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  1. I don’t think rigger has watched much of Surridge to be honest, just has a strange dislike for Brereton. Would probably claim he’d rather have Vokes if he was still playing for you
  2. On a par until this season where Ben has been on fire. But just conveniently ignore that
  3. What has Surridge done exactly to make you think he's a better player than Brereton? You're using past goalscoring figures to discredit Brereton but Surridge's record is awful
  4. They'd be better off going for Gerrard than Lampard imo
  5. Yeah agreed, who would miss 10 goals in 11 games.
  6. That comment is childish but you’ve just accused him of not celebrating if rovers players score 😂 Think you need a break chaddy you’re on one today
  7. What’s the problem in signing him with an injury when all our other signings have come with injuries?
  8. He seems to pick up the odd injury quite often throughout the season too
  9. Really struggling to understand why we made the effort to resign Chapman, he's shown a bit of promise, and instead we're bringing in a Brighton winger who's injured and has barely any experience. Then again I rarely understand decisions this club makes
  10. Don’t recall deeney tearing up the championship last season, apart from scoring a few penalties. 5 seasons ago yes but the blokes past it
  11. Dropping our own youth players to develop another clubs player. No wonder our players won’t sign new deals
  12. Exactly what I thought, no chance we could get a replacement in that would offer anything like he does for the price we’d be getting
  13. Tony desperately trying to sell rothwell 2 weeks into the new season
  14. Mine arrived yesterday and I've got the same seat as last year (if you count it as a seat)
  15. There's no way you knew he had a bad attitude before you read it somewhere. Now you're acting like you've seen it first hand
  16. Not sure about this one - he always seems to flop in the prem and then bang them in when he's back at championship level
  17. Yeah but my point was that he’s a championship quality player. The post I replied to said he wasn’t. Your point is correct that it’s not in our hands, but that’s not what I was arguing. We absolutely should have spent that money differently, same with Gallagher.
  18. That wasn’t what I said, he is a championship level player now, regardless of fee or time. If we do lose him for nothing then obviously that’s awful business, if he signs a new deal then you can bet we’ll get our money back minimum
  19. You’ve really not been paying attention if you think he’s not a championship level player
  20. The restrictions have been lifted, why shouldn't people go out and enjoy themselves? Not really sure this is the right place for a covid discussion anyway
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