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[Archived] Manure V Chelski


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  1. 1. Who do you want/think to win the title

    • Arsenal
    • Chelsea
    • Liverpool
    • Manchester United
    • Other

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Decisions, decisions? I appreciate the fact that none of us likes either of them (do we?).

But as things stand just now Manure look capable of taking the title off Chelski this time round, and even the dreaded Arse could come up on the rails to pinch it. Possibly even Liverpoo could come through as outsiders. So which one do YOU fancy out of that horrible lot, or do you think there could still be a chance for some other even longer odds team, and if so which one?

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man ure...hate em...but hate moanareeniho and the gangsta more....

scousers are scousers and i hope they never win anything again because there flashy and think they have divine rights to win things..

arse..hate em didnt used to mind them until arshole whinger took over and theyve got lehman and van pussie


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It's a tough one. You could argue both teams have bought the title (£80m on Rooney, Rio and Carrick!) and they both have a strong British core. For mine it comes down to the football each team plays. United are by far the more pleasing to the eye. For that reason alone they're the lesser of the two evils in my book.

As for Liverpool and L'Arse. Well t'scousers don't have a chance in hell, far too inconsistent. With Van Persie breaking his foot, L'Arse are now out of it too I feel. I dislike both teams far more than I do Man Utd and Chelski - I hate their fans and (in L'Arse's case) I despise their cheating.

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It's a tough one. You could argue both teams have bought the title (£80m on Rooney, Rio and Carrick!)

no you cant ,it was aimed at us that when we WON the title.

EVERY team tries to buy success,EVERY team buys players to win things.It doesnt matter whether its 100 million or a swap for a new kit at pub level.

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I support two teams, Rovers and whoever is playing against Manure. I hate them with a passion and would love to see them out of the Premiership altogether.

It has to be Chelski for me in spite of their cheating and the despicable John Terry.

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The only circumstances under which I want United to win the title are if it stops Chelsea. The sooner the wheels come of that club the better, with luck Jose will be gone by the summer. Saying that United are playing some great football and deserve the title anyway.

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I'm gona have to go with United i'm afraid, even though it hurts me. I'd rather the prem was kept healthy by someone else winning, and so far, they deserve it!

also good to see players like solskjaer and larsson still doing it. If chelski didn't have drogba they would be nowhere this season.

technically I should want, and support Arsenal, my dad is from Woolich. But i made him support rovers :D

and Arsenal are not really in it, and its hard to want a team full of foreigners to win it frankly

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United all the way for me. Chelsea are everything that's wrong with football and it's becoming harder and harder to like Arsenal when you see all the hangers-on now I live in London. I've never liked Liverpool either (the rest of my family are Evertonians, so that might explain that). Mind you, as long as it's not Chelsea, I don't care.

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Call me pedantic but is it me or does the thread not start who do you want to win out of Manure and Chelski but then we have Arse and Scousers and then another option for Other? :blink:

Shouldn't it just be out of them x4 or just MU or Chelsk?

Anyway - voted for other as I would rather anybody bar Notlob if it wasn't us in the Prem.

If I had to plump for one of the x4 - rather it was Liverpool.

out of just MU and Chelsk - would have to plump to for MU

Who do I think is going to win it - MU and Sky TV

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United for me as well, they have played far better football than the Rent Boys, their Manager has also intensified my disliking of Chelski even further (I did not know that was possible, but it is)

Trouble is, United seem to be spurning most of the opportunities they have been given so far this season, for example, how much pressure would Moaninio be really under if United's lead was double figures?

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I would like us to win the title. Failing that: Arsenal any day of the week.

However since we're miles below the necessary standard and Arsenal are a bunch of soft screw-ups, I'd have to go with the realistic option of Chelsea and voted thus.

It'll be a cold day in hell when I want United to win any trophy, let alone the league title. Chelsea may be a bunch of flash, cockney whingers but they have nothing on the cynics at Merchandise United. I despise them with the very essence of my being and have no desire to ever see Gary Neville's hands on the Premiership again.

Ferguson's comments that Liverpool fans would prefer United to claim the league over Chelsea made me laugh. The man is living in cloud cuckoo land if thinks that the scousers wouldn't begrudge their fiercest, most hated rivals a league title. There was a comment by Martin Tyler during yesterday's game where he stated that people saw United as 'the good guys in their tussle with Chelsea.' Is he having a laugh?

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Yeah, but the Republican Guard aren't involved!

I'd have to say Blackburn Rovers! George Graham made an interesting point when he said that there were teams in the Premiership that could challenge for the title if they could field their strongest team week in week out (he also pointed out that you'd be lucky if you got 14 games with your strongest team) and he felt that we were one of those.

It's a short step to feel that with a good signing or two that we could challenge again. Once the "slow starting" has been fixed :) (Although an entirely new strikeforce and the Admirals injury are decent excuses)

Failing that, I hate Chelski so very much, their joke of a manager and lack of any enthusiasm for the game. United, 'nuff said (although better them than chelski), L'Arse.... not any more. Their fans are now insufferable and Henry's started believing the hype about himself. On the other hand, we could take Cesc and Van Persie under our wings.... :D

Leaving Liverpool outta the top four, and with the atmosphere at Anfield against Chelsea, I remembered that there's still something good about that club.

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