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  1. The new recruitment guy did a wonderful job. Every window and every season we just fall further and further behind. It’s rough.
  2. How can we afford his wages if we can’t afford those of a kid from Southampton
  3. Alas, I’m not being ‘cocky’ about the start we’ve had. I was responding to a post claiming Mowbray was intentionally causing carnage to leave an insurmountable mess for his successor. Getting 7 points from 9 would be an odd tactic to that end. Agree with you fully, we’ve had a solid start but I think we are in for a very very tough season, particularly with the state of our squad and noises about the lack of recruitment.
  4. taking 7 points from 9 is absolutely part of this sinister plan.
  5. Holtby was a big disappointment. A very talented and technically gifted player, who unfortunately only showed glimpses. Circumstances didn't help him much. A shame as he seemed like an enthusiastic 'good guy'. Wish him all the best
  6. Are we sure Mowbray & Captain Hard Worker are targeting the Obafemi we think they are!? They could be after Obafemi Martins. Currently plying his trade for, wait for it……..Wuhan Zall. Would explain the challenges in signing him……….
  7. It really hit home after listening to that. The anecdote about Souness and Williams disagreeing because both wanted the best for the club. Stories about old pros leading the dressing room. He’s not wrong on Dunny either, he should have listened.
  8. Great to hear Souness talking about his time managing Rovers. Also a stark reminder of how far we have fallen as a club, both in terms of how we are run but also the level of players we used to have. Nice to take a stroll down memory lane: Souness on his time at Rovers
  9. I know you like a doomsday scenario. You’ve predicted a few. Looking at what is happening and signals such as staff leaving certainly suggests the club is run appallingly, there are serious issues with governance and in all likelihood we are never going to be back to where we all want to believe we belong (a separate debate - personally in modern day football I think we are right where we probably should be, bitter pill to swallow). But this is the great irony in what you are saying, Venkys pump in £20m+ a year. We are many many many things, but close to skint or admin ain’t one. The debt is assured against them, not the club (I do think you tend to bloviate in how you paint some of the financials on here - there are plenty of us who can read a P&L). The reality is we are are but a very small cog in their vast empire - they don’t need or want to care. It’s a bad investment that they are prepared to ignore and not admit defeat. Perhaps like that crap bottle or case you bought, but you’re too proud to admit it to yourself or your associates….. Do I like how rovers are run and the state we are in? Absolutely not. Do I want Mowbray and Waggott here? Of course not. But come on, none of this makes sense. We’re an absolute shambles and a classic example of why modern football is, frankly, rotten.
  10. 1. Yes 2. Yes - he will leave at the end of his contract. I can't see Venky's paying to get rid of him, particularly as they didn't during a 15 game death spiral 3. Kaminski (will also leave) 4. 20th 5. Fulham
  11. We currently have an on line retail presence……perhaps look into the logistics of a Chilean distributor? Perhaps look into a more club centric marketing approach? Perhaps think about selling club broadcasting rights (which we now own since leaving iFollow) to a Chilean digital agency/broadcaster? Perhaps think about having a Spanish/Chilean online presence? It’s not about flogging shirts out of the back of a van.
  12. is there any, any chance at all we could get Elliott back....?
  13. Exactly. Any relatively commercially savvy organization would be thinking about how to make inroads into a potential new market of 19m people. Wasn't this the whole reason Venky's bought us....to get the Rovers brand into the Indian market. Sadly, we are run by Steve Waggott who counts Coventry and Southend as his previous experience. Another, in my view fairly obvious point, throw money at a new contract for Brereton - it would pay for itself if the club could actually work out how to create an income stream from 'Brereton Mania'. It really isn't Harvard level business economics. Venky's if you're listening.......I'll come and run the commercial organization, for double Waggott's salary and a season ticket.
  14. The away kit is an absolute beauty! https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/july/New-away-kit-unveiled-/
  15. ‘Ben Brereton Diaz on in place of Alexis Sanchez’ Wonderful. Imagine he has to come back to Tony Mowbray.
  16. I wonder if any of the brains at Ewood are brainstorming how we can capitalise on this huge new following commercially?
  17. Madame: ‘Tony, how much does a Vidal cost?’ Tony: ‘sorry Madame, he’s not right for our journey. We’re trying to build a club and only 2 seasons ago got promoted from league 1’
  18. Can we have that commentator replace Warren Lucy on iFollow. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL
  19. Majestic - first time we’ve all smiled this much at anything rovers related for a long while. He looks like a quality player and absolutely made up. Arturo Vidal slapping him on the back instead of Corrie Evans. Good for you fella.
  20. Fantastic experience for Ben. Hopefully sharing a dressing room with the like of Vidal will advance his game. He looked good when he came on - direct and good with the ball at his feet. Played a nice attacking pass to vidal and looked quick.
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