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[Archived] Player Of The Season

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You can now vote for the player of the season either on the official site or in the away travel office.

Maybe the mods could pin this and turn it into a poll?

The contenders:

Brad Friedel - correct me if i'm wrong but has he ever won this despite winning us more points every season than any other player?

Stephen Warnock - Solid as always at the back, but good enough for this?

Brett Emerton - Plays and runs his heart out every week, finally found his calling at right back but does a job anywhere he is asked to play.

Chris Samba - Up until christmas big Chris was looking immense, has his inconsistency ruled him out?

David Bentley - Yet another step up in class this season, which could be his last at Ewood, an England regular but our player of the season?

David Dunn - Most said he was finished yet Dunny has returned to become a regular and had an injury free season in the heart of the midfield.

Roque Santa Cruz - Debut season, 20 goals, work-rate is second to none, should he win the crown first time round?

Tugay - Last season with the Rovers, a goodbye momento?

Aaron Mokoena - could he be the jokers choice?

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I'm with Mark. Santa Cruz, Bentley or Brad. We take Brad for granted, we'll miss him badly when he calls it a day.

Definately, the guy easily saves us 10-15 points a season. Then he turns in games like the man u one, where it takes the entire defence falling asleep to get it past him.

However I did vote for Santa because of all his presents this season. :rover:

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For me personally it is between Friedel, Santa and Bentley.

Looking at it and taking into account it is purely this season makes the decision easier I feel.

1. Friedel - Immense as always and just outshines the rest for me.

2. Santa - 20 goals in his debut seasons just a shame they didn't amount to more points.

3. Bentley - Has been good but not our player of the year.

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Its a tough one but i think the winner will be between Roque, Bents and Brad and it will be a close.

Personally i would go for Roque, 20 goals (possibly more with 3 games left!) in his first season is a great achievement. We see a lot of foreigners come into the prem and not make much of an impact in their first season. His workrate has also been immense, pretty much given everything in every game he has played for us this season.

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Id agree with the 3 mentioned but feel Bentley has been inconsistent and I dont think against the better teams he really shines.

Brad has his day of being immense but he isnt always perfect and we have been shown a few signs this year that he is ageing and sometimes I feel he is now slower off his line.

For me its Santa Cruz, another gem from Hughes and has got goals against all the teams including some of the better defensive teams - United/ Liverpool/ City/ Villa to name a few.

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Found this from last season, looking back I can't believe Benni didn't get player of the year from us!

Clicky Clicky

Also on the basis of all them awards who would you give them to?

Player of the Year: Brad Friedel

Young Player of the Year: any real contenders? Derbs again?

Newcomer of the Year: Roque Santa Cruz

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We have been voting for our own man of the match - every game. The winner of that would be our POTY, wouldn't it?

Wouldn't be a poor way to decide it, but not a great one either. A player could have 10 great games and get 10 MoM awards, and in the remaining 28 games cost us more points than he gained in those 10. Or you could have a player who'd consistently very good, but then have inconsistent players take turn in having the odd great game and end up with 8 guys having 4-5 MoM awards each with the aforementioned player having been #2 each week.

A better way would be (And maybe that's what you're doing?) to look at the top 3 for each game, and award a different amount of points for 1st 2nd and 3rd.

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I'm split between Friedel, Santa Cruz and Bentley.

I don't think Friedel has ever won this award since he's been here, it's always gone to more glamourous outfielders like Bellamy, Duff, Bentley etc.

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I think people are jumping on a friedel bandwagon here. In the majority of the season, the goals conceded have been the only real shots against brad, he hasnt done that many top class performances this season imo.

He puts in a world class one against united and everyone starts to love him and he`s the best player ever.

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What about performance of the year then?

Friedal against Utd?

Santa against Wigan?

I'd opt for Bentley against Newcastle at home

As for player of the season it would be between Bentley and Roque with Roque edging it.

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Friedel has had a couple of dodgy games in my opinion, Villa home and away stand out. We all commented that he should have done better with a couple of free kicks this season. Dont get me wrong I wouldnt swap him for anyone, except maybe a Brad of 5 years ago so we'd have him for even longer.

Santa Cruz stands out for me, more impressed with him with every game i see him play.

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