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[Archived] Huddersfield Town vs Blackburn Rovers

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Fast Cars, Starships and Wrinkled Stockings…

What links the Aston Martin DB5 so beloved by James Bond, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise, and Nora Batty’s wrinkled stockings? The answer isn’t things the Venky’s have considered introducing at Ewood, but is in fact the town of Huddersfield. (The DB range of cars was named after local businessman & tractor builder David Brown; Picard was played by Patrick Stewart born in Mirfield but a lifelong Huddersfield Town supporter; and Last of the Summer Wine was filmed around Huddersfield, mainly the village of Holmfirth.)

The reason I mention this is to try to give a bit more appreciation to the wider world of West Yorkshire life before we get into the boring stuff about football. To supplement this journey into this side of the Pennines (I emigrated here from Chorley over 20 years ago), I’ve pulled together a short video containing some *interesting* information about the place to whet the appetite of those travelling across on Tuesday night, and to make those who aren’t doing so, dead jealous.

Please note this video contains no sex, nudity, violence or swearing, but it does contain a gratuitous reference to Margaret Thatcher. Oh and some dodgy editing and my ad libbed commentary.


Huddersfield Town was founded in 1908 and entered into the Football League shortly afterwards. In their 104 year history, their glory years were very much in the early stages of their existence. They were the first team to win the League three seasons in a row 1923/24, 1924/25 and 1925/26 – a feat that has only been repeated by Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd (twice).

The have one the FA Cup just once, and been runner up four times (once beaten by Rovers). They have no real pedigree in the League Cup and I couldn’t be @r$ed to even read Wikipedia on the Johnstone Paints Leyland DAF trophy shield to see what they’d done there. But I’m guessing it’s not much and no one particularly cares anyhow.

Unfortunately for Town fans, after relegation from the top flight in 1952, it’s been a battle in the lower divisions ever since (bar a very brief flurry in Division One in the early 70s).


Huddersfield finally regained Championship status this season after winning promotion through the play-offs in May lead by former Rovers Legend, Simon Grayson. The previous two campaigns had seen the Terriers fail at the play-off stage under Lee Clarke. During the 2010/11 season under Clarke, the team went on an unbroken run of 7,392 league games which only came to an end in November 2011. He was sacked the following February with a win percentage of nearly 50%.

Back in the Championship, Town have started generally brightly but erratically. Wins have included beating Wolves at home (which Rovers failed to do) but there’s also been home defeats including to Watford (which Rovers avoided). Town have looked particularly shakey in their last two outings with two thumpings away from the John Smiths Stadium - including losing to bottom club Peterborough.


The two teams haven’t had much of a league history against each other in the recent past, with only 8 league games in the last 25 years. Of those 8, Rovers have won 5, drawn 1 and lost 2. The last time the teams met in the league was in 2000-01, with Rovers doing the double over the Terriers in a season that ultimately saw the Lancashire team promoted and the Yorkshire folk relegated. The game at the then McAlpine Stadium was a 1-0 victory for Rovers with winner coming from Egil Ostenstad. And we say we have no pace in the current team…

Apart from a League Cup match a few seasons back, there’s been no other competitive game since, but the clubs have battled it out in the transfer market a couple of times: first when local boy Jon Stead moved to Rovers in early 2004, and more recently when Oldham-born, and several previous clubs (including loans) but “Huddersfield through and through and would never leave for any price tag and definitely not to Blackburn”, Jordan Rhodes moved across the hills in the last transfer window.

The most recent battle between the clubs, however, wasn’t the Rhodes deal. It was the annual Club Mascot race. Although not victorious, Rover the Dog came 8th (out of 26), comfortably ahead of Terry the Terrier in 12th.


We now come to a question and answer session with some Town fans. I work on a bank of 6 desks, and of the 6, 2 have no interest in football, there’s me and then there are 3 Huddersfield season ticket holders. So instead of just asking them to respond to a Q&A, I decided to try something a little different and have a round the table chat (done in our lunch break, naturally). Participating are: David Brooke, Darrell Flynn and Chris Rowan.

The following is what transpired…

BRB: First question gents… last time you were in the Championship, you were pushing for promotion one season, and you sold your star player – Marcus Stewart – just over 12 months later you ended up being relegated. What are your prospects for promotion this time after again selling your star player, Jordan Rhodes?

David: As far as I’m concerned, we don’t have any expectations whatsoever. For us, just staying in this league would be a good result.

Chris: Yeah, I’d agree with David, no real ambition for promotion this time round. It’s a different scenario completely. We didn’t need to sell Rhodes and we wanted to keep him but we demanded a fee that in our opinion was silly money for him and we got it. So good luck to him and thank you for the money.

Daz: I think the players we’ve got in this time seem to be better than Rhodes.

BRB: Ok. So talking about players, who do you think Blackburn Rovers should be weary of on match night?

