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  1. Parsonblue

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    But not if they then obstruct the view of those unable to stand up or who don't wish to stand. The club need to identify an area of the ground where people will be free to stand if they so wish so that anyone who buys tickets in that area know in advance that they are likely to be standing. One of the issues this season, with the increased numbers travelling to away grounds, has been that children and older folk have been struggling to see matches because everyone stands up. Although I prefer to sit, I'm fortunate in not having a problem in standing for ninety minutes but there are many, for a variety of reasons, who struggle to view games when everyone stands. It's an issue that football has ignored for long enough and safe standing areas are long overdue. Sadly, I don't think any politician will back the necessary change in law that is required.
  2. Parsonblue


    So I assume you didn't congratulate Kenny's team that tumbled from runaway leaders to scrambling into the play-offs on the last day of the season. Don't know about you but I had a wonderful day at Wembley seeing us win promotion even if it was through the play-offs which some seem to think is a sign of failure. Promotion is promotion and today will be another wonderful occasion.
  3. Parsonblue

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Personally, think the prices for next season are pretty decent. We are still pretty competitively priced compared with other Championship clubs. The Darwen End is a difficult issue. With larger away followings and the need for extra security I can see why the club made the decision on the grounds of economics. On the other hand, I can see the points being made by supporters who sit in that area with regard to unreserved seating.
  4. Parsonblue

    Oxford Utd at home

    So I assume you'd been keen to show equal respect to Laurence Cotton?
  5. Parsonblue

    Oxford Utd at home

    Why would there be? They've back the manager, put a management structure in place at Ewood and are continuing to pay the bills.
  6. Parsonblue

    Charlton away April 28th

    Well at least the manager and players have contributed something positive this season unlike some who can't bring themselves to support the club but feel free to criticise those working to turn the club around. I'd stick to your false new agenda.
  7. Parsonblue


    In your view he got it wrong Stuart, but that's your view - it doesn't mean to say he got it wrong. You say nothing good came out of Saturday - try telling that to the thousands of fans who travelled south and had an enjoyable day celebrating at The Valley and watching a game in which we weren't as poor as some would have us believe. We've played far worse this season and won but that's football.
  8. Parsonblue

    Charlton away April 28th

    So are you saying that the players weren't injured?
  9. Parsonblue

    Charlton away April 28th

    He's quite right. Promotion is all that matters and we've achieved that - so why risk players to long term injuries when the main target is achieved? How many people remember who beat us to the Third Division title when Kendall won promotion without looking it up. I'd rather have the key players fit, well and resting over the summer rather than spending the 'off' season having to come into Brockhall for treatment.
  10. Parsonblue

    Charlton away April 28th

    Don't be silly Bazza, the folk on here know far more than the manager or medical staff at Ewood.
  11. Parsonblue


    So basically, what you are saying is that it's OK to play injured players or is it that you know the state of the injuries better than the manager and the medical department at Brockhall and know they are fit to play?
  12. Parsonblue

    Oxford Utd at home

    Bennett has a knee injury, Raya a groin injury and I suspect Graham was rested after a hectic schedule.
  13. Parsonblue


    Again, I disagree with you on the first point Stuart. I think Mowbray has supported the younger lads and certainly hasn't halted Nuttall's development. He had a dip in form in the Under-23's in mid-season which underlined that there are a number of aspects of his game which need work. Personally, I think it was a wise decision to hold them back until next season and keep them away from the stress of a promotion push. The only one I might have gambled with would have been Lewis Travis. You only have to look at the grief that the likes of Samuel and Antonsson have had from the crowd in recent games - a young lad might well have been destroyed by that sort of criticism. You are right in that I do enjoy following the Rovers Stuart but the last few seasons have been difficult and even I question my sanity arriving home at 4am after another midweek defeat. However, I've found Mowbray to be a breath of fresh air and someone who has completely reinvigorated by enthusiasm. I would totally agree that next season will be difficult. You only have to look at Bolton's woes to see how difficult it could be. However, I believe Mowbray is the man to take the club forward - hopefully for the next few years - and that he can build on the success of this season. Obviously, he will need financial support be both he and Steve Waggott seem to have a good relationship with Mr & Mrs Desai and they, in turn, seem to have confidence in what is being done on the ground at Ewood. Hopefully, the corner has been turned but only time will tell. But whatever the future holds in store, God willing, we will both be supporting OUR club.
  14. Parsonblue

    Oxford Utd at home

    I think it would be wrong to describe Travis as being used in central midfield all the time. In many ways he is a genuine utility player and has played right-back, left-back, right midfield, left midfield and central midfield this season. He has played more on the right of midfield than in the centre - that's usually the position of Hardcastle and Tomlinson. In the past few weeks he has played more centrally on occasions depending on formations. The Under-23's have played 4-2-3-1 just as much as the 3-4-2-1 formation - it tends to change depending on the players available. There is no doubt that Travis is an outstanding prospect whichever position he plays in.
  15. Parsonblue


    Totally disagree with the last part Stuart. From what I've heard the youngsters will get their opportunity next season. I believe the likes of Dack, Raya, Conway will be missing next week and that it's touch and go for Bennett and Williams. Much rather have them missing the last two games with the target already achieved. The last thing we need is players picking up injuries and being ruled at for the start of pre-season. At the moment I think there is just Joe Rankin-Costello who is going to be touch and go for pre-season. At the end of the day it's been a great week Stuart. At the Hawthorns on Monday celebrating a championship won, Doncaster on Tuesday celebrating promotion and a terrific celebratory atmosphere at The Valley yesterday. These sort of days don't come along all that often following the Rovers and it's been a brilliant week to be a Rover. For the first time in a few years I'm really looking forward to a new season.

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