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[Archived] Blackburn Rovers 3 Portsmouth 0


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Frederick Arthur Coffin: 1901-1987. ‘Gramps’ Born in Stamshaw, Portsmouth, exactly three years after the founding of Portsmouth Football Club. One of a large family, left school at the age of twelve, spent some time in the army stationed in various places including Northern Ireland, Mesopotamia and the less noteworthy Devizes; married Miss Beatrice Eliza May Pullen of Trowbridge and spent many years working as a watchman at Swindon Railworks. He died at the age of 86 and until the last could be seen around Swindon on his bicycle delivering wood he had chopped to the ‘old people’ for their fires. My beloved grandfather and I cannot talk of Portsmouth without remembering him.

Portsmouth was an exciting place to me as a child. I loved Portsmouth and everything about it. Many happy times at Aunty Ada’s home in Jervis Road, Stamshaw, with the sea at the end of the road (you always knew when the tide was in by the level of the damp on the walls of the house), the ‘Dog Track’ and the Lido within a short walking distance. The house was in the middle of a long terrace, outside loo, no hot water, mangle in the scullery and the original gas lamps still on the walls. Bliss to a child, and so different to our home in Swindon, a ‘modern’ semi built just before the war.

The Trolley buses. Passing by the house where the great Charles Dickens was born. The still remaining ruins of the horrendous bombing of the area during the war. The sea, the ships, the sailors, the ferries, the whole buzz of the place. Aunty Mabel who lived just around the corner from Fratton Park, “Are you hungry?” “Oh, yes!” “Well, there’s a chip shop on the corner ………..” The glamorous Dot who worked in the Smiths Crisp Factory and would often slip me a packet of crisps with the little twist of salt in the blue paper, fresh from the factory; and her husband Wally who did a bit of this and a bit of that and afforded them a tiny terrace house not far from the station. Cousin Pam from Paulsgrove. Aunty Doris and the family in Havant.......

Portsmouth Football Club. Gramps would always watch out for the results and snippets of news although he was rarely able to go to matches. He would be so pleased at their current success.

The Club: Portsmouth FC was formed in April 1898, when for £4,950 five acres of land were purchased near Goldsmith Avenue by six businessmen. Portsmouth joined the Southerm League in 1899 and then in 1920 became founder members of the Third Division of the Football League.

One Sacha Gaydamak is now the owner of the club and at the moment is keeping his cards close to his chest about his future plans in particular in relation to the proposed redevelopment of the ground.

The Manager: ‘Arry. Over 1,000 Managerial matches under his belt since his first at Bournemouth in October 1983 where he stayed until June 1992, and has some way to go at Portsmouth to reach his Bournemouth tally of 457 matches in charge. He has also managed at West Ham, and Southampton (a somewhat controversial decision that he admits was ‘crazy’). Surprisingly, ‘Arry is older than Arsene Wegner but younger than Alex Ferguson.

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail ‘Arry is alleged to have watched last season’s Spurs vs Rovers match during which he was very impressed by the Rovers work rate. He analysed the stats and realised his team needed to up their work rate – he felt these tactics made a difference in the last ten games of the season. The more I read about ‘Arry the more respect I have for the man, despite his years in the game he is always keen to add to his knowledge and is not afraid to admit his mistakes.

'Arry's current right hand man Tony Adams has announced his impending summer departure and it will be interesting to see who fills the vacancy.

The Players: Despite several changes in the squad through the summer and the seeming reluctance of players to go there, Portsmouth came out of the starting blocks alert and raring to go.

Some of the newer boys - summer 2006 transfer window:

David James: David graduated from Watford’s youth system before spells at Liverpool, Man City, Aston Villa and West Ham, joining Portsmouth last summer after a second spell at Man City. During the World Cup David was England’s second choice keeper. On his day David is a fine ‘keeper; however he has had one or two ‘mares against Rovers and we are hopeful that he might have one for this match.

Sol Campbell: England International arriving from Arsenal also last summer. Sol has 69 England caps and is a solid defender who I’m sure will enjoy a tussle of skills with our Benni Mac.