David: If he’s fit, Vaughan. But it is a big ‘if’ if he’s fit cos he’s a little bit inconsistent with his fitness this season but if he’s fit, he’s very, very good.

Chris: If you’ve got a lack of pace at left back or down the left handside, you have to be weary of Jack Hunt cos he will…

BRB: Sorry?

David: He’s not going to play…

BRB: What name?

Chris: Jack Hunt.

BRB: Ahhh

Chris: Oh is he banned?

David: Yeah. <laughs>

Chris: You don’t need to worry about Jack Hunt. <all laugh>

Daz: And if Scannel is on form, he’ll be good up front

Chris: Can I just point out to listeners that I was on holiday at the weekend <all laugh> in Lanzarote and Hunt got sent off

David: Yep, he was sent off

BRB: I’d just like to point out that this won’t be uploaded, so there won’t be any listeners, Christopher

Chris: Ahhh

BRB: Readers…

Chris: Ok, readers. <giggles>

BRB: What about Alan Lee?

David: Alan Alan Lee

BRB: Yep, Alan Alan Lee.

Chris: Alan Alan Lee. You must call him by his proper name <laughter>. Even the PA announcer calls him Alan Alan Lee.

BRB: Is he likely to be a threat?

Chris: Errr

Daz: Will come on as a sub probably

BRB: And decapitate somebody?

Chris: Yeah

David: He’ll only be a threat to himself <lots of laughter>

Chris: He might get his hair in his eyes and yeah…

David: Fall over a lot

Chris: If Grayson decides he wants to try and change the game towards the latter stages and put someone up front with some aerial … I was going to say threat but…

David: No…

Chris: Aerial nuisance? Well that’s probably when you’ll see him.

David: But bless him.

BRB: Yeah bless him, he tries

David: Yeah bless him, we love him all the same

Chris: And when he scores he goes berserk, because it’s such a rarity <giggles>

BRB: Are there any Blackburn Rovers players you’re a bit weary of? Or would covet for your team?

Chris: I’d be weary of Colin Hendry, he’s really ugly. <lots of laughter>

Daz: No

David: It’s probably written in the stars that Jordan Rhodes is going to score against us. It’s bound to happen.

Chris: Is Rhodes eligible to play?

BRB: Yeah

Chris: Did they not…

BRB: They can’t…

David: You can’t do that type of clause

Chris: You used to be able to?

BRB: Think there’s been some big hoo-haas in the past

Chris: Ahh right, certainly with Marcus Stewart that was one of the controversial things at the time that they didn’t put a clause in and two weeks later he scored, and we lost 2-1 or maybe 1-0. <lots of laughter> Ok, ok, we lost by the odd goal and he scored. Anyhow they used to be able to do that type of clause.

David: I think the circumstances behind the sale of Rhodes are very different to what they were.

BRB: What about the Portuguese contingent? <pause> At Rovers.

David: Ahh, at Rovers, I was thinking ‘have we got one?’ <laughter>

Chris: What about them? <more laughter>

David:Basically no idea about them

Daz: Should we be worried about Ronaldo?

BRB: Yeah, because he’s going to be several hundred miles away

Daz: Right

Chris: With Colin Hendry <laughter>

BRB: Your club seems to be quite stable at the moment, with a decent chairperson and a decent manager how would you sum up your views on Rovers last 18 months?

Chris: <does the ‘du du dudla du du da da’ circus clown music>

David: Type that up!

Chris: I suppose when you see the stories on Sky Sports News you just feel glad that it’s not your club

David: Exactly

Chris: Although we’ve had similar things but weren’t in the press as much as we were probably 2ndor 3rddivision at the time whereas when you’re in the Premier League everyone hears about it. We’ve similar debacles ourselves…

David: Stan Ternent…

Chris: Stan Ternent

BRB: Loved by Rovers fans as well

David: Yes, we couldn’t get rid of him fast enough

Chris: Barry Rubery, administration, and what not

David: Yeah, we’ve been through most of it. But it must have been awful for Rovers fans, I have to say.

Chris: Don’t forget, we had … whatwashisname… <laughs> “don’t forget, whatwashisname?” <lots of laughter>. You know, that manager we sacked but couldn’t sack him because we didn’t have any money to pay his compensation so had to reinstate him! <thinks> Wadsworth! Mick Wadsworth! They sacked him and then the next day had to reinstate him.

BRB: So bit similar to the rumours Kean had been sacked and then turned up the next day and refused to leave.

David: Yeah. <laughs>

BRB: Quick question then… what do you think the result will be?

Daz: 2-0 to Town

Chris: I think you can’t predict any result in the Championship

BRB: What a cop-out!

Chris: No you can’t <said rather pathetically it must be said!!!>

David: I think it depends on who turns up, or rather whether the team turns up for Town or not.

Chris: The games we’ve won, we could have lost or drawn. The games we’ve drawn, we could have lost or won, and … errr what’s left?

