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[Archived] Sven Caught Again


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Got to be honest what a pile of horse @#/? written by the News of The World to sell a story to boost up there sales before the World Cup. Quite frankly I would hate to be England Manager as the papers just try to catch you out whatever you do.

According to the paper it was a meeting set up by The FA and a guy posing as an arab millionaire. According to Svens agent and the FA alot of it was fanciful bullsh*t and merely a talk. Anyway it was all talk about after the world cup and not before it. Also has anyone figured that they have on purpose snarlled Sven into that situation and entrapping him into that situation in the first place. Got to ask, what the FA were actually thinking of in setting up the meeting in the first place.

Where do newspapers get off in trying to entrap someone just before the world cup. Everyone knows what sort of media hysteria it will cause and make England's job in preformance out in Germany 100 times harder.

Plus I would like to put this into some perspective. Just before the World CUp Italia 90, Bobby Robson was linched by the press (I even think it was a Sun/News of the World reporter) for 'Betraying his Country' as he was not going to carry on and sign a new contract after the World Cup. In fact what had happened was that the FA decided that they were not going to keep him on anyway and let him go to get someone fresh and new ideas. Then look how well England played in that world cup before the penalties.

Just remember 'they are doing it to sell papers'.

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World cup year and the NOTW do an entrapment job on Sven, just so they can sell a few more of their sleazy tabloid.

What Sven said about players is mostly true, Owen probaly went to Newcastle for the money, why else would he go.

Rooneys temper is probaly down to his upbringing.

Ferdinand is lazy and forgetful and not worth £30m.

If the NOTW set out to try and get him sacked I doubt they will succeed, it's too close to the World Cup to do that and anyway who would we get to replace him anyway, Fat Sam may have cut his chances after recent blasts at refs, Curbishly and Pearce have not yet been successful at club level to warrant a chance to manage at International level,

As for Mclaren his Boro side are going from bad to worse and a 7-0 tanking off Arsenal wouldnt have helped either.

Can't see the FA doing too much about it as they were the ones who set the meeting up, so they won't be happy about being duped either.

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We were discussing the World Cup this week at work and it was commented that Sven should get all the press together and basically say look just back me from now until the end of our World Cup and then throw as much muck as you want. It's a sad indictment of this country that our press seem so willing to do anything to disrupt our World Cup bid. Any other nation would be backing their team to the hilt but not ours.

If it was another paper i'm sure the Notw would have headlines calling them traitors and the like. Truly pathetic really.

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The gutter press at it's sh1tty worst.


Maybe he is looking at future options,big deal,being the England manager is hardly a job for life is it.

We all look after number one from time to time,Sven's guilty of nothing more than this,and the reporter hasn't even got the balls to show his face.

Entrapment,nothing else.

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Whenever a new England manger is announced by the FA ,certain parts of the press start to work out how they can slag him and get him out of the job, Bobby Robson was targeted by the press as was Venables and now Sven gets the treatment, I don't give a toss who he's shagging but if he gets results on the pitch then that what matters.

After the 5-1 win over Germany he was a hero now the gutter press just want to put him in a bad light, if I was offered better pay for the same job that I was doing then I would take it as anybody else on here would.

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What will annoy me is when the cup is upon us, the NOTW and co. will be going on about how they are fully behind 'our boys', how they will stuff the Krauts etc. and waving the flag. Then, as soon as we lose in the quater finals, the knives will be out for the team and manager, and the gits will question all the tactics, reasons for employing Sven. The hypocracy of these 'patriots' is sickening at times, but then what do you expect from a right wing Australian who pretends to be American ?.

You'd have to be mental to be England manager with the semi-literate back stabbing scum that are within our media.

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I don' t think it would be smart to do it, but could he not take them to court? Surely it is illegal to impersonate the representative of an organisation and to make a job offer to someone? If the FA really had some luck they might be able to get Villa (that was the club wasn't it?) to take the NOTW to court.

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Sting or no sting, at the time The Swede thought it was real enough and certainly something that could happen.

He has shown himself to be what he is - a total slime ball, someone who is available to the highest bidder, a football prostitute if you like. In fact Sven and the NOTW are made for each other.

Little wonder he went back on his gentleman's agreement with Jack and not take up the offer of managing Rovers.

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