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Derby County Preview

Jim J


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Brief History:

The club was formed in 1884 as an offshoot of Derbyshire County Cricket Club. Derby initially played at the Racecourse Ground. As well as competing in a number of friendly matches and informal competitions, Derby County also entered the FA Cup.

Derby County were founder members of The Football League when it was launched in 1888. In 1891 they absorbed Derby Midland F.C.. In 1895 the club moved to a new stadium, The Baseball Ground, which became their home for the next 102 years, and adopted their traditional colours of black and white. Pride Park now plays host to the Rams.

Major Honours:

League title 1971-72, 1974-75

FA Cup Winners 1945-46

Current League standing:

Played 19

Won 1

Drawn 4

Lost 14

Points 7

Position 20th

Current Staff include:

Paul Jewell, Stan Ternent and Alan Fettis

Current Players of interest:

Andy Todd, Jay McEveley

Useless but slightly interesting information:


A new club badge was introduced in 1971, featuring a more modern design that, with modifications, is still in use today. The badge was initially consisted of a stylised white ram facing left. The badge was first modified slightly in 1979 to include the text 'Derby County FC' under the ram (though the ram remained on its own on away kits). In 1982 the ram turned to face to the right and the text under it was removed. The ram was surrounded by a wreath of laurel and the text 'Centenary 1984-1985' was printed underneath for the club's centenary season. The laurel was removed and the text reading 'Derby County FC' returned from the next season. In 1993, the ram faced left again and the text was removed once more. From 1995, the ram faced right and was enclosed in a diamond, with a gold banner reading 'Derby County FC' underneath and the text '1884' (the year of the club's foundation) underneath that. The design was changed again in 1997, the ram faced now left and the golden banner now simply read 'Derby County'; the diamond and year of formation were removed. A decade later, in 2007, the badge was modified again (to the one seen at top of this section), with the ram (still facing left) and the text 'Est. 1884' now in the middle of a circular frame featuring 'Derby County Football Club' in gold lettering.

So, its time for another away game at a club stuck at the bottom of the table struggling for points, this can only spell one outcome, a Derby win?

Dom, a work colleague, grew up in Derby and now lives in St Helen's for his sins. He has agreed to do a quick Q&A session:

How do you rate Derby's season so far, did you expect them to do better?

Cant say I expected them to stay up, but I did think we would make a fight of it. At times this season we have been the Premiership whipping boys. Were improving now but we've left ourselves to much to do to stay up

Who have been your best and worst players?

For me Kenny Miller looks a good striker, when he gets a chance he takes it (he's just not had many chances!) and he grafts up front. He's the opposite To Rob Earnshaw whose been a bit of a disaster, there's games I've watched where he looks like he's never played up front before. At the back Claude Davis has been pretty solid, but the rest of the defense have been outclassed. Gary Teale is Premiership standard I think. Giles Barnes definitely is but hasn't shown his full potential yet.

How are Toddy and McEvely doing?

Todd had a good start to the season, scoring on the opening day to get us a point off Portsmouth, and looked pretty good defensively too, but he's been injured since the 6-0 drubbing at Anfield. He's got a back problem that no one can seem to diagnose. He's 32 now and I'm wondering if we've bought him a little too late in his career. Not sure about McEveley, he's got the desire but I'm still not sure he's Premiership standard yet. Hes not been getting in the team every week, but its tough when your part of a back four that's been all over the place.

Have Derby got money to spend in the transfer window that you know of?

There is money, but of course no one knows how much. Thing is I think Jewell and the board have accepted relegation (and you can't blame them) so theres no point blowing the bank on some over-rated foreigners. Were not going to be able to attract Premiership standard players anyway with the position were in. So there will be signings but probably with an eye for the future.

Would you welcome foreign investment to your club?

Damn right I would. The chairman is currently looking into getting some, and you may have seen the rumours in the papers about a member of the Walt Disney family getting involved. I don't know if its true or not but we've got to have financial clout to compete. It's a shame all our clubs are gonna be owned by foreigners, And I'd love a rich Derby Fan to takeover (like the Jack Walker Situation) but it wont happen.