David: The games we’ve lost…

Chris: We could have won…

David: No we couldn’t! <lots of laughter>

Daz: Town seem to be playing better against the better clubs….

Chris: So we’ll probably have a poor game against you!

BRB: Probably! Two specific questions for Christopher. You are ‘well known’ for your acumen with regards betting and I believe you’ve had two interesting bets this year. One that Town will finish above Rovers and secondly that Town will finish exactly 8thin the division. Why did you choose that second bet?

Chris: Well if you look at the league table, at the time of you asking this question, you’ll see we are exactly 8th. So I rest my case.

BRB: You’re 9th. <lots of laughter>

Daz: Can I just add he’s been on holiday! <more laughter>

BRB: And last question Christopher. Jean-Luc Picard or the Doctor. Both celebrity fans. Who is the best?

Chris: Errr <slightly sheepishly> Jean-Luc Picard

BRB: <disdainfully> ahh right so, that’s you out of Whovian social circles!

Chris: <nervous giggle>

BRB: So any final comments from you guys?

David: Which Doctor Who supports…

BRB: Matt Smith

David: Oh does he?

BRB: Yeah, his father comes from Darwen and he was also quite outspoken about Steve Kean towards the end of last season

David: Ahhhhh

Daz: Would you like to take up our offer of hospitality and join us for a drink before the game?

BRB: I may do. Depends on what time I get there.

Daz: You don’t need to go to the game. <laughter>

BRB: Probably a better bet if I don’t!

Chris: Why don’t you have a shirt sponsor?

BRB: It’s not to sully the purity of such a traditional shirt. Or our commercial department is kean.

David: Do you think you’ll have a new manager before the game?

BRB: Personally no – this interview is being recorded on 29th October and the stories about an appointment by this Wednesday are I think, pie in the sky.

Chris: Can I just point put that in travels for work in the car listening to TalkSport, I heard them talking about, is it Shevvy Singh?

BRB: Shebby Singh, yeah

Chris: Shebby Singh, he was quoted as saying that Steven Gerrards best position is left back and he really, really meant it. And he’s your footballing advisory person. Good luck! He was really adamant and argued his case on this. He wasn’t actually on TalkSport but someone was quoting what he said

David: Really?

Chris: Yeah. So how involved is this individual in your search for a new manager?

BRB: Errr, probably the leading light, so <laughter>

Chris: Should we end the interview here?

BRB: I think it’s votes all round for Stan Ternent! <lots of laughter>

Daz: Who do you want to be the manager?

BRB: Err uh…

Chris: <mutters his current line managers name … lots of laughter>

BRB: It would either be someone like Mick McCarthey who I think could get us out of the division <Chris gestures downwards> or someone with genuine potential but is probably very unlikely such as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, partly because I’ve got a bet on him! So thanks for your time gents.

David: No problem.

Chris: Do we get a coffee?

BRB: No.

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Going to this one as my company's European head office is in Hudds and we have a box at the McAlpine/John Smiths/whatever it's currently called.

Lump your house on Rhodes scoring, whichever way the result goes.

I'll go with a 1-1 draw.

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Great read, Yorkshire men with a sense of humour classic.

Too soon for me after latest knee op on Saturday and will be on crutches recovering. I dont see a Rovers win but oif the unthinkable happens and we secure a manager who knows ?

Score draw of some kind.

dare we predict a riot when Rhodes scores the inevitable goal ?

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Sorry if I'm being a bit thick, but what does this mean?

Huddersfield went on an unbeaten league match run and broke the previous record. I exaggerated a bit for 'comic' effect.

Execellet preview! But where is the best Pub?

Avoid ones near the ground - they're either home fans only or the locals are a bit American Werewolf. Town centre (15min walk) should be ok bar Wetherspoons. But I must confess, I live in a sleepy village on the outskirts, so don't tend to go into the metropolis very often, and strangely, even less often pre a football match.

Can anyone recommend a good car park? Not too fussed about paying a few quid. Cheers.

There's quite a few car parks (local business ones getting a few quid) near the stadium. Most are actually at the away end of the ground, so you might be able to beat the rush of the locals! On google maps, look for St Andrews Road and they are all the way along up to the junction with Wakefield Road. A bit further into town, plenty of council car parks that will be pretty empty by the evening.

Definitely avoid the various shopping centre car parks (there's one right next to the stadium, and two quite close); they are ruthless with football fans. And don't be tempted by the big Sainsburys one at Shorehead even if the barriers are up. You might end having to do an impromptu shop at the end of the night to get your car out!

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Just got tickets for this. Whys the coach setting off at 5! There has to be a pub closer than town centre. Were gonna be there for half 6

Have you ever been on the M62 at rush hour? :-)

Pity but I cannot make this one. Bloody dinner in the House of Lords instead. :-(

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