Nwankwo Kanu: Another summer arrival who always seems to pop up and score against Rovers. A very experienced striker whose tenure at Arsenal only became threatened by the appearance of Thierry Henry. Kanu went to West Brom in 2004 and thence to Portsmouth.

And of course our own “Cheeky Chappie” David Thompson, who departed in the January 2007 window for our local rivals Bolton Wanderers. Thommo was joined at Portsmouth by another ex-Rover, one Andrew Cole.

An Old Hand -

LuaLua: Signed for Pompey after a loan spell in 2004, the striker has been through a torrid time of late having suffered a life-threatening bout of malaria and the loss of his infant son. In spite of that, he played an important part in keeping Portsmouth in the Premier League last season. He is currently being eased back into the team after injury and will be in contention for our match. Like our Chris Nonda, LuaLua is a native of the DC Congo.

Even Newer Boys: January 2007

Lauren – Arsenal

Djimi Traore – Charlton Athletic

Arnold Myuemba Makengo - Rennes

The fans: Recently cited as the most stressed fans in the Premier League link here – I think we as Rovers would emphasise with that although we in fact are cited number 76 on that list!! Portsmouth fans are also top of the sound scale, very vocal, and those annoying bells, drums and even a trumpet! In its current status as the only Premier League club in the area Pompey has plenty of potential fans and a fairly decent catchment area.

History: The first League meeting between Rovers and Portsmouth was in Division 1 in 1928 when Rovers won the Home fixture 6-0 and the Away fixture was a draw 2-2.

However, the first FA Cup meeting between the sides took place in 1899-00 (Round 1) and is worth mentioning for the fact that the scores were 0-0 Away; leading to a Home Replay which was 1-1 after extra time leading to a second replay at Villa Park when Rovers won 5-0. A similar scenario occurred in 1924-25 season when a Round 2 fixture produced a draw at Home 0-0; an Away result of 0-0 after extra time and a second replay win 1-0 at Highbury.

To this day their trophy cabinet is sadly underused.

The corresponding fixture of last season saw a Rovers win 2-1 courtesy of a Gamst special from a free kick and a header from Paul Dickov as a result of a spillage of a Stephen Reid shot. Portsmouth’s goal came in the third minute as the result of an equally impressive free kick from Taylor awarded by referee Mike Dean for Ryan Nelsen’s alleged handling of the ball. Rovers slice of the action 56 per cent. Attendance 19,521.

Hark back to the balmy days of late summer 2006 as our intrepid warriors travelled to the distant shores of Southern England…………

A little bird listened in on the chatter on the players’ coach:

“We are the Mighty Rovers. We are in Europe. Who Are Ya? I mean, players like that one named after a stove, you know, the one with the toilet brush hairdo – that’s him, Primus; and whatsisname; that tall gangly one who calls himself a striker Kanu Kan’t – Ha! Don’t know what Thommo has got himself into there; they’re even uglier than us! David ‘Unsafe Hands’ James as well! No hope for them, they’ll not get past us…..Piece of cake! Poor old ‘Arry, no Jim these days and had to make do with left-overs in the summer sales despite having a sugar daddy – or should we say toy boy. Make sure you’ve got your ear-plugs, Lucas, don’t forget that fellow with the bells gives you a headache. And look at that stadium; you could easily mistake it for Turd Moor. Yawn; just the thing to start the season off with………. – ease into it gradually, eh?…Sing up, Morten, let’s have another chorus of that song of yours…


The Senior Training Centre, early Monday morning……….

“YIKES! *blush* Don’t show the Boss the papers, He may not have realised we’re bottom of the table and Portsmouth top. Don’t eat all the bacon, Toddy; things are bad enough without there not being enough breakfast left for Him . I get nervous when He’s quiet on the way home; He’s usually working out some extra difficult training routines and remember what happened after Olympiakos...

It was an afternoon for a Rover to forget. David James on top of his form, Robbie pole-axed, two of our players red-carded and a 3-0 loss despite Rovers having 56 per cent possession; and some very strange refereeing decisions that unknowingly at the time seemed to set the stage for Rovers’ first half of the season. Referee: Alan Wiley; Rovers’ possession 56 per cent. Attendance 19,523.

