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[Archived] Cult Heroes

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After the glorious result last night I thought about how many 'cult' heroes we have in the team now, there seems to be an abundance. Usually in the past I can only pick at one or two at most in any of our team at a time. My definition of a cult hero is that they have big hearts, give 110% and always raise a grin when they are in action.

Got to say that our two centre-backs fall into that category, we're the only team with an Admiral rather than a mere Captain in the craggy jawed Ryan Nelsen and then there is BIG Chris Samba. Wait 'til he's finished growing. Whan Savage is fit I think he also fits the bill.

Tugay stands out, I love the man to death for his ability and commitment and it's always worth seeing him shaking as many hands as possible when he's substituted.

As for the past how about Nicky Reid? I remember him tackling his way up the pitch from the Darwen End before finally putting the ball out for an opposition goal-kick. Loads of effort, sadly lacking a little sophistication. And then there was Jim Branagan who was one of the harder players to wear Blue and White.

Finally, one of my all-time favourites, David Speedie - one season to make himself a legend.

Anyway, those are just a few of my thoughts - any to add or change of definition?

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This is as good a place as any to ask this-hy is Jason Wilcox called Handbag?

To refer to cult heroes, would Henning Berg, Paul Warhurst or Colin Hendry qualify?

The first time I heard the nickname 'Handbag' was about John Connelly, an ex-Claret signed from United. Someone suggested that he ran as if he was carrying a handbag but I always thought it was because he couldn't tackle for toffee. As for Wilcox it was probably passed on to him for similar reasons.

Agree on big Colin by the way, showing your bum definitely counts!

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I always remember Gayle for the recognition of fans at away games. At the final whistle he would always go right over to the away end and applaud the support. We would do likewise. Yellows, yellows, yellows.

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My missus fancied the pants of Grabbi, he always used to warm up in front of our seats and all the women in the stand were sat there drooling.

Anyroad hero's to me

Super Atkins

Craig Short

Oo Colin Hendry


Berkovic (I loved the little guy and was gutted when he left - still we got Tugs. Which was nice)

Mark Hughes (just for the Worthy Cup final if nothing else)

Andy Cole

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Got to be Colin Hendry of past teams for me. Shearer at the time was the biggest cult hero of all when he played for us, although when he left some people ended up booing him.

The biggest cult hero in the team now for me is Big Brad. I love the guy, he always gives everything, he loves the club, a proper true professional and it helps that he's rather good :lol:

When a vital goal goes in he celebrates like he's scored it. What a guy.

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