Did you want Billy Davies to leave?

Not really, as I didn't think it would make any difference to our chances of staying up, but he was constantly making waves and getting up peoples noses. At the moment I think we actually have a decent board, there all local Derby Fans. I think they'd just had enough of his constant whingeing when in reality they had actually backed him all the way.

Where you pleased with the appointment of Paul Jewell?

Yeah I actually think he's got a better track record than Billy Davies, and I think we've ended up with a better manager, so its turned out ok in the end. Hopefully he can take us forward like he did with Bradford and Wigan (Not sheff wed!) I think this is the biggest club he been at and theres potential for him to make us a good premiership side, so he's really keen on the job. But hes gonna have to get us promoted next year first.

Blackburn have a tendency to lose to the clubs at the bottom of the league, can you see Derby beating us?

Weve improved in the last couple of games, so I think we have a chance but Blackburn are usually well organised but are not on a good run at the moment. I think you've got a good manager and he will be looking at the Derby game as a chance to put things right. Hopefully we can stop giving the ball away and stay tight at the back. Even though were going down I think its important not to capitulate. We need to get some results to take us into next year on a bit of a high

Which Blackburn players do you fear?

David Bentley seems to be doing the business at the mo and looks at good player. I know McCarthy is getting a bit of stick off Blackburn fans at the mo but I think any team will fear him as we know he has the potential to do something special. Also we don't make a lot of chances and I think Friedel is a good player who is unlikely to let any soft goals in

And finally, a score and scorers prediction please Dom?

I'm gonna stick my neck out for the Rams and say we will get a 1-1 draw. Barnes for Derby, Bentley for Blackburn. I'll have to go and stick that on at the bookies now otherwise I'll be kicking myself if it comes in!

Cheers Dom. I think we'll have a difficult game, but will just sneak it 2-1 in the last minute, Santa and Samba for us, and Miller for the Rams.

Lets end the year with 3 points please Rovers. Happy new year everyone!

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That poor sheep- left me dizzy just reading which way it was going. No wonder the players are confused...

Nice preview. Are we actually going to get the first goal in this one? Would make a nice change and surely time for 4-4-2 again. For me, 4-5-1 only makes real sense for Rovers when we plonk the Axe as the holding midfielder doing what he does best.

Lawrenson has us winning this one 2-0. I'd take that right now thank you.

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Get an early goal and we should win comfortably - need to rectify our poor goal difference. This will not be an easy game though. Derby have had a couple of very good games, undoubtedly a win is just around the corner for them. Let's just hope it doesn't come on sunday. But of course, knowing Rovers....

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derby-a game what we should win, a game we need to win..

paul jewell in as new manager, looking for his first win..and the way we have been lately, it could be us..

we have miles better players, and derby are a poor team..and that is what worries me..

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matt le Tissier ? average player who never achieved anything in his career and someone who talks utter crap on soccer saturday !

the man is talking tripe :unsure:

he was most certainly not an average player. he would walk into today's england side and is probably the most underrated footballer england have produced in the last 10-15 years.

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matt le Tissier ? average player who never achieved anything in his career and someone who talks utter crap on soccer saturday !

the man is talking tripe :unsure:

I think it's almost certainly you that is 'talking tripe' - not that there's anything new in that. Le Tissier was a wonderful player and one that could've graced any team at his best. There's very little that he's said in that article that can be argued with. Just because he's not singing our praises doesn't mean his opinion should be immediately cast aside. Yours on the other hand.......

Anyway, on to the game. We'll win this, 2-0.

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Wacthed a couple of Premiership preview programmes today (following our draw last night), and they are being quite negative on us.

Comments such as: Blackburns season on the verge of falling apart, Vulnerable Blackburns' season about to collapse.

A lot of betting websites believe it is worthwhile betting on Derby to win this one.

Stating the f'fing obvious, but could really do with 6 points from our next 2 matches. It would put us in a nice position and provide some positive vibes. However, I do wonder if our squad will be fresh enough.

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