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I was hoping someone from the 'fans forum' could take back some feedback to the club about the new kit when you have your next meeting.

Now before you all start - Have a look at the kit first on onerovers, because it doesnt seem much better quality on there.

One Rovers Pic

If you dont like it, say why, but lets have contructive criticism if any - not just one line of 'its crap'.

My view: I like the shirt although im not sure why we have selected such a similar colour to our home kit. Im not sure the whole package (shirts, shorts, socks) goes that well together either.

My other gripe is that the club should consult with the fans more on future kits - I think most will agree that there have been some nicer looking kits on here which people have created from photoshop etc.

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Couple of things

at a fans forum earlier in the season the club said they wanted to continues with halved shirts, why has this not been the case then?

Also it looks suspicously like a Bolton shirt...

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It's truely woeful. None of the colours really 'go' with eachother, the styling could have been knocked up by a 10 year old.

And sack whoever thought it was a good idea to have a clashing white kit, because now we have an away shirt which i assume will be used less than 10 times this season.

I agree witht the consulting with the fans, on the official boards someone posted a black and red away shirt in a similar style and both are far and away nicer than that dish cloth.

Oh and whatever happened to the shirts being £24.99 or £29.99? I could buy a few felt tips and a white umbro polo and do a better job for alot less than 40notes.

Lets just hope umbro dont balls up blue and white halves.

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Can safely say my money is staying in my wallet next season with regards to that shirt.

It's too plain and the choice of colours and where they've been positioned and just everything, it's crap.

One thing i do like is the lettering for the sponsor, same as they used last season on the away, i'd like to see this idea transferred onto the new home shirt instead of the crappy transfers we've been using for the past god knows how many seasons.

Fingers crossed for a decent looking home shirt, if we're actually changing it?


Was this the away shirt u were talking about MeanGreenMachine, if so i totally agree.

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MGM, the club fecked up the home jersey this season with the black box and black lettering/numbering and the overall design.

The new away shirt is terrible, not a fan of all white shirts. They were spot on for getting my hard earned money with the shorts and socks....but i think they were seeing how many pre-orders they could get before revealing the hideous pyjama's style shirt....that is all it looks to me.... in the future i might change my mind but cant see it happening.

I have always bought every jersey rovers have put out since i have started supporting them, and where i could afforded it, but not this seasons home and now it looks like not next seasons away.


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Its absolutely dire.

White and RED FFS?

A white shirt, when white already makes up half our home kit? Brilliant move that one - just takes some pratty referee to decide on a cold January day that they are two similar either way what then?

I would be interested if the red and black kit actually sold more than any other away kit in recent times. It certainly it the one I see most around town and Ewood. The halved theme was popular at the time, and anecdotally still is.

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Guest benmaxwell

I don't dislike it. But if they are going to have a white top. Would it not have made much better sense to use blue shorts? So you got the white at the top rather mirroring the home top, and then the blue from the home top on the shorts. That would present as a much better away kit matchup without being so in your face.

It just looks to me like they have put the shorts from 2 season's ago's away top with a undyed shirt with the sponsors on it...

I rate it 6 out of 10. Might purchase the top, but not when it's at full-price...

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I dislike it especially with the red shorts. It looks like a kids tee shirt or as someone else said a pyjama top. Usually I buy them for my "kids" who are in their late teens/early 20s to wear as casual wear but I can't see any of them requesting one. The red or black designs shown elsewhere on this board would have been far more attractive. Whoever okayed it should think more carefully about what fans like next year. Better market research would have surely informed the club that an all white shirt would not be popular for various reasons. It would also have told them that even if they wanted an all white shirt, this is not the one.

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1. A white kit is just to similar to out Home kit.

2. Why couldn't the fans be given a vote? surely they would sell more shirts if the fans had chosen it? I would think this would be a low seller.

3. Add me to the list that would like halved away kits.

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It looks like a "10 year-old Bolton supporter's pajamas" to combine some well-put views from those who've posted before me. In my opinion we should always be some combination of red & black. There are many different ways to combine the two colors without repeating any particular style so soon that it would upset our kit supplier. Some very good examples precede this post in the thread. We've had at least a half-dozen different styles use the combination in the last 17 years and they all proved to be popular, some of them immensely.

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I believe that our unique signature is a halved shirt and I am pretty sure that most fans would support this for the away kit.

If we must have red and white, then what's wrong with red and white halves?

Some other combinations I would like to see come around would be red/black, grey/orange, yellow/black, green/orange.

Anything but claret and light blue, really.

The blue/white variations prove that there's no end to the possibilities once you have a few more colours to play with.


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Im surprised the premier league allowed us to produce that shirt when it obviously clashes with the home kit. That black shirt looks good. The person Rovers employ to design kits must only be on minimum wage, or were getting screwed!

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That's not a bad design but not with the Blue logo.

Probably one of a few who actually like it but a definite NO NO with red shorts & socks - and why white anyway considering our home shirt.

Still won't pay the price for footy shirts though

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