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  1. grizfoot

    Carlisle Away

    If I looked it up correctly, first time we've scored five goals in a competitive game for five years! (last time being a 5-2 at home to Barnsley in August 2013)
  2. grizfoot

    Thursday deadline.

    Starting to get a little worried, only a week and half to go till the season kicks off and we look really weak attacking-wise, only Graham & Dack out of the squad would I say are good enough to make an impact at Championship level and score some goals. Here's hoping Tony's got a few strikers and wingers deals waiting to go through.
  3. grizfoot

    New Kits

    Seen clubs produce a number of different designs and then have the fans vote on which ones they like best, seems a good way of doing things. Seems madness to produce a kit and not consult the fans in some way, maybe they have at some point I don't know. But the sponsor is a horrible looking thing, reminds me of that other betting company one we had on the black/red halved away shirt which spoiled what would have been an amazing shirt otherwise. The best feature of this new kit is the retro sleeve details they have on a lot of the umbro releases this year, unfortunately they've gone for a light colour instead of a navy or a red which would have looked a lot better in my opinion.
  4. grizfoot

    World Cup 2018

    Does look like a squad devoid of creative players doesn't it. Kane only scores so many goals for Tottenham because he's got the likes of Eriksen and Dembele pulling the strings. Sterling only scores so many goals for Man City because of the creative genius of David Silva and De Bruyne. Looks like a squad set up to counter attack which in my opinion is the correct way to go about things about the top sides. But first England have to get past the likes of Tunisia and Panama who are going to be set-up to defensively.
  5. grizfoot

    Thursday deadline.

    Funny I was just thinking about him the other day. Was in and out of a relegated Swansea side this season but was superb for Bristol City in the Championship the season before. You would expect him to be loaned out again from Chelsea next season. I think another striker has got to be the priority in this transfer window, would love a big marquee signing in that position.
  6. grizfoot

    Oxford Utd at home

    Phenomenal effort but also rather bizarre to be able to more than double your usual home support for an end of season league game. I know there's a number of circumstances that have aligned to help create that, promotion in the bag, possible shot at the title, been on sky tv and winning games recently, lots of activity on social media, cheap ticket prices, bank holiday weekend, nice weather and people wanting to celebrate/appreciate what the players and manager have achieved this season. Would be interesting to see a break-down of these extra attendees and what categories you could possibly put them in. I know there's quite a few overseas Rovers fan and others scattered across the country who wouldn't feasibly be able to buy a season ticket who will be attending this game. But let's say at an estimate we put people in that category at around 4,000, it still leaves a hell of a lot of fans who probably live locally and who could potentially buy season tickets for next season. Hopefully we put in a good performance and entice some former ST holders back as well as encouraging fans who've never had one before to consider it.
  7. grizfoot

    Thursday deadline.

    Yeah that's the one, Wolves player. Whether he's good enough for the Championship I don't know but he looked to have a bit of pace and trickery about him, which is something we lack going forward.
  8. grizfoot

    Thursday deadline.

    Does anyone know the only player to score against us three times this season? One of the most impressive opposition players I've seen down at Ewood, I think he could be worth a shout has he's been out on loan this season and I highly doubt he's going to be involved with his current club for the upcoming season.
  9. grizfoot

    Charlton away April 28th

    Making four or five changes involving players who have been involved in games recently is completely different to Huddersfield's disgraceful act of making ten changes to their team and preceding to lose up against a team who had only won one of their last fourteen games and which was reduced to ten men for three quarters of the match!
  10. grizfoot

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    The twitter account seems legitimate to me, sounds like it's something they do every game. Looking at the Doncaster website plenty of tickets still available in the West and East Stands, can't see it being much of a problem to get a ticket
  11. grizfoot


    Presuming the referee would have blown his whistle frantically for half-time again if the penalty had hit the post or something. Yeah I'm not a fan of VAR either, like has been mentioned here before decisions in the game are subjective and I've seen plenty of decisions reversed by VAR that I'm not sure should have been.
  12. grizfoot


    A win and two draws would take us to 92 points also, meaning Shrewsbury would need to either win four or win three and draw two of their last five games (assuming there isn't a massive swing in goal differences that is) to overtake us.
  13. grizfoot

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    True, we have an habit of sitting back when we are infront against both Southend & MK Dons could have easily lost points late on if it wasn't some brilliant saves by Raya. Keep doing that and it's only a matter of time before you drop points late on. In all fairness we had already made all three subs by the hour point so couldn't exactly change things to try and hold on to the lead. I imagine Bell might have been brought on if we had a sub available. Disappointing to concede a late goal but looking at the bigger picture we are still in a great position, Wigan & Shrewsbury dropping points has definitely softened the blow of only drawing these last two away games. Four to go and our fate is still in our own hands, lets see how Shrewsbury and Wigan do on Tuesday now. But no doubt about it Thursday game is a big one, got to win the two remaining home games at a minimum you would expect now. A win today would have given us some extra leeway in the run-in. Think it's going down to the last game against Oxford now, at this stage personally I'd happily take going into that game knowing we need to win to get promotion.
  14. grizfoot

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Clearly our best line-up in my opinion, could make an argument for Payne starting but he always looks more effective from the bench. Can understand some of the clamour to move Bennett into central midfield, but we've conceded only one game in five games since Bennett moved to right-back so understandably Mowbray not wanting to disrupt the defence and bring in someone like Caddis who hasn't played in months.
  15. grizfoot

    Bradford City (home)

    He did okay when he came on last night. For me he adds better balance to the side because he's probably the only genuine wide player we've got. Antonsson does offer a goal threat from playing out wide but can be infuriating to watch at times. Armstrong is much better upfront and Payne is better centrally as well. Still think Conway has got his part to play for the rest of the season.

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