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  1. Commondore


    Probably because there was a fat brown envelope in it for him... Allardyce is good at what he does, but him being retroactively contrasted against the corrupt Venkys as a trustworthy, dependable good 'un is wholly undeserved. He's a proven corrupt grifter that stands out even among his generation of managers.
  2. Commondore

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    How many times have we tried a new tactic only for it to fail and then revert to 4-2-3-1? It's the formation the squad is made up for, I have no idea why Mowbray insists otherwise. This needs to be a true turning point for the season, Mowbray still very close to the sack for me.
  3. Commondore

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    ...while players like Williams, Lenihan, Cunningham and Nyambe are all at best OK at this level (jury is still out regarding Adarabioyo). Mowbray's non-prioritizing of our defense before this season is costing us, and will continue to do so.
  4. Commondore

    Reading (A)

    Dack is strong as an ox, not many players as skilled as him could have shaked off two defenders and turned to shoot like he did for the second goal. MiIlwall and Reading aren't top tier opposition, but comfortable wins against lesser opposition is not to be taken for granted, and the squad looks deeper than it has for a long time. Get one of Graham or Gallagher firing, and things would start to look really hopeful.
  5. Commondore

    Boxing Megathread

    Good show by Wallin there, showed an iron chin and gave Fury a bit of a scare in the 12th. Still, I doubt he'll ever get a better chance than meeting Fury with a profusely bleeding cut from the third round forward, and he still never really looked close to shaking him before that final onslaught.
  6. Commondore

    Things you dislike about football.

    *Players grabbing the ball with their hands when they go down from a perceived foul before the ref has blown the whistle. *Strikers taking corner kicks just because they like kicking dead balls and have the status to demand it. Regardless of heading ability they should be in the box instead. Oh, and that it's long since turned into a capitalist joke/nightmare on most levels, but that's been fairly well covered in the thread already.
  7. Commondore

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    4.) What possible reason was there to not play Walton in goal?
  8. Commondore


    Being a woman, or like a woman, is bad! Hilarious!
  9. Commondore

    Hull (A)

    Long stretches of the game had very little organized play from either side, but I was impressed with how well we controlled play and held out for the last 15 minutes or so, Hull never even looked threatening during that crucial period. Not sure we'll get away with trading counterattacks with other teams for a whole season though, just like Mowbray I suppose I'd like to see us play our way towards goal a bit more. *Johnson is a madman, running, tackling, crossing, shooting, losing the ball and causing penalties all in one game. No wonder Travis is much more subdued beside him than he was last season. Very entertaining to watch, but the jury is still out on whether he'll cause us trouble in the long run. *Our attacking four had some good individual performances, but they still look like a bunch of square pegs in round holes at times. Gallagher did a good job playing as a traditional, hard working winger, but is that really the best use of his abilities? *Really liked the look of Cunningham, good mix of attacking and defending capabilities. Bennett had a harder time, but then he was up against one o the league's best wingers in Grosicki. He's another player who doesn't look like he's a good fit for the position and system. *Three points away from home against decent opposition. Onwards and upwards.
  10. Commondore

    Hull (A)

    Not much organized play from either side, some good counter attacks though. Cunningham, Dack and Downing have all been good but we're desperate for a proper striker for them to aim for, Armstrong has been completely ineffectual when not running the channels.
  11. Commondore

    Hull (A)

    Same here! Gearing up for disappointment, although in a purely objective sense I think this game has the makings of a draw. In light of Mowbray's comments think we'll see Gallagher as a striker rather than Graham.
  12. Commondore

    Kits 19/20

    I really like the third shirt, especially with the all white badge. It doesn't look right with the same color shorts though, should have been white or black.
  13. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    If he won't accept it himself it's not much the club can do though, besides paying him off of course.
  14. Commondore

    Rovers new style of play and how we play it

    Matt Busby plied his trade 60 years ago, things change. If everyone just send out their best players and let them get on with it, the team with the better players (i.e the most money) wins every time. Why not try to counteract that with a resource that doesn’t cost a penny and can move mountains if applied correctly?
  15. Commondore

    Blackpool fan (I come in peace )

    Good physique, looks awkward on the ball, has an eye for goal. I think he might come good in League 1 if given time and assurance that he'll lead the line, not sure about anything above that though.

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