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[Archived] Craig Bellamy - Good Signing Or Not?

What do you think of the signing of Bellamy?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the signing of Bellamy?

    • Excellent, he was no 1 on my list.
    • Very happy, not my no 1 choice but still very good.
    • Pleased, think he'll do a good job.
    • Uncertain, not sure he's right for us.
    • Disappointed, don't think it'll work out.
    • Appalled, think it's a dreadful mistake.
    • Wouldn't Grooby have been a better option.

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I have to admit i am totally surprised that he has signed for us, but delighted that such a high profile player is prepared to come to Ewood. The Hughes and Wales factors are the keys. The spanish connection at Liverpool; the french connection at Highgbury and now we can add the welsh connection at Rovers. Savage and Bellamy will ensure our fair share of media attention during the season. What a pity his arrival has been overshadowed by the awful events in London. Well done to the Board for their bold move. Surely we cant have another bad season now.

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Fantastic signing. We've now got many more options up front. We can hit balls high or down the channels to Kuqi and we can knock balls over the top of the defence for Bellamy to run onto.

We also have the option of playing a 4-3-3 system with Kuqi in the middle, and Bellamy and say Emerton running from deep to link up (like Chelsea do with Duff and Robben).

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I remember when he played at Ewood last time, and thinking I hate that little b@astard. This usually indicates he`s doing something right.

I bet he was a right big headed get at school.

Welcome to the Rovers Craig.

Make sure you run around a lot.

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Bellamy is a very good footballer! He's also a loudmouthed, arrogant, pompous little sh1t! If Hughes can keep him quiet and sort out his attitude problem then I'll love him, but I need time before I can accept him fully.

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Would have liked another option - ....good player , odious ba$£ard , go somewhere else ....

    Maybe he'll do well if Hughes can control him , but I'll always dislike him intensely .


my feelings exactly. however i can give him a second (or maybe this is the 3rd, 4th, 5th or maybe more) chance. just hope he can get his feet on the ground and stop being a spoiled brat

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He's the one I wanted from the start, but due to the press wanting to believe that Rovers were bottom of the list of potential clubs that he would go to, I believed the hype and thought he was going to Everton. Can only win from this deal in my opinion and I believe his worth will go up too smile.gifthumbs-up.gif Where are they getting the cash from though. The other week they were happy with the squad... Not that I'm complaining biggrin.gif

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"Very happy, not my no. 1 choice but still very good."

Benni McCarthy was my number one choice.

Anyway, this is a great coup.

There's no way but up with the Welsh Five steering the ship.

(Mark, Mark, Eddie, Robbie, Craig... I think that's all of them!)

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I would rather have had Benni, with Bellamy a close second.

My only fear is he may need a high quality strike partner to play off and maybe Kuqi isnt that person. Cole anyone?


Cole & Bellamy? CaB? Yeah ok, why not?! we already like Cole and everyone will admit he's far better than Kuqi.

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I voted "Pleased" - I would much rather have a good striker that wasn't hated and wouldn't affect our struggling reputation and possibly ability to get future sponsors, but compared to having no big signing up front (which was starting to look a possibility) it's definitely good news. The best thing about it is that the Board was willing to push the boat out for a big signing, followed by confirmation of the pull factor of our manager/coaches.

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I've voted appalled. No, it's not attention seeking. I am certain Bellamy will be on an inflated wage. Coupled with the 5 million pounds, it's too big an outlay on such a large risk.

I could never agree with the attitude Bellamy adopted, even if it was to Souness (yes, those you may not know, I was a big fan of Souness. However there is no agenda attached with my comments).

Indeed, I have felt concerned about McCarthy's attitude to a possible move to Rovers, even if it favours us. It's not dignified, and it only forebodes that it is possible for the players to fall-out in the same way at our club.

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agood signing and the wait was worth it was it right to sell stead well if he had to go to buy our new signing them yes, just a shame that stead could not have stayed and still signed a new striker ot two smile.gif

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very, very happy, Craig has signed.

The people who don't want him here should be quiet and let us see what he does for us, if he is a failure for us, then get on his back, until then just wish him all the best.

He doesn't need us to like him for his personality, we only want him to put the ball in the back of the net, not solve world poverty.

Great signing by the board and its a risk, but if it pays off we'll all be worshipping Williams for years.

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