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[Archived] We're useless.

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I know we've kean owners, that goes without saying, but come on, we need to be giving 100% don't we ?

We bottled it.

And Keanoff with all your Dingle bullshite, its boring.

Hands up. Big Mick. Hands up. Show me your six fingers. Show me your six fingers.

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A draw against Derby and we have "Have we got our Rovers back".

A last minute defeat and it's "We're useless".

We need a few games under our belt before getting upset or excited.

We also need some quality in the loan market.

Frustrating? Of course. The end of the world? Not yet.

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Guest Norbert

Amazing. Two dodgy results and all the cry babies and dingle WUMs crawl out. Thank goodness we were made of stronger stuff in the 40's!

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Nah, we can have Mourinhio and a team with Kaka and Ronaldo, when you have a cancer that has set the club firmly in terminal decline (Venkys) we cannot progress one bit until we get rid of them.

This is what so many fans still continue to fail, time after time, to understand.

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