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  1. Parsonblue

    Rovers v Hull

    I must admit that I really enjoyed that game on a bitterly cold night. I felt the game should have been won by half-time with the possession and chances we created - plus we should have had a penalty with the holding at corners. Second half started slowly but Mowbray's subs made a difference with both Brereton and Samuel showing up well. Armstrong's goal was outstanding and he looked very good playing in the Dack role just behind the striker. Once again Downing looked a class above anything on the pitch and I thought Johnson improved as the second half went on. Hull looked poor but at the end of the day you can only beat what's in front of you and we did that comfortably in the end. I thought all the officials were poor tonight. The fourth official seemed to give one decision rather than the ref. Quite how he missed the penalty when Brereton was brought down I don't know.
  2. Parsonblue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I really don't see him as a liability, particularly when he plays in a wide midfield role.
  3. Parsonblue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Totally agree with Mowbray that Bennett always gives you 100 percent even when he's not playing well. This season he has played with injury and in any position required to aid the team. Other players in the squad respect and speak highly of him - which I suppose is why he is the ideal club captain. Personally, I would like to see him here next season because his versatility is ideal for a club that has limited resources. JRC is similar in his ability to play in several positions and there are one or two others in the Under-23's who are adaptable to different roles.
  4. Parsonblue

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    I don't believe Mowbray said he had given up on aiming for the play-offs this season. Despite the injury list, he stated quite clearly that it was still the goal that the players and staff were working towards. He was merely pointing out that the summer is likely to see the emphasis on the foreign market and that plans - a full-time head of European scouting and others sifting through European matches at the moment, in the same way that most clubs seem to do these days - were in place to aid this. Whoever was manager would have to work within the same boundaries that Mowbray is working with in terms of staying with the FFP regulations and maintaining a wage cap which is clearly well below other Championship clubs. Those two factors aren't going to change which I think is fair enough. Personally, I took away from the meeting that the owners are still fully behind Mowbray and I suspect he will be given next season to see the plans he has put in place being implemented. Again, I think that's not an unreasonable position to adopt. If these plans don't produce a side that can challenge for promotion then I would expect his position to alter.
  5. Parsonblue

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I think there have been times in a number of games this season where one can see the progression that Mowbray is trying to make in terms of the style of football. Bristol City and Sheffield Wednesday away were two games when it clicked for the majority of the game. In other games there have been spells when we've played well but lacked the finishing touch in the six yard box. I think the football has been better this season than last despite the loss of Dack, who to be fair had been very in and out prior to his injury. I didn't have a problem today when we started to go long in the final stages of the match. It seemed to be the tactic that unsettled Fulham the most - although I thought Michael Hector was outstanding for them at the heart of their defence. For me, we are still very much a work in progress in terms of transitioning from a long-ball, direct style, to a more possession based style. It's clear the players are very much with Mowbray and what he is attempting to do. Ultimately, he will need the new emphasis on European scouting to come up with the goods in the summer to improve the team. It was clear from the meeting on Thursday that the domestic market isn't going to work given the club's welcome, if belated, decision to impose a sensible wage structure.
  6. Parsonblue

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    I think the one thing I took from the meeting is that Mowbray will definitely be here next season. I don't believe the owners are likely to get rid of him before his contract is up. If we haven't made a serious promotion push by that point then that is the time I would expect a change. As you say, the season ending injuries to three players is something you can't really plan for when working with a limited budget. I believe our owners have taken to Mowbray and probably find his honesty a real positive for them and fits with their own beliefs and values. I think that will give him more time than most but ultimately, he will need to have us challenging before his contract is up.
  7. Parsonblue

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I thought it was a very tight game with one goal always likely to settle it. Personally, I thought we didn't do too badly with the number of injuries to our creative players. Fulham were better in possession but didn't create that many clear cut chances. Travis was excellent and I thought Lenihan and Nyambe had decent games. JRC didn't do too badly in a different role for him. As Mowbray said in his interview, he's not a Dack or Holtby but has other attributes that he brings to the game and that it's a case of adopting a different style for the team whilst we are without the injured players - which seems fair comment. A disappointing result but I thought it wasn't all doom and gloom. There were positives, particularly the performance of our younger players, and on the whole I didn't think we did too badly against a side that could well be destined for automatic promotion.
  8. Parsonblue

