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[Archived] Do You Like The Current Rovers Kits?


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Rovers are currently lagging a bit behind, but it shouldn't take much if we spread the word around.


Your vote will make a difference, the poll closes on Monday, so we only have till then to catch up.

Please forward to fellow Rovers and post on any websites frequented by Blackburn fans you know. Thanks :tu:

Vote for Blackburn

I think people will be voting for the club rather than the shirts, a lot of kids and wannabees casting pointless votes.

Done my bit for Rovers though.

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Considering how many Liverpool fans there are in the world compared with Blackburn fans, I'm surprised we've got such a high percentage [currently 43.2%]. I expect if we took out the biased votes we would have probably had a much better percentage. I guess BRFCS should do a poll and see what the outcome is and only let Blackburn fans vote :lol:

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