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[Archived] News Article -> Rovers away at Millwall in the Championship, 23rd April.

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I'd happily take a draw. Very happily.

Blow the Full time whistle before the kick off!

Yeah, shows how far we've fallen that we'd take a draw. Having said that I think we'll need to win one game to stay up and surely this is the easiest of our three remaining games. I wasn't among those who thought we'd run away with this league at the start of the season. I didn't even think we'd be in the top eight, the squad is too un-balanced, but never even in my wildest nightmares did I expect us to be in the bottom five with three games to play.

The players have a lot to answer for, even given the circumstances. We've too many loanees, rubber dingy men who have no aliegence with Blackburn Rovers. God knows who I'd pick, I could make a case for dropping about eight of them, trouble is the replacements would be no better.

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4-3-3? Sando Kane Dann Hanley Olsson Dunn Lowe Jones King and Kaz then Rhodes upfront. King is awful for tracking back and playing a bit further up would require less of that providing the midfield three put a shift in. What am I saying, how many times this season has the midfield even put a shift in. Think tonight will be a draw 0-0 or 1-1. There won't be many goals in this.

Yeah that's the formation I'd go with as well. Maybe put Williamson in midfield though, has earned his place in the team IMO.

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Awful side

Bit harsh. Dann,Kane, Dunn, CKR, and Rhodes to name 5 are not awful players for a bottom half Championship game.

If those lot can have a good game and the rest can put in a solid perfomance then surely we have half a chance. Yes, big if I know!

Agree with the worries over the left hand side though.

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Morris starting? Left hand side of Markus Olsson and Morris? *bangs head against wall*

Yep ! Two extremely 'bad uns' it looks like they really are trying for relegation.

Who's the really good right winger to pull Rovers left hand side out of the Kean tonight.

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I don't think many of the current squad are championship standard, we wouldn't be in danger of going down a division otherwise. The players are in a posistion that reflects their lack of ability!

lack of interest, motivation, management etc. but there are plenty with ability, just we haven't seen much of it

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Olsson LM and Morris LB? Where is Dunn playing? CM, RM or behind Rhodes? I imagine Kaz would be up front with Rhodes but could be on the right wing if dunn is playing with rhodes up top.

Decent team though. Anyone got Millwalls line up?

Forde; Dunne, Shittu, Osborne, Beevers; Henry, Abdou, J.Smith, Feeney; Hulse, Easte

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