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[Archived] Mokoena Gone!

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Big Sam said straight after the game in the Pennants lounge that Aaron was leaving fo first team football for the world cup but didn't mention where to.

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Pompey fans reaction

Post number 22 made me laugh !!

Post 23 is a classic:

"My local has a couple of players, worthy of playing alongside Mokoena. They are currently speared through the body on rods & can kick the ball backwards & forwards but at least stay in position. if I have a screwdriver handy, they could be released on a free transfer.Reduced to playing for the 'plastics' for the last few years."

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Let's be honest here, he's got to be one of the worst players I've ever seen in a Rovers shirt. Although I thought this season he'd shown signs of finally improving his passing. But to be fair to The Axe he has played his part as a squad player in helping us fight of a relegation on a couple of occassions and he actually played okay on a couple of occassion and could have been passed off as a Premiership standard footballer.

I honestly feel for Pompey next season if they've signed Mokoena thinking he's first team material. But anyways thanks for always trying your best, foundest memories of the Axe would probably be him living upto his nickname and crunching Robben and that wonder/fluke goal against Sunderland this season.

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uno dos tres quatro cinco Aaron Mokoena

he's not a forward or a defender

he plays best as a defensive midfielder


to the tune of La Maquerena

now just why didn't that one ever catch on? :rolleyes:

aside the fact that he's a limited player, I have nothing but good things to say about the Axe.

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Made a good impact when he joined initially and always put a shift in.

All the best Axe.

I guess they are signing him as a replacement for Davis. That they cannot afford the wages of Davis and are going for Aaron has to mean Pompey are going to be in a relegation battle next season.

Davis and Crouch will go this Summer, maybe Distin as well. And that after selling 30m worth of players this season.....

Bad news for Portsmouth. Maybe Preston and Blackpool will be coming up next year as well. They could rename the Premiership the London-Lancashire Trophy or something....

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Seems a bit of a strange signing for Porstmouth if you ask me. I was under the impression that they were to still make their minds up as to whether Hart and Kidd will be in charge for next season. Not a great move for the Axe if they decide to get another manager.

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Thanks for your entirely pointless post. I'm only as up to date as the media outlet I'm listening to or watching unfortunately, and it seemed to be news to most of the other 30-odd people who responded .... :P

U told me he was your favourite Rovers player of all time last week :wacko: lol

I wonder what Pompey will think of him once they've seen him play???

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