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    I totally agree with much of what @Miller11 wrote about last night's meeting. Both Mowbray and Waggott come across exceptionally well and clearly have the club at heart. For the first time since the owners took over there is a positive vibe about the place. I think both were very upfront about the situation and they seem to be putting the foundations in place to take the club in the right direction. I think from last night it's clear that the owners are here for the long term and that Mowbray and Waggott have their confidence and are likely to be here for some time to come. Personally, I'm quite happy about that, as I think both Mowbray and Waggott are doing a decent job, whilst I accept that some aren't.
  9. Parsonblue

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    That's happened at Ewood before now when we loaned a club our away kit for a League game after the ref ruled against the away kit they had brought with them. It would appear that it was Mowbray who wanted the third kit because they found the away kit was not always suitable for some colour clashes. Once again, I thought both Mowbray and Waggott came over very well and clearly have the best interests of the club at heart. I thought Mowbray's comments on transfer policy were detailed and open and clearly he has a large say in that area of the club so it was quite right for him to cover that part of the agenda. The meetings illustrate that the different groups in attendance have different views on certain things so it's not easy for those in charge to find compromises. Some supporters fully agreed with Mowbray with regard to putting the away fans as far away from the pitch as possible whilst others felt atmosphere was more important and wanted them in the lower tier. I suspect, and would hope, that Mowbray's view would be the one we follow. At many away grounds you are either in a corner or upstairs - out of the way - so the noise impact from away fans is reduced.
  10. Parsonblue

    Academy & U21s

    I thought Brereton was awful despite the goal. Struggled to take people on and little basic control. Perhaps a run in the Under-23's might build up his confidence but I really don't see the basics in the lad at the moment. Hilton didn't have that much to do but saved a poorly struck penalty - the lad makes goalkeeping look easy, he's calm, does the basics well and because of his build is confident in coming for crosses. As I said, Davenport used the ball well in midfield and linked up will with Johnson. I thought Tyler did well against a very difficult opponent who took no prisoners. He got out of position for the penalty and had to make a tackle from the wrong side otherwise I thought he looked pretty decent considering he's played so little football in recent weeks.
  11. Parsonblue

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    I agree Rev, he needs to make one position his own. Travis was similar at this point - full-back and midfield for the Under-23's - before settling into a regular midfield berth in the first team. Hopefully JRC is able to settle into a regular slot.
  12. Parsonblue

    Academy & U21s

    A pretty dreadful game at Brockhall this lunchtime. Conditions not great but, as always, whenever the Under-23's are filled with first teamers it rarely becomes anything more than a training exercise. Probably Davenport and Williams the pick of our side, although I thought Tyler had a good game against a robust opponent. Brereton did score a goal but looks a million miles away from Championship level. Derby had the experienced Anya playing at left-back but their youngsters looked decent and I can see why they are doing well at this level.
  13. Parsonblue

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Rev, I've watched JRC since he arrived from United. This lad has real potential and, like Travis, has the ability to go to the very top in the game. As an attacking right-back he reminds me of Keith Newton in style. His ability to play full-back or anywhere in midfield makes him an invaluable addition to the senior squad. The potential and ability are there it's now up to the lad to make the most of it. I must admit that of all the younger lads, this is the one I have the greatest hopes for.
  14. Parsonblue

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    I suspect that you, like me, are old enough to remember Preston dropping out of the top flight in 1960. They've not been back since - so 60 years of "treading water" as you put it. However, the North End fans I know have still enjoyed their football. Still enjoyed the ups and downs (and there have been plenty of the latter). No club has the guaranteed right to top flight football. Whatever has happened in the past is in the past - good and bad. Today we are a club that is trying to get to grips with FFP and put a team on the pitch that can achieve what we all want. Sadly, there is no magic wand that is going to restore the club to where it was a decade ago.
  15. Parsonblue

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    I've always thought mid-table and still do. It's possible that we can make the top six but ultimately, a top ten finish would be a step in the right direction for me.

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