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  1. I thought it was a very positive meeting. It confirmed my view that Steve Waggott is the right man in terms of taking us forward off the field and seems to have to right ideas for taking us forward in terms of finance. Whether we agree with it or not, it is a business and the bottom line is it needs to increase the daily income - Waggott certainly has plans for it becoming a seven-day-a-week operation. It's clear that FFP is something that we are having to deal with on a day to day basis and is impacting on financial planning. As Miller11 said above, it's clear that the owners are here for the long term and are happy to keep ploughing money in on a monthly basis - something which Mowbray, Waggott and Cheston all agreed on. It was good to see that the feeling of the meeting wanted the owners to return to Ewood and there was an acceptance that they had been poorly advised in the past and that it would be a step forward if they could publicly acknowledge that poor advice had led them to making poor decisions. From the names of the financial companies now monitoring the club it's clear that they are paying for very expensive financial audits of the club on a regular basis. I think the real positive is that there seems to be a very good relationship between Mowbray, Waggott, Cheston and the owners. Both Mowbray and Waggott both acknowledged the important role that Suhail has played and both went out of their way to praise his work on behalf of the club with the owners. Again, both Mowbray and Waggott underlined just how closely the owners follow results and progress and want to take the club forward in the future. Whilst I accept not every supporter will agree but I suspect the majority who came away from the meeting last night felt rather more positive than on some previous occasions.
  2. Parsonblue

    Academy & U21s

    Very disappointing performance tonight against an exceptionally good Everton side. Too many players simply had an off night and didn't really turn up until the last 20 minutes. Doyle made an uncharacteristic mistake early on to gift them a penalty and we never really got back in the game after that. In fairness, Everton were excellent - which they have been all season to lift the title. Davenport was probably our best player over 90 minutes in terms of keeping possession. Nuttall was very disappointing up front and Chapman was very hot and cold - scored a good goal, had a decent effort saved but was otherwise largely anonymous. Buckley couldn't make an impact in midfield, Tyler and Charly Doyle had indifferent games by their standards and Danny Butterworth couldn't really make things happen. We livened up a bit when Stefan Mols came on and we went to a 4-4-2 formation. However, Everton were worthy winners and look good to win this trophy.
  3. Parsonblue

    Academy & U21s

    That brought back memories Paul. I remember Luke Staton playing for our youth and reserves - must be nearly twenty years ago, frightening how quickly times passes. If I remember rightly he had a brief spell with Bolton after we released him and then ended up playing in Wales.
  4. Parsonblue

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    I reckon you need to get out more if you think anyone takes social media seriously! It's a forum, it's meant to be a bit of fun!
  5. Parsonblue

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Totally agree. Let' be honest, BRFCS is just a small group of folk talking about football - as we did in the pub in years gone by. Nobody's opinion really matters in the great scheme of things, particularly as there are a wide variety of opinions on most subjects. The forum is simply a medium for discussing football but nobody would seriously suggest that anyone actually takes any real notice of it or allows the forum to colour their own views and opinions. Football is a game of opinions and that's part of its attraction. We all think we can run it better than those who do but in truth I doubt we could come anywhere close to making a decent stab at it. The overwhelming majority of clubs are run by professionals for whom football is their day job and in general most clubs cope with the ever increasing difficulties that the modern game presents them. At the moment I would put the Rovers in that class of clubs who, for the most part, are now back on track and fairly well run - although I know many would disagree but ultimately none of us have any real say in how clubs are run. Those employed to make decisions about the running of the club make decisions in what they feel are the best interests of the club and the team and the ultimate judge of those decisions are the owners of a particular club not those on forums. There are differing views on the manager but he certainly hasn't come anywhere close to losing the support of the fans outside this forum - I certainly haven't heard anyone at games shouting for a change of manager, far from it the fans seem right behind him. Of course we all have differing views on players, style of play etc, but supporters have always had those debates - I go back to the early days of Jack Marshall and nothing has changed in that regard. The forum is just a bit of fun but one or two seem to treat it rather more seriously for some reason.
  6. Parsonblue

