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[Archived] How can we survive

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Venkys selling up , is the only hope for Blackburn Rovers !

Who's going to buy?

I honestly think we are going the way of Pompey.

The trust may be our best hope when the inevitable administration arrives.

F - You Venkys!

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Depends on the price ....

I take your point though ...

I will take the club off Venkybitches hands if she pays me £5M quid

Who is left to campaign given that BRAG are 1/2 way up Shaggy Singhs ar$e.

Quite right. Stay at home like me. 0 fans = no club = no point in them carrying on.

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Suppose people are right about Balaji - what exactly does he get out of owning us?

Maybe there was a novelty when we were a successful PL club - you know, before Venky's took over.

But now? All he seems to be getting out of this is deeper in debt and taken for a ride.

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I got in argument tonight . Bloke had a pop when I shouted venkys out and said it was fans fault for driving kean out. .

You sure you were at Ewood and not at a mental asylum !?!?

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