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[Archived] Jack Walker

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I made this last night to link to the Jack Walker section created nine years ago by Lee, Alan75 & AESF, which now lives in the BRFCS Wiki. Please take a look :)

Hasta - I shall add in those videos as an extra page when I have a spare moment.

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RIP Uncle Jack, I bet till his dying day he could barely believe we actually did it, well we did, thanks to you big man. The emotion on his face at anfield was enough to bring any rovers fan to tears.

The one and only.

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RIP Uncle Jack

A true great, my greatest regret is not being born earlier - wish I could have been old enough to appreciate the magnitute of what he did in 95. I hope he has looking down now, smiling as his beloved club again enjoys top flight football.

Definitely going to watch the 'Rovervision' where the Jack Walker tribute is, he is a man the town could be proud of, and I feel blessed we had him. If it wasn't for Jack, we wouldn't be battling away in the Premiership now - for that I thank him. For such a brilliant person, he was so humble and down to earth. I am proud to say that he was from my town, and supported my football club.

Remember being an eight year old sat in the Blackburn End, wiping a tear as 'Time to say goodbye' was played on the tannoy. I didn't know the true extent of what he did then, but I saw the high esteem he was held in, and the impact he had on the club.

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Never forget.

I also share his birthday and always have a thought for him on my birthday.

Just watched the video's and brought a tear to my eyes.

There has not been a man like him in football.

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Thanks for everything you did for your wonderful club Jack, if it wasn't for you we might not even be in existence now.

I'm so proud that the premier league is now in it's eighteenth year and we are 1 of only 4 clubs still to win it and the only club outside of the 'top four'.

What you did for this club just can't and won't be repeated no matter how much money they might try and spend, they can spend as much money as they want but it won't be worth anywhere near as much as your heart and passion which is what really brought this club to glory.

RIP in Jack

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