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  1. kierantrencher

    Rovers away at Villa this Saturday: 30th March - KO - 3pm

    4 points / 30 and the immediate response after another loss is to have a dig at Brereton 🙄
  2. kierantrencher


    Forgot this was a Leeds forum
  3. kierantrencher

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    For their equaliser why on Earth was there only 3 players in the box trying to defend it? Mulgrew stood on the edge of the box ball watching, that box should be packed especially considering how deep we where
  4. kierantrencher

    Ben Brereton

    Personally thought brero did well today. Played his part in seeing out the win. Can’t understand some of the overcriticism for a young lad who’s being made to play out on the wing, clearly not a winger
  5. kierantrencher

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Don’t think they’re asking you pal
  6. kierantrencher

    Loan Window

    Chapman gone off injured
  7. kierantrencher

    Thursday deadline.

    You’re broken
  8. kierantrencher

    Academy & U21s

    It's not all about the results in under 21s it's about them getting the experience of the big games, they're clearly not gonna be the finished article. Slating some young players because they can't cross a ball is just petty and plain ignorant
  9. kierantrencher

    Academy & U21s

    You call yourself a fan?
  10. kierantrencher

    Academy & U21s

    Chaddy correcting spellings, never thought I'd see the day
  11. kierantrencher

    Current chants

    Haha I like it! Ive also heard to the tune of David Dunn is Blue and White Williamson took a red, He hates Burnley! This was on the leicester forum that Jimmy went on for the preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZzzgzzgkCY&feature=player_embedded Their song for Ben Marshall
  12. Depressed at HT, Ecstatic at FT! Love being a Rover!!!!
  13. Millwall players getting heated! Scum bag fans throwing coins at rhodes!

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