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[Archived] Blackburn End Drummers ?


Blackburn End Drummers, what do you think.  

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  1. 1. Blackburn End Drummers, what do you think.

    • They should be allowed to stay
    • They should be made to go
    • Not bothered either way
    • Its all Groobys Fault.. Get into em.

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Do anyone actually tell these drummers what they're doing wrong, or do you all just grumble about it and put on an angry face? smile.gif

Seriously, I'm not taking the ###### here. If there is such an opposition to the drummers, why have they not stopped? Has no-one bothered about confronting them and telling them that they are not improving the atmosphere? Has anyone contacted John Williams?

I don't have an opinion either way because I just can't make it to the games, obviously, so I can't tell you anything about the drummers. It's just that this issue comes up time and time again and nothing seems to be done. Granted, there are a lot of issues that can't be solved by pure fan power, but this one could.

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I sit in the BBE lower tier on the opposite side of the nets from where the rhythm-challenged din-makers usually congregate, and I'm one of a meagre handful that used to try to get a song going in the block where I sit.

Even without the drumming incompetents, this is more often than not a pointless endeavour. On the few occasions that a song is picked up, it is swiftly obliterated by an out-of-time accompaniment.

If you're tune isn't "Mark Hughes's blah blah blah" then it's pointless bothering - so I don't anymore.

Everybody I have spoken to about it would rather put their fist through the drumskin than keep the drummers. They never start a song, merely join in on any spontaneous singing, often spoiling it with their ineptitude.

While we're at it, why do we have to play some cheesy music over the PA in order to celebrate a goal?

Apart from the Championship season, the atmosphere of the old BBE has never been matched.

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How's about a poll then?

The BBE Drummers.

1. Keep them, they improve the atmosphere. In fact employ more.

2. Get rid sharpish, they ruin the atmosphere.

I think the result will be obvious but it'll offer conclusive proof, if proof were needed.

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Has no-one realised yet that the atmosphere at the Rovers dissappeared the day the drummers began banging their drums.


Nail hit on head!!

The drums are a hinderance rather than a help, they are an embarrassment, and a pain in the arris.

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It's absolutely cringingly embarrassing to watch any video footage from Ewood Park, because the dull thump of the drums just seems to convey the image that the stands are occupied by a mass of dull-witted zombie-fied knuckle-dragging half-wits.

As an extreme example, at the recent Utd league game we had one end of the ground unleashing their full back-catalogue...............

and the BBE responding with.............................





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its not just the drums,tho its like at the man u game and sunderland there were thousands leaving before the end..CAN JUST IMAGINE AT THE NEW VUE IF JUST AS KING KONG WAS CAPTURED EVERYONE UPPING AND OFF 20 MINS BEFORE THE CREDITS ROLLED.

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The drumers weren't there when we won the title ?

What was the atmosphere like then ?


One of them was, however he didn't have a drum then.

Atmosphere was better before we won the title, the 'old BB End' may not have been the best but it had its own atmosphere and characters.

Bring back the horn I say or the guy with the bumley Turd Hat, or should that be the Turd Bumley hat or just plain Turd hat tinykit.giftinykit.gif

They have been told from some quarters where to stick it wink.gif and the one mentioned above has worn his drumsticks literally - unfortunately the perpatrator of such act is banned from the ground or was for a while.

GET RID FOR FFS - Steb its over to you at the FF or Scotty and Brisa.

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as a riversider, it's embarrassing! during sex do these people.... withdraw their interest early ? laugh.gif

they also walk like tortoises and carry on watching the game. a solution would be to open the back of the stand (like it used to be).

as for the BBE drummers (one used to be in the riverside and really get on my nerves!)

get rid of them, completely. so annoying and most chants are drowned out by their constant banging! (not connected to my withdraw comment wink.gif )

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I wish I had done.............

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I've voted not bothered either way - but that's mainly because I sit in the Darwen End and don't really hear them anyway.

The one time I was forced to sit close to them (at an away game at the Reebok I think) myself and my mate were moved by the stewards to new seats at half-time after my mate had threatened to insert the drumsticks where the sun don't shine if he continued to bang his drum right in our earholes (we were sat literally in front of him.)

