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  1. Parsonblue

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Why would he step aside when he has committed to the club long term? He has always said this was a long term project, which is what the owners have now bought into. Until the rebuilding is complete this is "where we are at" in terms of the players available. There aren't players in the Under-23's who look ready to be promoted - Nuttall has been excellent the last two games but indifferent prior to that whilst Travis has been in and out form wise for the Under-23's. Both will benefit from a loan period where they are playing every week. I thought yesterday was down to individual mistakes more than a collective failure of the team. For the most part we looked very comfortable until Graham went off.
  2. Parsonblue

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Two individual errors - Raya and Bell - cost us today. Raya had a major lapse for the penalty but goalkeepers do that at times. Bell, who I thought was dreadful, lost possession for the second when he could easily have simply pumped it forward. The fact that Bell made Mahoney look half decent just about sums up his performance. I thought Reed, Evans and Graham were our best performers - which they have been on a regular basis. Whilst Brereton was in no way to blame for the defeat it was noticeable that when Graham came off we struggled to maintain possession and missed Graham closing down defenders. Having watched every minute of Brereton so far this season I must admit that I'm struggling to see how he's going to win a regular spot in the starting line-up, particularly if we bring in another striker in January. He doesn't appear overly physical and he certainly isn't quick. I hope the lad proves me wrong but I've seen any number of players brought in over the years who have failed to make an impact and at the moment Brereton is beginning to fall into that category.
  3. Parsonblue

    Corry Evans

    Excellent news. Personally, I think he has been one of the best and most consistent performers this season.
  4. Parsonblue


    The Brereton situation reminds me a bit of when we signed Jimmy Quinn. Quinn was an experienced and well-established first team player and we spent what was, by our standards at the time, a sizeable amount of money to sign him - indeed all our transfer money went on him if I remember correctly. He then sat on the bench until mid-December unable to force his way past Chris Thompson. Ultimately, the manager knows how he wants to set up in games and watches players in training everyday. Those that he believes can do the job he wants will get selected above those he feels still have short-comings. The fact that after twenty-one games we are in a more than comfortable position, particularly as a newly promoted club, probably justifies Mowbray's decision to keep faith with the old guard for the moment. If we have a run of poor results over the next half dozen games then I would expect changes to be made but if we continue as we have been doing then I would expect him to stick with what's working. Personally, I wanted us to build a solid foundation this season and re-establish ourselves as a Championship club. To have something solid as a club on which to build. For me that is exactly we are doing so, whilst I might be in a minority, I have no complaints about the season as a whole or Mowbray's management.
  5. Parsonblue

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Totally agree. A lot of Graham's work defensively is often overlooked. I thought he put in a terrific shift today and worked tirelessly against a pretty impressive defence. I thought Mowbray got his subs spot on today and tried to attack and play on the front foot. The way Middlesbrough play - long ball and set pieces - going down to ten didn't really have much of an impact on them. With a touch more luck/quality in the finishing department I felt we would have come away with three points. Frustrated not to take three points but pleased with the overall performance and ultimately, a point a Middlesbrough isn't the worst result in the world. Looking at the table - 6 points off the play-offs and 12 away from the bottom three - there's not much to complain about thus far this season.
  6. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    He was totally anonymous last night. Seen him a few times when he has looked good but last night nobody played up to their normal form.
  7. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    Hugely disappointing performance in the Youth Cup last night. Too many players were well below their best and didn't get into the game until well into the second half. Gillingham the better team in the first half - although the penalty was a poor decision by the officials with the foul, if it was a foul, being committed just outside the area - and deserved their lead. Second goal was poor goalkeeping and defending but after that Gillingham tired and we had enough chances to have won the game. No surprise it was such a low attendance on a shocking night weather wise.
  8. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    The view within the club, as far as I can tell, is that he needs to go out on loan to toughen him up and have a run of games against more experienced defenders than is found in Under-23 football. The injury to Samuel cost him a move in August but I believe they hope to loan him out in January. On tonight's showing - which apart from the goals was his best display since last season - he should have no problem in finding a club. The problem then is getting the game time he needs which is something the likes of Wharton, Platt and Hardcastle haven't managed since going out on loan.
  9. Parsonblue

    Ben Brereton

    Chaddy with all respect, yesterday showed exactly why Graham will always be the number one choice at the moment ahead of Brereton. Three goals scored by using his experience to be in the right place at the right time and a goal which he laid on for Dack - but forget the goals. Look at his contribution to the team - it was immense. He did the things that Brereton hasn't done and much of which comes with experience. Listening to Mowbray wax lyrical about the performance of Graham and watching how the other players respond to him shows why he will remain way ahead of Brereton in the pecking order. Yesterday was about as complete a display from a centre-forward that you are ever likely to see. Brereton should simply watch and learn and spend as much time with Graham as possible to learn how to play that position. Brereton is one for the future but for the present Graham remains the main man in terms of leading the line.
  10. Parsonblue

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Excellent news. Mowbray has put the club back on a solid footing and thoroughly deserves a long term contract. Personally, I think the timing is perfect coming on the back of two defeats - no better way for the owners to show their faith in the manager and indicates that one or two bad results won't lead to wholesale changes and the instability we've had in the past.
  11. Parsonblue

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Mowbray always said that the players who won promotion would be given a chance to prove that they could play at a higher level. At last week's meeting he indicated that one or two might be left behind as the club moved forward. I think the last two games have merely underlined that point. I don't think any of last season's squad can complain that they haven't had opportunities - and in fairness they have stepped up until the last couple of games when they seem to have hit a wall both physically and mentally. From the very outset, Mowbray has talked about a long term plan that would encompass another two or three transfer windows in order to get a squad together that would be capable of challenging at this level which seems a fair assessment. We were always going to have a bad run at some point but the points gained thus far have brought us some breathing space with regard to looking over our shoulder at lower end of the table. A mid-table finish come May would be, for me, a decent season and at the moment I see no reason why that can't be achieved with one or two additions to the squad in January.
  12. A bad day at the office for all concerned - manager and players. We move on to the next match but today underlined the points made by Mowbray on Thursday about the squad needing to be strengthened. I'm afraid I can't join the usual BRFCS doom and gloom when I look at a league table that shows us tenth with just four defeats out of 18. We've had a pretty decent season so far for a newly promoted club and one defeat - disappointing as it was - doesn't really change that. A mid-table finish would be a decent platform on which to build - which was what most on here hoped for before a ball was kicked last August. I think today was a perfect illustration that in this League any team can beat any other team on the day. It's what makes the Championship such an interesting League.
  13. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    Those top 6 clubs are signing him to add to their academy/Under-23 squads not their first team. Those clubs fills their ranks with young players who you never hear about again.
  14. Parsonblue

    Academy & U'21's

    No way is he ready for the first team. He looks decent but not first team material. He will probably play with the Under-23's before long I would think.
  15. Parsonblue

    Championship 2018-19

    Very similar to the creation of the Premier League and how that broke away from the Football League. People said the Football League wouldn't break up but it did. There has been talk of a Premier League second division for years and it wouldn't surprise me if that starts to rear its head again. As an organisation the Football League has been found wanting in so many areas and, to a certain extent, one can understand why some clubs have become disillusioned with it - again similar to the creation of the Premier League in 1992. In fairness, the red button is an absolute nonsense and will, ultimately, harm all clubs as fans opt to stay away - particularly on a cold, wet winter's night. It will be interesting to learn if Rovers are amongst the 15. I suspect they probably would be.

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