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[Archived] West Ham United V Brfc 3 - 1 Wham


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WEST HAM August 13th 2005 Kick Off 1500 Boleyn Ground London

I`ve only just sobered up from the semi final in Cardiff and it’s a new season, and blow me the third ashes test match should still be being played at the time of the kick off, although some have there doubts it will last till Saturday afternoon…

Anyway, during the close season the general feeling and outlook amongst Rovers fans for the season 2005-2006 has taken a significant turn for the better. At the end of last season, most of us were thinking...safety acheived, good cup run, beat the dingles again...could have been worse. But the general opinion was that the next season was not something to be looked forward to, bearing in mind the style of play adopted to overcome the turgid relegation battle. A distinct lack of goals, a 4-5-1 formation and the lack of any real pace in the side meant most matches were endured rather than enjoyed, a chore necessary to obtain 40 points by any means sooner rather than later.

And we were relatively happy, so long as the points and results kept on trickling in. At christmas time, the situation was fairly bleak, no goals, no pace, no defence and no prospects. But by the end of the transfer window, two players had been brought in and although we didn`t know it then, they were to change the course of the season for us and turn us into one of the hardest teams to beat. Indeed, we became one of the hardest teams! Scrooge had visited Ewood at christmas, and sparky put a blue and white shirt on him.

The leaky defence dried up, teams suddenly had to play well to beat us, and a thin veil of optimism descended over East Lancs. Safety was acheived fairly easily in the end,and Rovers even managed another trip to Cardiff. Then it was time to re-group and take stock.

Then during the summer, when it appeared our no.1 transfer target had fallen through, Sparky pulls off a stunning coup in securing the services of Craig Bellamy from Newcastle. Cost approx 3/5s of a Crouch.

Suddenly, we have a team that doesn`t let goals in and a whippet up front with a fantastic eye for goal, and everybodies happy. Probably.

So, two and a half months after a dismal defeat at home to Fulham in the final game of the season, it all starts again at the Boleyn Ground next Saturday. Hold on to your hats folks, its gonna be an interesting nine months.

For a team that play in Claret and Blue, West Ham have a fairly decent reputation. Never won the league title, but three FA cups and a couple of European wins is certainly not a Newcastle-esque return. Locals also talk about the time that West Ham won the world cup in 1966(They supplied Peters, Moore and Hurst for the winning England team).

Matches between rovers and the Hammers seem to come round fairly frequently. Goals are not usually a problem either...5-4, 8-2, 7-1 , and many other goal fests feature heavily down the years.

West Ham of recent times, well the stadium used to be a pretty intimadating place to go-the crowd right up to the pitch, almost on top of the players in some parts. The ICF of the seventies, and dark, murky back streets round the ground concealing who knows what terrors that the east end fog keeps to itself.

Look at this aerial shot of the ground.


Players sold between the two teams in recent years include Christian `Narcoleptic` Dailly, Ian `Shrewsbury`Pearce and Matty`desperate`Holmes.

This is a link to The official West Ham Website...

West Ham-Official Site

My expectations of the day are a pretty boring game, and no chance of a win. But our record in opening day fixtures, particulary against teams recently promoted from the league below, and particulary against teams begining with W is quite good.

I recently joined the biggest West Ham independent supprters web site, and asked a few questions of their members about the two teams. There is a link below to the thread. Makes quite interesting reading, esp the Bigger Club question.

Knees Up Mother Brown

So, there you have it. The first preview of the season. Things can only get better eh?

Time to dash....


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great job ozz. had a rough day, but reading that's brightened me up. smile.gif

can't wait for the season to start myself. only grouse is that only 5 of ours first 18 games will be shown 'live' on cable over here, but that's another matter. can't wait.

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Good read Ozz.

just a couple of pointers.

firstly if you want blowing then get yerslef down St Mary's Street near the prison, it may only cost you a very small amount tongue.gif

secondly they all appear to be expecting a big hammers win. "bore us into subission".."lucky to get nil"..."bumley a bigger club"....

dies really show that they are the same ilk as our neighbours who also play in claret and poo ohmy.gif

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It's great to have these previews again. Got me ticket for west 'am - two days after the cricket at OT, should be a good double.

I'm going one day after the cricket. blink.gif I'll be the one looking rougher than usual (hard to imagine I know).

Good preview Ozzie. The arrogance of those West Ham fans is hilarious - they haven't a prayer of staying up.

Predictions: 3-1 Rovers. Bellamy hat-trick. And my hangover will start to feel a bit better at around 7pm.

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Bring on The Hammers, i'd love us to win heavily but for very selfish reasons, my next-door neighbour is a Hammer.

Great preview Ozzie.

Unfortunatly it's Roversworld for me. B

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Great preview ozzie.

Unfortunately you've set a new high standard by getting it out so early- den is already chasing for my preview and I've forgotten which one I'm down for!

I thought the Hammers fans were pretty fair in their responses to your questions- it was 7-1 by the way and the sliced clearance which became an o.g. was one of the most comical sights in football this decade.

Too many imponderables to predict a score at this stage but I'd say Rovers have too much for them in every department on the field- West Ham don't look much more than a very useful Championship side even after the signings they've made (at least Sparky and Rovers know about their ex-Cardiff defense). Pardew has said he is looking to sign two new forwards but that he will not forecast having them before the Rovers' match.

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20 August 2005

Barclays Premiership

Blackburn v Fulham, 15:00.............................................Eddie


24 August 2005

Barclays Premiership

Blackburn v Tottenham, 19:45.....................................Philipl


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Isn't football fickle? The West Ham fans I know were calling for Pardew's head last season, now it seems they can't get enough of him though it remains to be seen whether their attitude will change if (when?) they struggle this season.

The sort of game we need to get something from really, a draw wouldn't be too bad especially considering our recent record at West Ham.

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I bet Reid will get a good reception down at Upton Park....being ex-Millwall & all that! blink.gif

I`m predicting a 0-1 win for the Rovers, with an industrial yet clinical display.

West Ham will look like rabbits caught in headlights.

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I think West Ham will do well this year, they should be safe in mid-table. I'll go for a 1-1 draw, they'll be really up for it. Reid to score for us. I think we'll line-up like...


Neill Todd Nelsen Gresko

Emerton Reid Savage Pedersen

Bellamy Kuqi

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Greggyk is right we do always lose to West Ham away, last time we played them there Yorke put us ahead only for Di Canio (I Think) to score twice to beat us. But new season, fresh optomism and i am going to go for West Ham United 2-3 Blackburn Rovers


West Ham United-Sheringham


Blackburn Rovers-Kuqi



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Good preview, ozzie.

No doubt the Hammers will be up for it--their first game back in the Premiership, where they oh so rightfully belong (but clubs like us do not). Their squad really isn't that great except for a couple of promising youngsters, but expect Sheringham's ageless displays to keep them up this year.

I'm going for LeChuck's team and his scoreline as well, 1-1. Kuqi to continue his fine preseason form by netting his first in the blue and white halves.

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Aye thanks for that...really puts some pressure on me to produce something good with the second one!

Good preview though and hopefully it will be an equally good start to the season for us. A win would be nice, certainly possible and really these are the sort of games we have to win if we do want to push into the top half of the table (interesting that after the community shield coverage on sky they mentioned us as a possibility for pushing into the top 6...quite a change eh?). Having said that, if we do lose it isn't the end of the world and what I'll be more interested in is the performance. If we can look like scoring, continue to look solid at the back and just have that same attitude about us then I'll be happy.

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