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[Archived] Turf Moor Is Falling Down........


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Please could you make your staff aware that we have some structural damage to the Cricket Field Stand roof.

This means that there may be parts of roofing panels, or even whole panels carried away by the wind.

Your staff should therefore use extreme caution if they are picking up cars from the car parks at Turf Moor.

Thank you for your cooperation

Burnley Football Club


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As a result of this week's extreme weather conditions, the David Fishwick (Cricket Field) Stand has suffered extensive storm damage.

Following discussions with the Police, Lancashire County Council and Burnley Football Club safety officials, it has been decided that this stand is unfit for use for Saturday's game.

As a result, ALL Burnley season ticket holders located in blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the James Hargreaves Lower Stand (closest to the David Fishwick Stand) will be relocated elsewhere within the stand to accommodate visiting Norwich City supporters.

You can choose individually to remain in the lower tier, or be re-located to the upper tier at no extra cost.

However, to do so you will need to bring your season ticket or matchday ticket and swap it for your new allocated seat ticket in advance of the game, either from the ticket office or the main reception of the James Hargreaves Stand.

Burnley Football Club is endeavouring to contact all supporters housed in these locations.

However, it would be of great assistance if those supporters affected could call into the ticket office in advance, or call on 0870 443 1914.

Burnley Football Club and the Police are encouraging supporters to arrive at Turf Moor in plenty of time ahead of kick off to ease anticipated congestion.

Visiting Norwich City supporters, who can pay on the turnstiles will be admitted into Turf Moor by the usual entrances on Harry Potts Way, where they will be escorted to their seats in blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the James Hargreaves Lower.

Burnley Football Club apologise for any inconvenience caused to supporters by this unforeseen situation.

Burnley FC chief executive Dave Edmundson said: "Unfortunately the weather conditions have damaged part of the roof of the David Fishwick Stand.

"The weather has also prevented us from inspecting or repairing the damaged roof and unless we could reallocate seating, we were faced with postponing the game.

"We thank supporters in advance for their patience and understanding."

For more information, please contact Burnley Football Club on 01282 704701.

Bullet points

* David Fishwick Stand closed for Burnley v Norwich City

* Season tickets and matchday tickets for James Hargreaves Lower Stand, blocks 1, 2,3 and 4 need to be swapped.

* This can be done in advance, or ahead of kick off. Call into the ticket office or visit the main reception of the James Hargreaves Stand

* Norwich City fans entry at normal turnstiles before being transferred to James Hargreaves Lower tier, blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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Not as bad as Munich (where a main support column in the train station cracked) or, more football related, a match in South Africa had ad hoardings flying about the place clocking people, surely. Those players were _very_ athletic in dodging them!

You'd think one of the Dingles would have discovered duct tape by now... That'd fix it!

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...Burnley fc are advising their fans to turn up early for the Norwich game, so that fans can find alternative seating. It`s going to be hard to squeeze nearly 12,000 fans into the 18,000 seats that aren`t affected. Some may be asked to "shufty up a bit" the club announced yesterday.

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