The big question I have though is this: How do these people get into the ground? There are lists and lists of seemingly harmless everyday items which you are not allowed to take into grounds e.g. flagpoles, plastic bottle lids etc. , yet at almost every ground up and down the country numptys manage to get through the turnstiles with drums, drumsticks, trumpets and a big, heavy metal bell FFS!!!

It appears that people mistakenly believe that lots of noise = good crowd. I have a number of friends who support Wednesday, and they all tell me how great their crowd is, how noisy they are, what a great atmosphere there is etc., however, whenever I have ventured down to Hillsborough all I see is about 7 people playing instruments and everybody else sitting in silence - probably wishing they would shut up and clear off home!

It's the same with Pompey fans. I had a conversation with one of their fans after the game at Ewood and he claimed that they were the best the fans in the country because they never shut up - however, having sat in the Darwen End I could see about 6 of them singing, 2 banging drums and 1 pillock ringing a bell - the rest sat on their hands, probably wishing the others would shut up and clear off home!!

I think what I'm trying to say is that there appears to be a minority of people who wish to spoil the enjoyment of others who have paid to see a game of football and who don't wish to have a drum, bell or any other kind of instrument played anywhere near them, and the clubs are aiding them in this by allowing them to bring these items into the ground.

My soloution - ban all kinds of musical instruments from football grounds and lets get back to having proper atmospheres generated by lots of grown men shouting and singing themselves hoarse! You know it makes sense!!

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I think it would be unfair to say that the drummers have ruined the atmosphere at Ewood Park - there are many factors involved - but they certainly haven't improved it. Just some of the problems at Ewood:

- The Family Stand. Right so we try and make a section of our ground exclusive to the more 'vocal' suporters, only for the most 'vulnarable' fans and possibly less vocal fans to be situated directly above. This doesn't make sense to me. It also means that more vocal supporters can get into the BBE. Many a time have I wanted to sit in the BBE, only to find it sold out. Why put your worst set of supporters in the end that everybody else wants to sit in?

- Offer the cheapest tickets in the Darwen End, Riverside towards the Darwen End, and JW Stand towards the Darwen End. If we insist on letting the chavs in, they can snap these tickets up and annoy the away support rather than the home support. At away games I always think it makes a better atmosphere if you have rowdy or vocal home supporters positioned near you. For example the Reebok Stadium and The Hawthorns.

- Get rid of the drummer, but also get rid of the crappy cheesy music they insist on playing at five million decibels too high. I'm only 20 and it hurts my ears, never mind the more 'sensitive' supporters amongst us. Let the atmosphere build itself up, because by offering silence you are encouraging people to make noise. Why would people attempt to sing when there is a guy in an office at Ewood battling it out with the fans just by increasing the volume of the PA system?

- It seems like Ewood (and football in general) is gearing itself towards a cheesy and over-commercialised matchday experience not too dissimilar to an American Baseball game. I don't go to Ewood because I want to hear music and have half-time entertainment - I go because I want to watch football, have a few pints, have a pie and shout lots.


I've said it before and I'll say it again - at Ewood they also need to put the TV camera on the Riverside facing the JW Stand, because this is basically the difference between advertising a team with a modern Premiership stadium, or one that belongs in the Fizzy Pop League.

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Why put your worst set of supporters in the end that everybody else wants to sit in?


Understand what you are trying to say, but you're wrong in the assumption. Plus where are you going to put the FS? Riverside - no thanks. Darwen End - nope that doesn't work either. Jack Walker - over my dead body, and the others wink.gif - the utter lack of atmosphere in the JW would kill the kids enthusiasm.

I go because I want to watch football, have a few pints, have a pie and shout lots


Unfortunately, in some eyes, this is a culture which is dead or dieing. Why? The Taylor Report, all seater stadia, the clubs actively promoting to familes, etc. The challenge for Rovers, and other clubs, is how to create a matchday atmosphere. It used not to be a problem but it is now. Banning the drummer and instantly reviving the days of old is wishful thinking, IMV, trying to recreate the atmosphere of old is looking at the past and we should be looking at the future.

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we should be looking at the future.


We are Paul - the future without drums!! thumbs-up.giftongue.gif

Agree on the F/S stand though, however nothing wrong with the Riverside ( I started my Rovers days off in the old Riverside- the BB End was the place in them days to work your self into as you got older - or climb over the wall that used to be at the corner smile.gif

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