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    An enjoyable trip to London and a fairly routine win in glorious sunshine - a perfect day! Lenihan and Williams continue to impress as a defensive partnership and Travis had another excellent game in midfield. The disappointment was Leutwiler who totally failed to impress on the one occasion he was called to do something. Raya is a young 'keeper with huge potential but he needs better than Leutwiler to challenge him for the number one spot. I think today also underlined the fact that we need another striker to support Danny Graham because when he goes off we really are lacking in terms of someone who can hold the ball up. He's still our best out and out front man by a country mile. We are on course for a comfortable mid-table finish which is surely what most would have settled for at the start of the season. It's been a season of ups and downs but we've never really been in any serious trouble which underlines, for me, what a good job the manager and players have done this season. I didn't expect any of the youngsters to play today or on Monday with such a tough game at Goodison Park on Tuesday. We haven't beaten Everton Under-23's in four meetings thus far this season so I can fully understand why those players were left out today to give them time to prepare for Tuesday's cup-tie which will be a very difficult game - Everton, like ourselves, have a cracking Under-23 team .
  7. Parsonblue


    Pleased with the result even if it got a bit fraught towards the end. There were times when we played some good football and others when panic set in. I agree with arbitro that Lenihan and Williams looked a good partnership in defence. I think Williams looks much better in the centre and seems to combine very well with Lenihan. Bell was a mixture of mistakes and some excellent tackling and blocking, but really doesn't convince as an out and out left back. I think there is a player in there but whether it's a question of confidence or not I'm not sure but he needs to improve defensively if he is to be retained as first choice. Travis was a workhorse in midfield and Graham an absolute rock up front. Dack had his moments but really ought to have scored. I thought Rothwell was much better defensively and whenever he ran at the Forest defence they looked all over the place. He's not the finished article but he looks a much better player than earlier in the season and should be one of our key men next season. On the whole, as the season comes to an end, I think we've basically done what I expected which was to consolidate in this League. We could easily have gone the way of Wigan or Rotherham but, in fairness, have never really looked like getting dragged into a real relegation battle thanks to our early season form.
  8. Parsonblue

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    I don't think there is any doubt now that Mowbray will start next season as manager. The fans are still behind him, particularly at away games - which is where they usually start to turn if a manager is in trouble. Ultimately he task this season was to keep up away from the relegation zone and this he has done with relative ease - you only have to look at Wigan and Rotherham to see what could have happened. I believe the last two games have shown that he can take us forward with the right players on the pitch. Rothwell, although not the finished article, has finally come good at the right time and the partnership between Lenihan and Williams has given the defence a solid platform. Williams has looked far better in the centre than at left-back which remains an area that needs to be strengthened. The manager knows what he needs and I fully expect him to make those signings in the summer with one or two who served us well in League One finally leaving. With what we have coming through from the Under-23's and with some astute additions there is no reason why next season shouldn't be a better one for all concerned.
  9. Parsonblue

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Couldn't agree more with this. Every manager I've seen since Jack Marshall has made mistakes, I've yet to find a manager who doesn't because like all of us they are human and not every decision will be the right one. All managers have their own opinions on players and how a team plays and quite often that differs from supporters. As you say, the summer will be vital for Mowbray but if he can add some experience in the right positions to what we already have - and with a glut of youngsters ready to be promoted to the senior squad - there is no reason why the future can't be extremely bright under Mowbray. He will also know that if he can't get the right players in or money is not available then it will be difficult going forward. This is going to be a very important summer but Mowbray has provided a platform on which to build and hopefully the owners will support him in taking it forward.
  10. Parsonblue

    Rovers Player of the Year

    Danny Graham for me.
  11. Parsonblue

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    It must have really ruined your night not having something to moan about😉
  12. Parsonblue

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    An excellent team performance tonight. Everyone put in a shift and the football was a joy to watch. Pleased for the manager and players who showed what we can do when we are on our game. With the youngsters in the under-23's and the ones on show tonight, Mowbray has a firm base on which to build in the summer.
  13. Parsonblue

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Fortunately we don't need to wait - we already have a good manager.
  14. Parsonblue

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    I totally agree. Dack is too high maintenance - which is fine if you are producing on the pitch but he's been poor for the past few months and seems totally distracted from his day job. Sadly, I suspect any plans to use money from his sale to rebuild are well and truly shot to pieces. If we got £5 million for him, on his present form, we'd be doing well.

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