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  1. Commondore

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Watching the highlights now, who plays in Armstrong for the last goal? That's a quality pass. Also impressed with Dolan's decision making for the third goal, plenty of young players would have slowed the counter attack down and gone for a dribble there instead.
  2. Commondore

    Academy & U21s

    Mols apparently with the assist for our last goal, any chance he'll be considered for some first team action this season? Even with another one in on loan we will be going through lots of central midfielders.
  3. Commondore

    Bournemouth away

    It's the second big conspiracy currently plaguing Rovers. Besides Mowbray being an undercover agent sent out to keep us in mid table rather than the top 6, Armstrong is now sabotaging the team in order to make himself look better so he'll be sold quicker. Do keep up!
  4. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window

    Well, it's also true that the further down you are, the less attention your players get from teams higher up. It's already exceedingly rare for PL teams to buy from the Championship. The only ones buying our players currently are newly promoted and demoted teams, and they still have a massive, global range of choice in front of them besides players like Armstrong, Dack, Travis or whomever.
  5. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window

    It's a conspiracy then? Mowbray is an enemy agent (sent out from Burnley, perhaps) out to ruin Rovers by playing advanced head games with the fans?
  6. Commondore

    Harry Chapman

    Nuttall scored a total of 2 goals for us, and then 4 in 40 for Blackpool last season. Let's not build him into some massive example of misused potential.
  7. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window

    Hard to make the comparison, none of their teams pulled up any trees in this year's European competition, but surely it says something that all those current world class Belgian players (De Bruyne, Lukaku, Courtois, Witsel, Hazard and I could go on) got their start there?
  8. Commondore

    Thomas Kaminski

    Our first recruit from the much vaunted European scouting network, let's see how it pays off. At least he doesn't seem less promising than any of the other names that's been floating around.
  9. Commondore


    Marco Van Basten (after having been tackled by Guiseppe Bergomi in a Milan-Inter derby): "Hey Bergomi, not only are you a terrible footballer, you're ugly too" Bergomi: "Maybe so, but at least I'm not in the gossip tabloids every week." Van Basten: "That's because you're so ugly."
  10. Commondore

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    He was however very good in the famous 3-4 loss to Chelsea in the late 90's.
  11. Commondore

    Danny Graham

    That is some classy build up from Emnes, he really could play when he wanted to...
  12. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not sure if it's been brought up before, but Martin Olsson is back from injury and has been looking very good playing as a makeshift centre back for his hometown club Helsingborg in the Swedish top tier. He's only there on symbolic wages in order to get his match fitness back up, and will likely move on to a new club this summer. Apparently he's already had offers from clubs in the Championship, wonder if we're among them?
  13. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window

    Who is this Whiteman I keep seeing mentioned?
  14. Commondore

    Summer Transfer Window

    That's the formation Brazil used when they had Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Rivaldo, Adriano etc. Not a terrible fit for our attacking players, but our full backs aren't anywhere near good enough to give the required support in attack. As for next season, I'm pessimistic. It's very rare that the kind of wholesale clean outs us supporters regularly want actually come to pass. Replacing Adarabioyo and Walton will of course be the main focus, can't see us doing much beyond that.
  15. Commondore

    Reading at Home

    2 new assists for Holtby, when not injured he's very high Championship quality. He needs to be involved more next season, although Dack also needs to get into that midfield, and we're already shipping too many goals. It's a bit of a puzzle, but I think Mowbray deserves the chance to keep laying it. As long as you end the season higher in the table than the season before (15th, as everyone no doubt remember) it takes something extraordinary to mark it as a failure, and the dud transfers of Brereton and Gallagher doesn't qualify for that IMO.

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