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[Archived] Jansen Rips Up Contract

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Couldn't find the other Jansen threads, so sorry Mods..

Just read in the Sunday Times that Matt has terminated his contract with Rovers, saying that despite putting in some of the best training sessions in his career and respecting Mark Hughes, he still just feels invisible at the club.

IMO a good move for the lad - I think that if he still has it in him to be a professional footballer, then he definitely needs to move on from Rovers, as there are too many negative anchors holding him back at the club.

Hopefully Matt will find an ambitious club willing to take a punt on his abilities. I for one will always be grateful for the massive contribution he made to the Rovers and will wish him well with whatever club he moves on to. The Times report that the move will save Rovers £500K in wages, so there is an upside for the club in this too.

Thanks for all the memories Matt and for being man enough to know when it is time to go with dignity and pride.

Goodbye and good luck Matt Jansen. rover.gif

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It is a shame but overdue. Should really have had a try for a new club in the summer. The pay-as-you-play contract seems to have been one where Jansen received a basic amount according to that report then? 500k in wages saved?? Dwight Yorke was supposedly on a "pay-as-you-play" contract I seem to remember that all that added up to in the end was that he recieved a big bnus when he played to add to his wage.

All the best to Matt for the future. Never reached his full potential. Give a lot for us some great memories but should have also given so much more. If only Sven had picked him for the World Cup in 2006 instead of Martin Keown...bloody Tord Grip!

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If the thing about his best training sessions are true, then its surprising, cause he never looked the player he used to be whenever he played for us, even this season, granted he only had a few minutes here and there.

He just seemed a tad slow to make decisions, etc...

Good luck to him, one of my all-time favorites at the club and the last piece of the former era circa 98-02/03 that we had left, Dunny, Duffer and now Jansen.

Hope we see him again in good light...You were great Matt.

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He is a true professional, he really didnt nag like most people would in his situation, and bode his time and now if anyone says he was getting a hefty salary, Id shoot that down, cause even the biggest names in football nag after 1 game on the bench.

Most of the best players do it for the joy they have on the pitch, they love the game, money is the added bonus...

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Thanks for the service Matty J, hope you do well in the lower leagues (unless pompey or brum want you).

Best decision for him as the club would have kept him on pay as you play for aslong as they could have.

Now Hughes has a spare place in the squad, so it's either a youth, Galli or a new body in! tinykit.gif

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It is a shame that Matty has to move on, but this is football and with the way Rovers are at the moment the time is right for Jansen to move. In fact he should have moved on ages ago. As it is with Football, players come and go but Jansen will always be Fans favourite.

Good Luck Jansen

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