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There are some complete t!ssers around. How old are you? Do you have a brain? Why do you have to bring fighting into the equation? I'm talking about both sides here.

Keep the forum about football, not brainless idiots talking about silly activities that have no place in today's society let alone football. If you like fighting so much join the army and go to Iraq.

Hooligan etiquette? Police walking fans into the ground? What did you lot want, having your grandma out shopping and being caught up in it?

I don't have the energy to write more it's so frustrating and I can't swear on here.

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rover.gif and your excuse for todays non attendance tinykit.gif

....oh, and the Radio Lancashire commentator has just quoted the Deepdale crowd safety officer " that at close of play yesterday, Burnley had sold 3100 tickets..."

Seems you lot are up to your creative accounting again...

Oh, and as to my non attendance..... I live in continental Europe Waggy. I think three return trips in a week would have been a little OTT...eh...

rover.gif now this guy has my respect,comes from continental europe for a punch up.dingle is wasted on this guy,he is paul dodd,scarrett's and dixie's best mate,you wonder why your team is dispised the length off the country,it's fools like you tinykit.gif

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He's been sniffing around trying to get the discussion going in this direction whilst trying to keep respectable. Although he despises violence he's all too keen to comment on it and what 'allegedly happened'. OrigLongisder - theres plenty of other forums full of mindless, lying scum around on the internet. Why not go join one of them and leave this thread to get back to talking about how poor we played during the defeat of our local mid championship dwelling rivals.

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What exactly is he trying to say?

I know two separate groups of Rovers lads one group who were drinking in Nelson and the other in Burnley town centre from early doors and didn't get escorted to the ground? nor did they see any burnley lads either?

Big deal.... ph34r.gif

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Has someone who was born in blackburn and lives now in nelson I am glad that in both games they was no (or every little fighting) football is about watch a match not about having to run for your life.

Fnas take there kids and the more family based clubs there are the ebst it will be

most people come on this MB (from clubs other them rovers) to talk about rovers and football. so come my good hearted Message board menbers lets keep it like that biggrin.gif

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Its nice reading LET tonight, Burnley grasping onto the only hope they have of 'we are closing the gap'

Utter dross, we were awful, if we were actually playing well the 'gap' would be still as big.

Oh well they can remember their 5 minutes they got to jump around like lunatics for many years to come

No Nay Never indeed

Closing the gap rubbish. Teams over acheive and teams underacheive in the FA Cup it's what make the competition so great. Just ask Burnley they themselves should know as well as anyone having fallen to Non League Telford. They were also victims of one of the greatest FA Cup upsets of all time, First Division Burnleh losing at home to Non League Wimbledon.

I don't hear Sheff U fans crowing about "closing the gap" on the Arse, or any of the other lower teams fans who did well against more talented opposition.

Let's give 'em a break eh, sit back and smile, knowing it's all they have to cling to. It is a sure sign of how low the clarrots have fallen, time was a defeat to BRFC was just unacceptable, by any score at any level, now they are over the moon to have only lost by one. Pitiful really.

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I thought that at one stage-15 minutes to go?-they were just looking as though they could stretch us: Oster attacking down their left and was not picked up, someone else down their right was also not picked up. Nothing came of that either as neither player was picked out by the pass.

Just after that the Rovers fans seemed to really pick up "Barmy Army" to a new level which they seemed to maintain for quite some time.

Walking down from Higher Croft,I thought Burnley fans seemed to be making more noise but inside I thought the 2 ends were much more equal.

One point the Burnley fans do not seem to have picked up on is our contribution to their financial cup run.An attendance of 50,000 and 1 game on TV must have produced the bulk of their £1,000,000 income from the cup.

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Personally, I think the braggin rights are settled. We won, their away support was good but it was always going to be after a draw, they fancied their chances and wanted to see them beat us.

However, the game is over and I thin that it is time to move on, even I have grown tired of this "rivalry" this time around. Come back when you are close . Or we had dropped to your level.

For now it's on to the important things in life, like Everton this weekend and the NEXT ROUND of the cup.

Premiership survivial is the most important but we are close to the final, all teams left, if we get past the rapidly closing the gap Leicester, are top notch. Our name on the cup for the SEVENTH (how many burnleys on it? with ALL that history must be a bunch laugh.giflaugh.gif ) time would be nice but not up there in the big scheme of things.

Premiership survival then Hughesy to show the savvy he has in the transfer market thus far, but for a striker or two and we are good to go next season.

On last spat at t'clarrots, if you think cotterill is so brilliant with his BORROWING of players what do you think of Sparky with his FREE transfer PERMANENT signings of the loke of Nelsen, 600K less than panicbuyi, must make you well sick. You RAVE about Cahill he's not close to Nelsen and he's not yours. THE GAP IS AS WIDE AS EVER, rock on agent Kilby.

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hmmm touched a nerve did I....?

I don't really care too much for this anymore....but just for you.

Burnley were drinking in Blackburn and darwen from 2.00pm. various groups in various sizes. Light refreshment was enjoyed in Toll Bar, Beeches, a small group drank in the jubilee etc etc (some places did lock their doors when approached)..... 100 in the Depot, 50 in Darwen..... the Postal Order was off limits as this was HQ for those Naughty Blackburn chaps. They were surounded in their own town by plod laugh.gif

After the game....2 to 300 Burnley were put in an escort to go to the station....but 40 or so evaded capture and walked unhindered right into town, without any police. They actually bumped into 30 chaps, and as the two groups shaped up to trade harsh words....they recognised each other as all being from Burnley. They then strolled on to the Boulevard together....and not a soul was on the steets.

Some chaps in the escort further back did say that 20 Wovers "hardcases" did appear on the way to the station....but their show of bravado was quickly extinguished by the biggest firm on the night....Lancashire Constabulary

Gotta say, I think Blackburn's one of the friendliest places I have been to.....

Well now we have sunk to this level I'd suggest it's time to move on.

Locking this thread. If anyone objects please send me a PM.

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