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  1. Academy & U'21's

    A 3-3 draw which was probably a fair result for all concerned. Middlesbrough had a number of overage players on view who Pulis wanted to look at so it was a pretty good performance by our lads to hold them and, but for some rare defensive lapses we might well have got all three points. A cracking game of football though - end to end for ninety minutes. A bit of a shaker when you realise that you actually watched the Middlesbrough 'keeper's father play in goal for 'Boro. Felt the same a couple of years ago when we had Wally Joyce's grandson playing for the second string!
  2. Academy & U'21's

    A thrilling game at Bishop Auckland this afternoon when Rovers youngsters played a very experienced Middlesbrough side. A cracking end to end affair between two teams challenging for promotion. Lewis Travis had another outstanding game and there were good performances from Charley Doyle and Tomlinson again. With Mowbray again watching from the stands, these lads have again shown that they are ready for first team football when needed.
  3. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    I thought the spine of the team - Mulgrew - Bennett - Graham - was outstanding today. Three experienced players at the top of their game and looked a class above anything that Shrewsbury could offer. A thoroughly deserved win and one which, at last, saw us stamp our authority on the opposition. The only downside was another appalling performance from the referee.
  4. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    Sadly Stuart that's football. Same sort of feeling having witnessed Rovers demolish the famous Spurs team 7-2 in a top flight clash and then eight years later having to suffer a 7-1 defeat to Shrewsbury in the Third Division. That first season in the Third Division was a real eye opener in terms of realising just how far we had fallen. I'm sure it's a similar feeling that many are experiencing this season for the first time. The present Shrewsbury team are rather like Scunthorpe - no outstanding individuals but a well drilled and organised outfit who are difficult to beat. I'm sure they will come to Ewood and be more than happy to leave with a point. Whilst we could really do with winning this one I don't think it will be a season defining result whichever way it goes - there are too many matches still to play for either side to believe that a win will settle anything one way or the other.
  5. The January 2018 transfer thread

    It was only last week you said the average football fan was "utterly clueless" and yet you now want the club to be run by the views of those you describe as utterly clueless? I thought we had that already with the present owners.
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    It's not the first time that has happened at this club. Many of us remember players leaving in the 1960s when any reasonable offer was rarely refused - we didn't need foreign ownership to bring that policy to Ewood. I can still remember being distraught when Fred Pickering was sold to Everton - a club actually challenging us for the First Division title. In many ways watching Venkys ownership of the club has been like watching history repeat itself in terms of selling players and dropping from the top flight to the Third Division.
  7. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Why would he say "enough is enough"? You support a club not a particular player, manager or owner. If I'd walked away every time the club cashed in on a good player I'd have stopped supporting them fifty-odd years ago! Mowbray didn't have to sell in the summer and I doubt he will be asked to sell anyone at this stage. Clearly, if we miss out on promotion it will be a different matter and I would suspect that the likes of Dack and Mulgrew would want to move on at that point. However, at the moment I would think it more likely that a player or two will come in rather than go out. The only doubt I would have - apart from fringe players - is regard to Graham - with six months of his contract to run any serious money offer would have to be weighed up very carefully. Personally, I would want Graham to stay as he is the only striker we have who can hold the ball up and in the box he is still a quality finisher.
  8. Academy & U'21's

    Very comfortable performance, particularly in the second half after Morecambe went down to ten men. Travis and Charley Doyle looked particularly good and young Buckley, promoted from the Under-18's, looked very comfortable in midfield on a difficult pitch.
  9. Rotherham V Rovers

    They didn't leave any space Tyrone. They brought on another defender to fill the gap at the back when they pushed the centre-half forward. They took off a smaller player and then started to launch it long. Our two centre-backs were struggling but I agree, Ward was never going to improve things. The squad is looking a bit thin at the moment when we are having to put Butterworth - who is by no means a regular started for the Under-23's - on the bench. I think the Christmas period has shown that the squad isn't as strong as we perhaps thought it was. Illness and injuries have highlighted the need for a bit more quality in depth.
  10. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I think in Graham, Samuel, Nuttall and Dack we have good options for the forward positions but we are lacking a target man at times. In this division you need that power in the air, particularly at set pieces, which we don't have at present.
  11. Rotherham V Rovers

    And I have every hope that we will go up - in May not January.
  12. Rotherham V Rovers

    And is the season over and your expectations not met? You sound like you feel naturally entitled to finish above the likes of Shrewsbury which is rather patronising. It's January. We are at the half-way stage - there is still everything to play for over the second half of the season.
  13. Rotherham V Rovers

    Agree about the winger. I also think we need a centre-back and centre-forward who are good in the air. We look poor on in the air both in defence and up front at the moment and it's costing us vital points.
  14. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Personally, I think we need a dominant centre-half in the McNamee or Hawkins mould - we aren't strong in the air at the back - and a centre-forward who is powerful in the air for Graham and Dack to feed off. We also need options at full-back and an orthodox winger. Signing a strong centre-back would allow us to push Mulgrew into midfield. At the end of the day Mowbray and his backroom staff will have identified the players they want and I suspect they won't be the same as the supporters will want.
  15. Rotherham V Rovers

    You might believe that you are entitled to win every game and have such expectations but most supporters know football doesn't work like that. It can turn at any moment for no reason - look at how we got up under Kenny when we were romping away at the top and then suddenly couldn't win a point and staggered into the play-offs on the final day of the season. If fifty-odd years of following the Rovers has taught me one thing it's the unpredictable nature of football. There have been seasons I thought we would enjoy success and failed and others when I had no expectations of anything and we had a great season. It's the unpredictable nature of following a club like the Rovers which makes it special for me.