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    This turning the story into blaming the media is hypocritical once again. Just remind me what job Johnson did in the past and whilst in the job lied, prevaricated, insulted as bad as any journalist since. And he was sacked by The Times for his misdemeanors.
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    One thing I dont agree with is door stepping his parents house. Completely undermines the story. Not a fan of door stepping him either, partly because he's got a young child in the house.
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    Laura Kuensberg has been sympathetic to the Tories all the way through the election campaign and even before that. Even SHE is now critical and unsure they can simply ride it out. She has genuine government sources which suggests massive unease in the party if shes mirroring what SHE is hearing.
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    Question for all Brexiteers who supported Cummings Why did you vote against the "unelected bureaucrats" in Brussels but are happy to have an unelected bureaucrat deciding policy in No 10?
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    Can we please STOP making this about Brexit? I'm no Brexiteer, I'm a full-on Remainer, but this is absolutely nothing to do with Brexit. It's everything to do with Cummings being superior to the rest of us.
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    I suspect you may be right, unfortunately, but the Government's aim all along has been to suppress the spread of the virus so that the NHS did not become overwhelmed, rather than aim to eradicate it completely which is obviously impossible in the absence of a reliable vaccine. I just wonder whether later in the year rates of new infections and deaths might get so low that the medics calculate there is no plausible scenario under which tne NHS could become overwhelmed and that therefore there is no valid reason why crowds could not return to football. As I've said before, imo, people should not necessarily expect social distancing to be the future norm nor for it to carry on ad infinitum nor for the focus to suddenly switch to an unrealistic target of eradicating the virus completely. The focus for me should be on living our lives as normally as possible whilst keeping the impact of the virus under manageable proportions rather than curtailing our lives as much as possible to reduce bare numbers of infections to an absolute minimum. I appreciate you may not agree.
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    Driving 250 miles in a confined space with 2 people who are infected, when you're not sure about how good your eyesight is is fine then. Stuff the rules that are in place, and the public who are exposed to risk along the way, the boss wants a jolly with his wife on her birthday.
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    A leap worthy of Felix Baumgartner.
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    Because Cummings isn’t foreign Jim. Everything’s okay if they’re not foreigners. Doesn’t matter whether they’re a brilliant brain or a cerebral dimwit, if they’re British that’ll do. where you’re born is everything.
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    The BBC's coverage of the Cummings press conference was a disgrace and ought to be the subject of a complaint to its standards and ethics committee and also Ofcom. Having a commentator from alt-right site such as Guido Fawkes and having quotes only and tweets from Conservative supporters after the event is not good journalism and is not the impartial standard one would expect from the BBC. The Mail (to its credit) has joined the Mirror and Guardian in calling out Cummings and the government and reflect better the views of the country at large
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    No, but I’d agree this is a common attempt at deflection. Albeit an absolutely embarrassing one.
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    No. I couldn't care less about what he did on Brexit now. That is done with. The guy is a liar holding a position of power yet unelected. He wrote the rules for all of us to abide by, except it would appear, the chosen few, and broke several of them then tried to weasel his way out of the consequences. I'm not and never have been a left winger, and I resent the suggestion that my anger about Cummings breach of lockdown has anything to do with Brexit.
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    Am I the only one who watched it today on Rovers YouTube channel, #Roversrewind? Never seen it since being there on the day and not having the stress of watching live made me revisit a few opinions I have held since. Definitely a penalty, Speedie beat Walsh with a turn and the arm came across him. Cowans was a lot more Tugay-esque than I remember. Atkins was like having two players; he was 23 then and a lot better than Travis at similar age IMO, he got past our forwards more in that game than LT has in his career. I don’t know why we convinced ourselves they were all over us: Mimms made one very pedestrian save all afternoon while Muggleton kept them in it with 4 crucial ones in the second half. The two goal line clearances were routine, either would’ve been a very scruffy goal had it gone in. I loved listening to Lennie Lawrence as the co-commentator, really good at explaining why things were happening. A bit surprising to hear Don McKay basically call Sellars a big-game choker in the preamble, not that he starred in the game to be fair to Don. Price was very ineffective on the other wing. There would’ve been four sendings off by today’s standards, and I for one prefer backpasses to the keeper to the endless sideways passing we have to endure today. It’s a cracking watch, don’t miss it.
