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  1. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    Plenty down there watching in dreadful conditions - it was on the website in the list of fixtures as a change and also on City's website but wasn't announced as a fixture change in the news section of the website.
  2. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    Another hugely disappointing night against a very good Sheffield United team. Only Butterworth and Lyons made any impression on a very wet night at Stocksbridge. Lewis Travis had a poor game by his standards and Simmonds continues to make little impression up front. In truth the majority had an off night against a Sheffield team that were quick and well organised - very similar to their first team.
  3. Parsonblue

    Rovers vs Forest

    Shocking decision for the second penalty. The standard of refereeing in this country has become a joke. Week after week these guys continue to make mistakes and yet nothing seems to be done to improve the standard. As for the game I thought it was absolute cracking entertainment. It's a long time since I've enjoyed watching a Rovers team as much as I enjoy watching this one. The spirit within the group is amazing. Long may it continue - Mowbray has done a brilliant job at this club.
  4. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    Another disappointing performance against a decent, but far from outstanding, Tottenham side. Once again individual mistakes cost us with a number of players struggling to find any sort of form. Butterworth had his moments in attack and Lyons kept going in midfield but apart from that there was little to shout about. One or two are finding the step up to League One a real challenge at the moment but hopefully they will find their feet.
  5. Parsonblue

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Many of us who were there completely agreed with resting the players - indeed, we were surprised one or two more weren't given the night off. Hugely enjoyable game though and a very encouraging performance by a number of fringe players. My main disappointment was the performance of Brereton who looked tired all night!
  6. Parsonblue

    Bogey grounds

    Remember going down to Stoke early 60s because Matthews was down to play in Friday night's paper. Needless to say come Saturday afternoon at the Victoria Ground he was nowhere to be seen - but had put a few extra on the gate!
  7. Parsonblue

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Caddis, Whittingham and Samuel played their part in helping us out of League One - which was why they were brought in. Caddis and Whittingham have moved on after the prime objective was achieved. Nuttall was always brought in as a player to develop whilst Leutweiler was brought in as an experienced back-up to Raya. Personally, I'd say the manager has been pretty shrewd in his dealings thus far in terms of developing the club as a long term project. We are slowly improving but without spending a fortune which seems to me to be the ideal scenario.
  8. Parsonblue

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    A hard earned point against a team who I would expect to be challenging for the play-offs. We rode our luck a little in the first half but looked increasingly more comfortable as the second half progressed - Derby seemed to run out of ideas of how to break us down. Defensively we were too deep in the first half but in the second Mowbray got them further up the field and we looked much better. I thought Evans and Smallwood did an excellent job in front of the back four making tackles and closing the spaces that Derby would want to operate in. I can fully understand why Mowbray has these two as automatic choices as they have the experience and disciple to do the required job - I'm not sure some of the younger players, as one would expect, have the necessary disciple to do that. I think this game showed how important Danny Graham is to the team - Armstrong simply looked lost through the middle, whereas Graham knows how to unsettle defenders whilst holding onto the ball and bringing others into the game. Similarly, we also need Bennett's energy in the team and we looked so much better with these two on the pitch. I thought there were several very good performances with Raya and Nyambe being the pick. On the downside, Conway struggled to get into the game before being withdrawn, presumably for tactical reasons, and Armstrong offered very little - either in the centre or on the wing. I also find Bell to be frustrating. For an attacking full-back he rarely beats a man and defensively looks all over the place at times. I think this game showed why Mowbray talks about needing another three or four transfer windows to complete the rebuilding job. Our team spirit got us through last night but we are still short of quality in one or two areas of the field. Nonetheless, it's another point and for a newly promoted team we continue to look more than capable of securing a mid-table berth come the end of the season - which would be a really great effort.
  9. Parsonblue

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    I must admit that I would have settled for a point before the game and thought we were desperately unlucky not to clinch a win. Dubious decision for the free-kick but a wonderful strike from the lad. I thought we had a number of good performers today - Nyambe, Mulgrew, Dack, Bennett and Graham were immense and young Reed looks very good. A word for the manager who got his selection and substitutions spot on. Going to three at the back worked well and was a sensible move for me once we were in front. Another game which has shown how comfortable we look against teams that cost a huge amount of money. Mowbray is certainly building something which looks very promising for the future.
  10. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    It sounds like the LFA are tightening up in terms of when games have to be played by. In the past there have been months between different rounds taking place.
  11. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    If you go into the actual list of results its now 0-6
  12. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    I see that most sites have now corrected the score from yesterday to a 6-0 win for Everton. I think most sites seem to take a link to a particular site which seemed to have missed Everton's opener on 4 minutes. It was a difficult game for a young Under-18 team and, as I said yesterday, 6-0 rather flattered Everton.
  13. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    I know - confusing isn't it. A couple of friends who were at the game with me have asked if we missed something. I note that one site has Everton missing a penalty - it was actually Rovers who missed the penalty. It was raining pretty hard, and we were sheltering as best we could under umbrellas but I don't think we imagined Everton scoring so many!
  14. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    It ended 6-0 to Everton in driving rain! Not the best way to spend a late Saturday morning. The result flattered the visitors although they were the better team - we fell to pieces at the end and conceded three late goals.
  15. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    You can go down to the Academy to watch these games.

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