Like Rovers, Portsmouth ‘Pompey’ has a proud history. Like Rovers, Pompey have had their troubles through the years and their ups and downs in the leagues. We now see them in their fourth season in the Premier League having obtained promotion in 2003 through becoming Champions of Division One.………………. Now an established Premiership Team and perhaps the surprise package of the season in holding a top six position for most of this season Portsmouth today sit comfortably in seventh place in the table with 41 points knowing that their place in the Premier League is assured for next season whilst Rovers at tenth on 34 points are still in search of at least six more points to ensure safety.

On this day -

Rovers: Overall playing record for 25 February: Played 19, Won 8, Drawn 5, Lost 6, Scored 27, Conceded 28

Portsmouth: Overall playing record for 25 February: Played 14, Won 6, Drawn 2, Lost 6, Scored 18, Conceded 18

Portsmouth’s last outing in the Premier League at Fratton Park gave them a 2-1 win against Manchester City; whilst Rovers won at Ewood Park against Sheffield United 2-1.

We welcome a rested Portsmouth to Ewood Park with them having had two weeks of no games whilst Rovers have played two UEFA matches and one FA Cup match. This is going to be a tough one, folks, but as they say, 'all the nice girls love a sailor' and I can't wait to see our Admiral and the Crew set sail on this one.

I’ll go for Rovers 2 – 1 Portsmouth. Gamst and Bentley for us and Kanu for Portsmouth. 56 per cent possession; attendance 19,522……….. :unsure:

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This game is actualy a pivotal moment in our League campaign. 3 points totally banishes any lingering relegation fears and sets Rovers up for a decent home run in, where on paper, you would have to think Rovers could gain a maximum hit of points. watford, Pompy,Reading,Wham and Charlton have all to come to Ewood and that little lot gives a 15 point bounty.

I would think pompy will come and play football due to their current league position, it will definately not be a pompy of old.

Rovers to win good game of football 2-1

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as a rovers fan who lives in pompey i think this will be a tight one.

pompey have not had many good results lately so i think rovers will need to watch the set-pieces. mendes also fancies himself as a bit of a tugay so we ened to stop him passing it around.

i think rovers will win 2-1. roberts and nelsen with the goals.

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Very nice review and i have to say 3-0 Rovers Ped, Bently,Ped. Hope we will go in on a good foot felling good bout playing as much as we have. Also having 2 weeks off is not always as good for a team as some might think. Lets hope that the Rovers can "Ring there Bell" lol see how i did that...LOL. Rovers 3-0!!!

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Very nice preview Mum. You fairly took me back a bit there. 1954 I was doing the long underwater weapons course at HMS Vernon, and found myself becoming a Pompey supporter for the season (well most of it). They had quite a good team in those days, with an England international left half Peter Dickinson, and another that impressed me a lot was the left winger "Baldy" Dale. Another was Peter Harris on the right wing, he was a real flyer, fastest winger running with the ball I have ever seen. I really enjoyed my Saturday afternoons at Fratton Park.

As for this coming match: I don't do predictions because I never get them right, and I also never expect Rovers to win because that is the sure way to make them lose.

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we are going to have to show some character after the bayer defeat, who knows what the state of the pitch is going to be in and it's a shame but i can't see the lads having the same crowd volume as lastnight.

portsmouth are no mugs and haven't had a game for 2 weeks so it will be tough.

hopefully our class will tell :brfc:

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we are going to have to show some character after the bayer defeat,

portsmouth are no mugs and haven't had a game for 2 weeks so it will be tough.

hopefully our class will tell :brfc:

Character ???? Should have had the character and balls to show it last night but we didn't - so don't expect it against Pompey who IMO are better opposition that what we faced last night.

Class - They whacked us 3-0 at the beginning of the season - wouldn't say we are a class above them and the league would tend to prove this.

Fortunatley or Unfortunately I can't make it SUnday but I think it will be a bit of a downer and possibly a similar result to last night.

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My confidence has gone again now. We've not won for a while so it may be a very difficult to find that winning mentality again.

I'm going to go for a 1-1 draw with Bentley scoring for us.

Finally, has Hughes lost a bit of faith in Roberts? Five mins last night when we desperately needed every possible attacking player on the pitch may show that he has.

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