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    Ain't that the truth Den.
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    Ringing and emails would be ignored - obviously Cummings used his parents for his own ends and were a large part of his justification for his actions. Getting their side of the story was crucial to getting to the truth. It's not harassment when it's a big story like this
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    If anything I think this whole affair has shown Johnson to be even more inept and out of touch than Cummings.
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    I want him fired because he's obviously a nasty, arrogant barsteward who is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. The thought of a guy like that being the power behind the throne fills me with dread. In a time of maximum threat to this country we need level headed clear thinkers calling the shots, not blokes who are clearly one sandwich short of a picnic.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52797002 Crazy to think how daft people were to attend Cheltenham, but I guess a lot of the masses will believe it’s safe unless told otherwise. Scary to see the photos of the crowds though! Common sense mustn’t have kicked in. Equally crazy was letting the Spanish fans into Liverpool!
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    Ewood is not a tough place to play, for our players or the opposition, if you think it is, then you need to get around the country. Ha, some excellent passive aggressiveness there, no, I’ve never booed the side or barracked a player in my life, but I’ve been to enough football grounds and spoken to enough fans to see that Rovers fans are no different than the supporters of any club of similar stature. Indeed I would go as far to say there is far less abuse of players by the collective than many of our rivals - BB would’ve been hounded by now at many Championship clubs. Of course Ewood was toxic in the early 2010s, it had every right to be like that, but it was rarely aimed at players (likes of Orr/Murphy/Best aside), but at the ‘custodians’. Of course we have higher expectations than Burton Albion, they are a similar sized club to Accrington Stanley. P.s daft example as Villa were on the beach that day.
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    It's another example of rewriting history. I didnt vote leave but at the time could understand if you did as it was based on a deal and a potential second vote. I remember assurances that we wouldnt crash out without a deal. Then history is rewritten to say no deal was always an option and is the best thing for the country and anyone who says otherwise is trying to block a democratic vote. To me anyone who goes along with that line, it just highlights they have no idea what they were voting for.
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    No chaddy, I suspect that the majority of people will remember that this government allowed our elderly to be decimated in care homes. They will remember that doctors, nurses, care workers and bus drivers died because of a lack of PPE.
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    I watched today's " performance " and what I don't understand is why this bumbling fool is held in such high regard by Johnson and the Tories. I was expecting to see a man of powerful intellect in command of the situation and for him to be able to put forward a clear and convincing explanation of his behaviour. What we got was an hesitant, unconvincing, rambling, long winded series of flimsy excuses. If he's the brains behind the Tories God help us for the future of our battle with the virus and the economic struggles coming down the line.
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    I have every faith that the same people defending Cummings testing his eyesight by driving with his child in the car are the same people who lost their minds when Diane Abbott drank a Mojito on the overground. And she actually apologised for that.
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    Apart from it producing roughly half of our first team.
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    It’s all about what you think a football club is. For me, fans ARE the club. Players aren’t the club, Venky’s aren’t the club, the executives they appoint aren’t the club. WE are the club. We are the custodians that pass the ‘club’ down to the next generation. It’s why AFC Wimbledon are the spiritual successor of Wimbledon FC, not MK Dons that were it’s legal successor. Players largely come and go, which is fine, as whilst they are here they are employed to hopefully progress the club. But watching players with very little real connection to the club or the area playing out fixtures in empty grounds for months on end I imagine won’t be the same for me. Yes they are still wearing our shirt, adding points to the league table, but what does any of it mean if the connection to the supporters isn’t there? I get it will only be temporary (well let’s hope so) but months (a year?) of seeing journeymen/mercenaries play behind closed doors IS different and I imagine I won’t be having the same buzz. But who knows, maybe I will and let’s hope the team adapts well as a promotion, even in these circumstances would be fantastic for the long term future of the club.

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