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[Archived] Kean Out banners

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We did the daily quiz every morning on our jollies. Made me smile to hear the lovely bright young things that were our reps shout our team name - "Kean out!" - across the tannoy to our bemused European counterparts every day. Also let the kids draw 'Kean out' in various parts of our beach. Infantile and ultimately futile but I have to admit it did add a smidgeon more enjoyment to the holiday.

So do you think they would let ''KEAN IN '' banners in tonight, ha ha ha!! Just a thought as to how ridiculous the scenario would be if they permitted those banners.What a mockery!!

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I can't help but think that grown men who watch wrestling, are the same grown men who go to watch footy in a full strip.

Normal clothes aside from a Rovers shirt tbh. Occasionally a chicken suit though ;)

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