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  1. Siri: “Show me how to dampen enthusiasm with a harsh dose of reality…”
  2. Only 8 teams miss out from the groups…so if we don’t qualify we get what we deserve
  3. Winner: France Surprise package: Scotland England?: Round of 16.
  4. Me too…let’s hope the club employs someone who knows what they’re doing…😉
  5. One for the old timers on here…is there still a chance we might see him at Ewood ??? 🤣
  6. I was watching this last night on catch-up (lovely little series BTW, highly recommended, nice interview with Syd Cowans) and the Liverpool semi final in Munich was discussed, especially the impact Howard Gayle had when he came on for Dalglish. Brereton can easily be that type of player - direct, pacy, able to win a free kick in a dangerous area…
  7. I imagine he will have at least a smattering to be able to communicate with the maternal side of the family…hope so anyhow 😳
  8. A lot of (unpaid) work has gone into this, well worth a read IMO. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/65654151/blackburn-rovers-season-analysis-recruitment-2021
  9. These days friendlies don’t count e.g. Wilf Zaha
  10. The final podcast of the season is a packed three-parter. In Part One, we meet Rovers supporter Sam Grimley from Horizm, who explains how his private life & working life have crossed paths to the benefit of both parties. We learn all about how to optimise digital inventory…no really... In Part Two, Bill Arthur narrates a chapter from Daniel Gray's "Extra Time" - the return of a former player - I bet I can guess who you are picturing when you listen to it. Finally, in Part Three, & the panel of Hollie, Linz, Matt, Mike, Scott & Stuart dissect the season just ended including the new Rovers theme song...not to be missed. By the way - anyone who is on an Apple device & has upgraded to 14.5.1 might find that their podcast feed isn't updating automatically. We think this is an Apple issue as earlier versions of iOS are updating. We recommend using the Overcast app as a temporary solution. Click this link on your iPhone or iPad :- https://overcast.fm/+J_KUXHTN0 Stressed Out - Postmodern Jukebox Twenty One Pilots Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party (Sad Clown) Download & Stream the song: https://smarturl.it/pmjsquad?IQid=yt Experience PMJ Live: https://pmjlive.com?IQid=yt Shop PMJ Music/Merch: https://smarturl.it/pmjshop?IQid=yt View full podcast
  11. I need to be digitising those & putting them on YouTube 😉
  12. Herbie6590

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    What version of iOS are you running on your phone ?
  13. Herbie6590

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    Please could you do us a favour & try it using Chrome on your iPhone & report back on here ?
  14. Herbie6590

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    Who *doesn’t* want a mini digger though…😉
  15. Herbie6590

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    I suspect it is adjacent to zero.
  16. Yes, but they struggle to stay up, Rotherham Utd. https://footballeconomyv2.blogspot.com/2019/12/rotherham-turns-profit.html?m=1
  17. Hoped for Top 6, expected Top 10 & 15th in the end possibly flattered us with the wins over Huddersfield & Birmingham. Potentially 10 departures from the 20 named in the squad yesterday, massive concerns for next season.
  18. The issue is less about “whether”…more about “how” & also I suspect, having a clear & specific objective would I believe help to galvanise support. FWIW - the game on Saturday is so very low-key, the k/o time means news stories from the PL will dwarf any attention as soon as our game ends. It’s in the middle of a pandemic…I just think it’s a flawed approach at this point in time that risks alienating potential supporters of the cause. Some kind of NAPM feels like a much more nuanced campaign that could allow people to register protest in their own, different ways but would be more likely to be noticed by Pune.
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