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  1. I'll have a chaddy on chaddy
  2. No point worrying about what other teams are doing unless we beat Forest
  3. Clown
  4. What's the guy meant to do when he's inherited a team full of losers... who are used to losing? Not Mowbray's fault at all
  5. Clown
  6. Not to mention the 50+ players he's mentioned and then shouted how right he was when 5 of them turned out good
  7. You said the same on Saturday
  8. Nope, not even dressed haha
  9. 3rd successive home game I've not been interested in going despite having a season ticket.. Saturday is meant to be a buzz about the game, but after watching us at Barnsley last week that fire has gone
  10. How much did he pay you to say that?
  11. Would be longer if I'd have put it in the caps like he told me to
  12. Just spoke to my dad on the phone (ABBEY) and he says: "Venkys can @#/? off the chicken shagging @#/?"
  13. My dads defo seen the news, check his Twitter feed haha. I'll get some words off him later today
  14. Venkys out
  15. 8 to 10 mil was it?