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  1. He did support Rovers when growing up. He was certainly mascot as a kid and I believe was a season ticket holder. Chorley lad where we’ve always had a decent following over the years. I don’t condone the comments you refer to though.
  2. As I’ve said it would be covid compliant and no different to attending a standard restaurant or pub...... and might actually save a number of clubs, venues and jobs in the sporting industry.
  3. I respect that opinion but I don’t necessarily agree with it. I’ve been to Haydock races on a Saturday afternoon! I’ve been to a good few feisty friday night t20 Roses matches in the middle of summer! I follow Salford at rugby league and I’ve seen a couple of incidents! Plus German, Dutch, Italian etc football have their fair share of idiots but you can watch the game with a pint. I think the alcohol ban during matches at British football has created a culture of getting ‘tanked up’ pre match. When I go cricket, rugby league and horse racing I feel less inclined to drink before as I kno
  4. Yes you are correct it is law. Scandalous really when you can drink and watch at any other sport, and indeed at football matches in most other countries!
  5. Thanks for replying. You’re correct there is the rule but that could still remain in place (as ridiculous as it is). They would just need to shut the curtains for the duration of half time and prohibit alcohol consumption during play.
  6. I haven’t posted on here for a while but I feel quite strongly about what’s happened today. This seemed the best topic to post on. Clubs and venues in all sports have been royally screwed over by the govt today. They’ve worked with the govt thus far banking on things being relaxed after 1st October and now Boris has pretty much said no crowds for 6 months. Clubs and venues now need to get canny about this and utilise the restaurant loophole. I attended a greyhound racing meeting last Friday in hospitality and it was absolutely superb. They are opening it as a restaurant, it
  7. At least the Birmingham Mail read this board! Some of you are famous..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/all-familiar-blackburn-rovers-fans-17514436.amp
  8. Good to see Barrow being referred to as a lancs club. This “Cumbria” nonsense annoys me! I’ve always looked out for their results and will be great to see them hopefully return to the football league. In fact Barrow are 1 of 5 teams in the top 5 divisions who have the lancs red rose on their current badge.......
  9. The worst bit of Mowbray management today was replacing Downing (our joint best player today with Armstrong) with the weak and ineffective Buckley. Downing still had plenty to give and he looked perplexed to be taken off. Mowbray brainwave - lets take our most creative player and one of the few who can actually finish and bring on a lightweight player who is nowhere near this level. The team was instantly weakened at a crucial point when Brum were on the ropes and there for the taking. Ridiculous decision. Annoyed about today. Mowbray’s record at Rovers in the cups is rubbish. A little cup
  10. Just had chance to watch the goals on quest; to anybody just watching that it would give the misleading impression it was a 3-2 epic! It was anything but! It was the worse 3-2 win I’ve ever witnessed. Our saving grace was a moment of quality from Downing (probably ruled out by VAR due to Dack interfering in an offside position) and a fantastic reaction by Dack to score the winner. Indeed that’s the difference between a quality player like Dack who had the brain and reaction time to anticipate the rebound, and an average striker like Armstrong who should have had the nounce to react t
  11. Frustrated with that performance. Twice we have lost at home to poorer sides this season in front of a semi decent home crowd. Kids attending for the first time yesterday will not be inspired to return. At times this season we have played with high intensity, tempo and moved the ball well. All we needed to do was produce a performance of that nature. Unfortunately we produced the opposite. Too many players were lethargic yesterday. Dack, Johnson, Gallagher to name but a few. Ive watched the goals - really poor defending for the first. Cunningham as an international left back has got
  12. Watched it on a live stream and literally struggled to tell the 2 teams apart with a ridiculous colour clash! I don’t know if it looked worse on tv than in the ground. It may well have helped though given their player passed it to Dack for the opener. I suspect the grey kit was the best option of a bad bunch as the other 2 kits would have clashed with Albion’s as well. I thought the ref favoured Albion - I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the disallowed equaliser - the ref couldn’t wait to give that decision. On the basis of the first 6 games it looks like a season
  13. So you wouldn’t clap Mulgrew on his return? Our captain who nearly jeopardised his international career to stay with us in league 1? He was one of the hero’s of that promotion campaign, scored a record amount of goals and got the winner to send us up! He’s as much as a hero for what he did that season than anyone who played in the premier league glory years. That season in league 1 was as important and equally as enjoyable as any in our long history. I agree with their being no room for sentiment in football and I concede he didn’t look great on Saturday. However give the man a bit of res
  14. That’s the frustrating thing. 13,000 home fans there yesterday; that’s roughly 4,500 walk ons based on the figures in Waggot’s LT interview. A decent convincing performance and some of those may have been persuaded to buy a season ticket; getting us closer to Waggots 10k figure. Unfortunately Mowbray and his team served up a pathetic performance and I speculate the vast majority of those walk ons will be keeping their money in their pockets! Instead of bemoaning in an LT interview re season ticket sales, Waggot should be banging on Mowbrays door and telling him straight how the driv
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