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GOOOOOOD RIDDDANCE they guys awful. Yes he wasnt given much of a chance but he shouldnt of been bought in the first place!!! (I could be saying the same about RHODES if a few weeks)

Agreed. He's crap. The championship is stronger than the SPL in my opinion. So even in the championship i don't reckon he'll score that much. He'll also struggle at Palace cos it's a ruddy good night out in London.

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Yes, he had no impact on things himself by constantly being in court.

That's following the example of our "manager" then. Very influential is man of dignity Stevie

Goodwillie is another player that has not developed but gone backward under Kean, It seems this myth about him being good with young players comes from when he was coaching the under 9's and 10's at Reading.

It seems unfortuantley that Goodwillie was like many has been used in the "plan" .He was never going to be a world beater but imo is a better player than we have seen at Rovers and that is down to a lack of man management, coaching and player development.

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Can't believe so many people think DG is crap... As has been said before, he's been played mostly off the bench or on the wing or up front on his own.

Not every player has to be quick or big and strong. IMO he has talent, decent feet, good enough to make himself a yard of space and a good shot.

Played right, for us, he would have scored a decent amount of goals in this league, and whilst it will be more difficult at Palace he will probably still get quite a few.

If you don't think he's been treated shabbily, especially this season then... Edinho looks like he belongs in the academy team at best, I'd be furious if I was on the bench watching him play...

Hopefully, like others have said he'll get a few for CP and come back in January when Kean has gone and get a shot under a decent manager.

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He doesn't seem to be getting any game time for Palace. Looking at skysports, it seems like their strikers have been subbed off for other strikers, but not Goodwillie. One sub appearance to date.

He looked quite out of shape for us, it wouldn't surprise me if they have him a proper training regime before they set him into the first team.

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Hopefully him and vukcevic get a proper chance now kean has gone

A proper chance? He's had playing time - that's a proper chance. Too slow and runs like a penguin. Penguin's have never made it in English football before, obviously Scottish football's ideal for them. P**s wet through and frozen no doubt.

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He's been put on the wing, giving a slow player a chance on the wing.. gives him no chance at all.

When he's played up front he's scored

He's also played down the middle. Irrespective though, you can see what he's like wherever he's played.

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From the LET:

the 23-year-old will be forced to watch Rovers’ trip to Derby County tomorrow from the sidelines, as well the next 14 Championship games after that, after it was stipulated he could play for no other club during his four month temporary stay at Palace.

Not that Goodwillie will make much difference even if he were available, but I find it staggering that he cannot play for 14 matches for the club that is actually paying his wages. Who negotiates these deals ???

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Goodwillie, bankrupt and working as a labourer for a firm of electricians!

A cautionary tale for footballers.

Also notable that despite being cleared of rape he was fine £100k in a civil court because “he probably did it”.

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