearly trying to solidify the midfield in the second half by moving Bennett into centre midfield when he had Evans sitting on the bench.
  15. team for rotherham

    Fair play to Mowbray he kept faith in more or less the same team who had failed to win the last two but they didn't let him down tonight. Thought the team was fantastic, Antonsson had is best game for us and seemed a yard or two quicker, don't know whether that's was fitness, confidence or just from playing the wing give him more time on the ball. It's not just an easy lazy Scandinavian comparison to say he does actually reminded me a bit of MGP, he attacked the back post from the left very effectively tonight. Rotherham just couldn't handle us going forward, the game should really have been out of sight by half-time with the number of chances we had. It only got a little nervy when we seemed to sit back slightly towards the middle of the second half, luckily the introduction of that man Chapman again who created and scored the goal all by himself to seal the win. Would keep the exact same team for Saturday.