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[Archived] Questions for Kean

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Why in all honesty do you think you had the necessary qualifications to take over at Blackburn Rovers?

Who needs qualifications when the incompetent owners and JA decide that you are the right person to say 'YES' to everything you say. Its not about qualifications, its about jumping through hoops for these morons.

Plus imagine the advance in wages, enough to tempt anyone

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In light of recent poor results, the deterioration in the aesthetic qualities of your brand of football, your apparent tactial ineptness and horrible choice of substitutions, the seeming absence of morale amongst the playing group, and your lack of any sort of history in managing any club, let alone one faced with the current relegation battle that we seemingly are in.....what makes you the best candidate to manage Rovers going forward?

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Why would he resign? He's like a tramp that has been given the keys to a mansion. Anyone else in his position would have jumped at the chance. 3 year contract, a huge pay increase, even if you can't do the job you're still guaranteed 3 years pay off? He won't resign and neither would any of us in his position. The bloody clueless Indians are the ones to blame. They should have got Jim Bowen in. Couldn't have done any worse and surely had more managerial experience than Steve 'Plan A only' Kean.

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